10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Adolf Hitler

You would think that the simple yet horrific reality of Adolf Hitler and his actions through his life were horrific enough to not warrant any exaggeration. Amazingly despite the horrific acts that Adolf Hitler was involved there are still plenty of bizarre and strange conspiracy theories surround the man and his life.


Whether or not these conspiracy theories are a matter of fact or fiction is anybody’s guess but one thing is for certain they all could be true. The one truth that we are certain of though is that we may never learn if such conspiracy theories surrounding Adolf Hitler are true or false. Maybe you can decide as we take a look at 10 Crazy and Freaky Conspiracy Theories About Adolf Hitler.

The Nazi Moon Base.

You may well think the idea of Adolf Hitler on the moon is pure science fiction there are indeed rumours and conspiracy rumours that suggest Hitler used his Nazi scientists to reverse-engineer UFO technology. This was supposedly all kept secret and when the war was over Hitler was then sent to the moon to live out his life. Many conspiracy theory believers think that Hitler has spent his time living on a moon base built from alien technology and is just biding his time before he returns to earth and establishes the Fourth Reich.

Hitler Did Not Die he Escaped.

If the idea that Hitler is living on the moon is totally unbelievable for you then you might be able to buy in to the idea that Hitler did not commit suicide at the end of the war. This conspiracy theory claims that Hitler fled Germany for Argentina.

A book named, Grey Wold: The Escape of Adolf Hitler actually claims that the author has uncovered various documents which strongly suggest that Hitler died a very old man in Argentina.

The author also claims that further proof Hitler died in South America is in DNA analysis that has shown that the skull which allegedly proved Hitler shot himself.in his bunker is not actually Hitler’s skull.

Is it possible that Hitler’s skull and the rest of his remains are actually resting somewhere in South America?

Incest and Murder.

You would think that the fact Hitler Murdered 6 million Jews would be enough to prove he was an evil man. You really would not think anything else would need to be added but conspiracy theories disagree and claim that Hitler also murdered his niece, Angelika Raubal Geli who was the daughter of his half-sister.

It is no secret that Hitler was very fond of this niece and there are plenty of rumours suggesting that not only was Hitler having sex with his niece but she was also some kind of prisoner. Although Hitler always denied all of the rumours his niece was a very attractive and vibrant woman who lived under Hitler’s rule and thumb so there may well be some truth in these rumours.

She died of a gunshot wound aged only 23 and her death was ruled a suicide.

Hitler Had Only One Testicle.

Yes, we have all heard the song about Hitler only having one ball but there is many rumours circulating that say Adolf Hitler really did have only one testicle. A medic named Johan Jambor even went as far as telling the Daily Mail newspaper he was required to help an injured Hitler during World War I. According to Jambor’s story he found Hitler lying in a pool of blood having lost a testicle in battle. Despite the very vivid account from Jambor there is little in the way of documented evidence that suggest Hitler only had one testicle.

The Illuminati Was Behind Hitler’s Actions.

According to a book named Churchill’s Deception, it was the Illuminati that were responsible for World War II. The book even claims that poor Adolf Hitler was actually trying to broker peace with the English but the Duke of Windsor (who has ties with the Rothschild and who is tied to the illuminate) rejected any of Hitler’s attempts to make peace. The whole purpose of the war, according to this book, was to destabilise and destroy the world so the Illuminati could build the “new world order” from the ruins.

You can buy Churchill’s Deception here.

Hitler Was a Jew.

You may find it difficult to swallow when it comes to a conspiracy theory which states Hitler was a Jew but there is some evidence suggesting Hitler was possibly Jewish. There are a lot question marks surrounding Hitler’s family tree and in 2010 a DNA study of saliva taken from 39 of Hitler’s known relatives actually revealed that Hitler may have had Jewish ancestry. Unfortunately the tests were considered inconclusive.

Hitler Had a Base in Antarctica.

There are plenty of rumours that think Adolf Hitler established a base in Antarctica where he hid his UFO’s. Some of the rumours even believe that once the war ended Hitler even hid himself there. You would think that rumours and conspiracy theories like this would be easy to prove especially since a secret base in Antarctica has never been found. People who believe this conspiracy theory also believe that the only reason Hitler’s secret Antarctica base has never been found is because the American’s destroyed it in the post war era.

Adolf Hitler Was Gay.

The idea that Hitler was gay may have originated from a joke but even if it did a lot of people genuinely believe that Hitler was really gay. While there is no real proof to back up the theory that Hitler was gay many people believe that his persecution of homosexuals was his way of trying to conceal his own sexuality.

The Devil Possessed Adolf Hitler.

The conspiracy theory regarding Hitler being possessed by the devil was actually started by the Vatican itself. Back in 2006, Father Gabriele Armoth, Pope Benedict XVI’s official exorcist, told a radio show the following: “I am convinced that the Nazis were all possessed. All you have to do is think about what Hitler – and Stalin did. Almost certainly they were possessed by the Devil.

It has also been reported in The Daily Mail newspaper that there are documents in the Vatican which state Pope Pius XII attempted a long-distance exorcism.

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