10 Apocalyptic Events That Will Defenitely Happen

Movies that are based on apocalyptic events have become hugely popular in the last ten years and with 2012 just around the corner people are becoming increasingly interested in the countless doomsday scenarios that may face us.

One thing people often wonder is how likely any of these doomsday or apocalyptic scenarios is to actually happen in real life.

While some of the apocalyptic scenarios you might see in the movies are very far-fetched and very unlikely to happen there are still many apocalyptic scenarios that can and probably will happen sooner or later.

You are no doubt now wondering exactly which doomsday scenarios are likely to happen so here we take a look at 10 Apocalyptic Situations That Could Actually Happen.

Comet or Asteroid Strike.


How it is Going to Happen.

When you first mention apocalypse the idea of a meteor ramming into the earth is probably one of the first thoughts that they will have. This is actually a pretty straight forward apocalypse should it actually happen. It involves a huge bit of rock or ice whizzing through space at an astonishing rate of knots and then the earth happens to get in its way. Once the earth is in the path of the said object there is pretty much only one thing that could happen (unless humans come up with some line of defence) and that is the meteor will slam into the earth at tens of thousands of miles an hour.

Such a strike by an asteroid or meteor would be devastating for all of the life on earth. If it slams into land then there will be millions of tonnes of dirt thrown miles up into the atmosphere and move across the planet destroying everything in its path. Not only that the dirt that has been thrown into the atmosphere will block out all of the light from the sun and at the same time will trap heat like a greenhouse and this will be fatal for pretty much all of the life on earth.

There is actually a bigger chance that any meteor or asteroid on a collision course with earth would strike somewhere in the sea. After all the sea coversmuch more of the planet than land does. Having explained only a few of the consequences of such an object hitting land (and we really emphasise the words very few) you would be forgiven for thinking that a strike in the ocean would be preferable. Well, you might want to think again because a strike to the ocean would result in a huge tidal wave that would be at least a mile high moving across the globe at hundred if not thousands of miles an hour. The consequences of such a wave are obvious.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

Put simply the chances of a meteor or asteroid hitting the earth is 100%. That means it is not a case of if this happens it is a case of when it happens. In the 4.5 billion year history of the earth meteors have collided with the earth time and time again and will continue to do so until the day the earth is no more.

It is estimated that around 100 million stones from space that weigh less than a gram reach the earth each year but all burn up in the atmosphere before the hit the earth. The same is true of the 10,000 stones from space that weighs a kilogram or more. It is estimate that approximately 10 stones that weigh 1000 kilograms are more reach the earth each year but when it comes to meteors that are big enough to cause an apocalyptic situation you are looking at a once in a 100 million year event. Bear in mind that it is widely assumed that a meteor strike wiped out the earth some 65 million years ago so we are quickly running out of time and if another one that size happens to get us in our sights then we need to be extremely worried especially if Bruce Willis is retired or dead.

On the big scale of things the chance of a meteor impact in the next 100 years is medium.

Deadly Virus Outbreak.


How it is Going to Happen.

A virus epidemic could break out in a number of ways and some of them are more likely than others.

Firstly a new or existing strain of a deadly virus could find its way into the population and start to spread quickly before any disease control organisations are even aware of it. Then by the time anyone is actually aware of an outbreak it is too late. The hospitals are filling up, people are dropping like flies and the outbreak has covered to wide an area to be contained. This is most likely to happen if a killer virus manages to find a way to get itself airborne which would mean it would become easier for it to spread from one person to another. Imagine if HIV managed to become airborne and started to pass from person to person in the same way that the common cold or flu transmits itself.

The second way a deadly virus could wipe out the population of earth could be down to the governments of the world and the military. Biological weapons have long been of interest to various militaries throughout the world and it has been reported many times over the years that there have been many experiments on modifying viruses and genetically creating them for use as a weapon. When people start playing around with a virus in this way it becomes extremely dangerous and it would take only a small error for such a virus to be leaked out and start infecting the population of the earth.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

Within the last century we have had 4 serious flu epidemics along with HIV and SARS. On average a major pandemic will sweep the globe at least once every 100 years so it is inevitable that one will happen at some time in the future. At the time of writing the most serious concern is H5 avian influenza in chickens in areas of Asia. The concern here is that this virus might learn how to jump from human to human. If this happens then it could and will very quickly spread around the world. This is a massive concern when you consider that the influenza epidemic of 1918 managed to wipe out over 20 million people in as little as one year. That by comparison is more people than died during the whole of the First World War.

It is not in the best interests of any virus to kill off all of its hosts so it is pretty unlikely that a virus outbreak would wipe out the entire human race. It could however cause a major reduction in the world’s population and there is simply no way of predicting what the overall outcome of a virus epidemic will or could be. Nature really is the ultimate bioterrorist.

The chances of a massive viral epidemic sweeping across the globe in within the next 100 years is very high indeed.

Biblical Scale Natural Disasters.


How it is Going to Happen.

There are several scenarios that could actually happen here ranging from earthquakes to super volcanoes.

Earthquakes have been in the news quite a bit lately and they have created some serious damage. Many of you out there will probably not worry too much about earthquakes thinking that you live nowhere near any vault lines but you may wish to reconsider as new findings have shown that there are literally thousands of unknown vault lines all over the globe which have remained dormant for hundreds of years but could actually still cause an earthquake at any time.

There is also a lot of really bad weather making headlines each and every year. In the UK, as is the case with many countries, they are getting some of the coldest winters ever and that is nothing when you begin to think of storms like hurricane Katrina which struck a few years back.

Then there is the big one that is likely to cause real wide spread disruption and that is the super volcanoes.  It is estimated that the earth will experience the eruption of a super volcano once every 50,000 years. When a super volcano decides it is time to go off you can expect more than 1,000 sq. kilometres of land suddenly been obliterated by pyroclastic ash flows, the surrounding continent will be coated in ash and sulphur gases will be injected into the atmosphere, making a thin veil of sulphuric acid all around the globe and reflecting back sunlight for years to come. Daytime will become no brighter than a moonlit night.

When trying to estimate the global damage a super volcano will cause a lot depends on where in the world the super volcano actually goes off and how long the gases stay in the atmosphere. The most recent super volcano that went off was around 26,500 years ago in Taupo, New Zealand but the most damaging and destructive of all super volcanoes in human history went off around 74,000 years ago in Toba on Sumatra, Indonesia. Because this eruption was really close to the equator gases were quickly spewed into the atmosphere of both hemispheres and, according to ice core samples, the global temperature was quickly reduced for at least 5 or 6 years afterwards and this included freezing temperatures been experienced in the tropics.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

It is estimated that a super volcano is 12 times more likely to happen than a meteor impact and a super volcano has a 0.15% chance of going off within your lifetime. The most probable place for a super volcano to erupt are places where they have went off before so you need to be looking at Yellowstone Park in the USA and Toba. What is actually more worrying that a super volcano is that a super volcano could actually erupt from somewhere that has never ever erupted before like the middle of the amazon rain forest or your back garden?

The Chances of a super volcano happening within the next 100 years are very high.

Side Effects From Science Becoming to Advance.


How it is Going to Happen.

When you think of a side effect from science advancing to far you need to think of things like what happened in the movie, I am legend or perhaps the possibilities of something going wrong at the Large Hadron Collider.

Firstly there is the concern that humans trying to play god with medical science will unearth something they simply do not understand and cannot control. It is plausible that the scenario in the movie, I am legend, could actually happen to a degree. For those of you who have not seen the movie, medical science manage to develop a cure for cancer by genetically modifying the measles virus. Then end result is that the genetically modified measles virus then mutates to a disease that has no cure and wipes out everyone on earth. It may sound far-fetched but the chances of this happening are actually a real risk.

Then we move on to looking at the Large Hadron Collider. Most people will have heard of this huge piece of scientific equipment that many people believe is actually a potential doomsday device that theorists claimed could destroy the entire universe.

Without getting to complicated it is believed that the universe is made up of vacuum energy and this vacuum energy could be looked on as gun powder. All you need to ignite this gun powder is a fuse and that fuse is the Large Hadron Collider.

What scientific people fear will happen with the Large Hadron Collider is that one day during the many collision experiments (they slam atoms into each other at the speed of light) certain elements could cause the vacuum energy to collapse in on itself. This would result in the earth being completely destroyed in less than one second and when we say gone we mean completely gone in one second without any trace. No debris and no gas left over. Once the earth was completely wiped out a huge wave of unimaginable destruction would begin to sweep through the universe at the speed of light destroying everything in its path. Nothing in the universe would survive and it would all be wiped out with no trace at all.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

While some scientists claim that there is no risk in smashing elements into each other because elements collide all the time in the natural world. What these scientists are have failed to account for is that many of the elements they are smashing in to each other are very rare and some of them do not even exist in nature. Who can possible predict what the result of colliding these elements will be.

The more scientist mess around with things that do not exist in nature naturally the higher the risk.

Nuclear Holocaust.


How it is Going to Happen.

There is always a chance that a nuclear power station will go in to melt down like what happened in Chernobyl. This would only create a localised problem so it would not really be considered a global apocalypse.

Other than a nuclear power station melt down there is the very real possibility of a nuclear war breaking out. This would involve one country launching nuclear war heads against one country and the attacked country launching war heads back once they realise they are under attack. Before you know it there are nuclear war heads flying to every corner of the globe.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

It is always a risk that nuclear war could break out but the days of real concern about this are probably behind us due to the various international systems that we have to avoid the use of nuclear weapons. The most serious concern regarding nuclear weapons these days involve countries like India, Pakistan, North Korea and the middle east. It is a concern that these countries may start a nuclear war by accident.

Despite the real risk of a nuclear war the chances of a nuclear war in the next 100 years is probably pretty low yet not impossible.

Global Warming.


How it is Going to Happen.

It is estimated that by the end of the 21st century greenhouse gasses will have more than doubled and the average global temperature will have risen by around 2 degrees Celsius. This may not seem like much of an increase intemperature but it is hotter than the earth has experienced anytime in the last 1.5 million years.

This would result in many areas of the world experiencing dramatic change to their climate, food becoming very short in supply and the widespread collapse of many social systems that we know today which in turn will cause mass migration and huge conflict over available resources. It would also mean that there would be many parts of the world that would become impossible to inhabitate.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

In real terms the chances of global warming causing the human race to become extinct is unlikely but it will definitely completely change our way of life. There is the possibility that the weather systems of the world will be dramatically affected through global warming and violent storms could be responsible for many deaths.

The chances of global warming taking the human race to this level of danger within the next 100 years is very high and very real.

New World Order Population Reduction Scheme.


How it is Going to Happen.

This is by no means an argument for the existence of a secret club of people who secretly rule the world. What is meant in this suggestion is the risk of the collapse of the financial structure of the world. We are all aware of the terrible state the world’s economy is in so little here will need explaining but if the global financial system did collapse then society would collapse very quickly. Imagine cash machines that suddenly stopped spitting out money and shops could no longer accept credit or debit cards. People would start looting and riots would quickly break out.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

The way the economy is today it is very difficult to predict how likely this is to happen but every time the news comes on the television it is filled with stories of people losing their jobs and the risk of collapse in the euro zone. Take a look for yourself and make up your own mind.

Global Infertility Problem.


How it is Going to Happen.

We are all aware that there are many men, women and couples in the world who are unable to have their own children due to infertility problems. This number is actually growing day by day and pretty soon it is going to become a huge problem for the continuation of the human race.

There are various theories as to why more and more people are becoming infertile. Some scientists say it is down to pollution while others claim it is down to the food we are consuming or the use of mobile cell phones. Whatever the reason actually is the number of people unable to conceive is rising and rising very fast indeed. So fast that most scientists believe that infertility is going to become a pretty big problem for the continuation of our species. While at first the streets may seem a little less crowded eventually we will be faced with the last fertile person dying and that spells out one thing. That one thing is the fact that the human race is then no longer able to reproduce itself and will die out.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

It is scientific fact that the number of people unable to conceive is on a dramatic rise and something must be causing that rise. The smart money says that this is due to the pollution we are pumping into the atmosphere and the food we are eating not to mention the unhealthy lifestyle most of us lead. This is all going to get worse as well so that gives the possibility that the rate of infertile people will begin to increase even faster.

This problem is very real but on the big scale of things it is unlikely to happen in the next 100 years. In the next 1000 years is a completely different story though.

The Grey Goo Hypothesis.


How it is Going to Happen.

As we all know things are getting smaller and smaller especially when it comes to technology. It will not be long before we head into the area of what is known as nanotechnology. Actually we have already started looking at nanotechnology as IBM has apparently managed to draw out its company logo using atoms.

What is of concern when it comes to nanotechnology is a little thing called nanobots. Nanobots are very small microscopic robots that will be mainly used in medical science. Nanobots will be so small that they will be able to head into our bodies and seek out viruses and bacterial infection then destroy them. These nanobots will also be able to travel around our bodies repairing tissue and fixing blood vessels. This all sound very cool, right? Well, yes it does but there are also a few problems that could arise.

These nanobots will be so small that they will be able to rearrange atoms which mean they could turn water into wine or sand into water. They will be able to take any raw material and make it into anything that they want.

The problem with nanobots is that they are really small and will be extremely difficult to manufacture. The solution to this is to make sure that each and every nanobot is capable of producing more nanobots. This will make every nanobot a miniature nanobot factory.

This may not seem a problem but imagine if one of these nanobots was accidently lost or thrown away. The result would be one nanobot converting every atom it touched into a nanobot and every nanobot that is created would then also turn every atom it touched into a nanobot and so on and so forth. Scientists agree that if this happened it would happen so quickly that within as little as 72 hours (3 days) every atom on earth would have found itself changed into a nanobot. That means every blade of grace, every ounce of water, every building or car, even us humans would be turned into a nanobot and all that would exist would be an endless sea of grey goo.

Scary, isn’t it?

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

Put simply scientists are actually working on this as we speak and are very close to actually accomplishing it. It is estimated that nanobots will actually exist within the next ten years. Let us just hope that these scientist actually come up with a real and secure method of making sure none of these microscopic gadgets escape.

Solar Collision.


How it is Going to Happen.

If you think the idea of a comet or meteor smacking into the earth is a scary prospect then this apocalyptic scenario is way beyond that.

Gilese-710 is a huge red dwarf that you have never heard of and will have never seen as it is not visible with the naked eye.

Well, it is not visible yet! As the years tick by and we move in to the future that will change and you will notice it in the sky and it will get bigger and bigger until it smashes into us. It will not actually smash directly into us but it will smash through our solar system ripping it apart because of its gravity.

What Are The Chances of This Actually Happening?

There is no need to start and panic quite yet because this is inevitable event is still some way off in the future. Probably about a million years in the future if you want to be exact. The problem is that Gilese-710 is not the only star that is heading towards us. There are actually at least a further 8 stars all of which are heading right for us and will have the same effect. There is Barnard’s Star which will hit us in about 10,000 years and after that there is a system named Cen A/B which has the potential to suck up our planet and just burn it up like a piece of paper soaked in petrol. On the other hand it may slingshot us out of our suns orbit and we’d all freeze to death.

There is always the hope that since it is very hard to predict a stars path they will all miss us but don’t go relying on this as calculations would have to be so far off that the star would miss us by billions of miles. It is coming and there is no avoiding it so you might want to get ready. Well, that is if you plan on still being here in the next 10,000 years.

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