10 Horrific Demons Striaght From Your Nightmares That Are Probably Real


As children we are all happy to believe in the likes of the Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy simply because our parents tell us so. Amazingly even adults are quite happy to believe things are real even with no proof behind the claim. There are plenty of people who believe in ghosts or monsters such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster even though there is little in the way of concrete proof to suggest these things are real.

Believing in monsters or demons certainly does not begin or end with simply ghosts or yeti’s. You will be amazed how much people are willing to believe.

1 – Poltergeist

The word poltergeist comes from the German Poltern meaning ‘to rumble or make noise denotes a spirit, ghost, or in most cases, a demon or demons that manifests by moving and influencing objects.’


Over the years there have been many theories given to explain the phenomenon of poltergeists.  Most people tend to believe that the theory of demon activity the correct explanation. Demon activity can include the throwing of stones, bricks furniture, and even people. In one such instance a man in New Hampshire is said to have been lifted into the air by invisible hands and thrown 20 feet across a room. The resulting impact when he landed was so great it killed him and one eye witness claimed the man was ‘thrown across the room like a rag doll.’ It really does take a huge amount of rage, anger and strength to thrown a grown man, who probably weight hundreds of pounds, across a room like he is a rag doll. In fact you could say the strength involved is beyond supernatural.

2 – Ghoul

According to Arabian folklore a ghoul is a monster that lives in graveyards, under mortuaries, and in most other places that are uninhabited by the living. In Arabic the name given to ghouls is ‘ghul’ which literally means ‘demon’.


The original legend and folklore surrounding ghouls describes a creature which can shift from human to animal form at will. The creature is said to prey on defenceless people, such as young children, rob graves and eat the bodies of the dead. There are many folklore tales where a ghoul will lure a person somewhere secluded, kill them and eat them or other tales where the ghoul will find its way in to a mortuary at night in order to devour the organs of dead bodies.

This is most likely why ordinary people with no supernatural powers are considered ghouls. People like grave robbers or cannibal serial killers such as Jeffery Dahmer.

3 – Incubus

The Incubus is a demon of male form that, according to the legend, lies upon sleepers, mainly women, in order to have sex with them. In some cases it is assumed that an Incubus may pursue sexual contact with a woman with the intention of producing a child.


The legend surrounding the Incubus says that a woman who is attacked by the creature must be very strong in order to survive the ordeal and repeated sexual acts. If she is not the physical acts with the creature will lead to a deterioration of her heath and can even result in death. The Incubus usually attacks women at night when the victim is asleep with the victim waking up unsure whether she was simply dreaming.

Merlin the Wizard is said to have been fathered by an Incubus.

4 – Goblins

Goblins come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms.


Not many people are aware that there are even goblins that are indifferent to the human condition and are even used in witchcraft to help improve wealth, health and many other human concerns. Like most things goblin related such help from a goblin will come at a price so always be wary when it comes to making a deal with or accepting the help of a goblin.

Even if a goblin does not ask for immediate payment for help there is every chance that when your unexpecting soul leaves this world it and moves on to the next dimension you will find your benefactor waiting for you for payment to be made in full.

5 – Familiars

Familiars are best described as fairies only not the kind of fairy we are all aware of. These fairies are demons that work alongside witches and are said to do their bidding. Familiars are also said to work with people who are a combination of evil and clever minded.


Witches are apparently very good at controlling their familiars while the so-called evil and clever minded people are often turned upon at a moment’s notice when a familiar becomes angry.

Familiars are shape shifters that can take on any form they choose and when working alongside a witch they usually take on the form of a black cat. They are also known to take on the form of a full-bodied, three dimensional apparition which you could quite easily walk past in the street and not even realise.

The biggest downside with a familiars shape shifting ability is that if it was to take on your form and you were to see it you would instantly find yourself burning while the familiar takes your place on earth permanently.

6 – Drude

Drude is a word that originated from the Middle High German word ‘trute’ which means ‘to kick’.


A Drude is a demon knowing to possess virgins and young girls who knowingly or unknowingly have a demon inside them. The drude can temporarily detach itself from its human victim and can also has shape-shifting capabilities. This means a drude can take on human form or appear as a vaporous mist.

In its natural form a drude supposedly appears to look like a fat old hag. When in its own form a drude will vaporize through cracks in doors to enter a room. Once in the room it will then sit upon the chest of its victim, crushing the life out of them.

The only known way to kill a drude is to entice it to enter a domestic pet that just so happens to be a virgin. When the domestic pet dies the drude will die with it. Some people claim that the pet itself does not always need to be a virgin as long as the owner of the pet is sexually untouched.

7 – The Devil

One thing the devil has plenty of it is names. They include The Great Liar, The Slanderer, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, The Dragon, The Serpent, The Great Deceiver, Meririm, The God of this World, Lucifer, The Beast, and Satan.


According to the bible the devil is an angel who rebelled against God and was cast down from heaven. It is also said that the devil spoke to Eve through the body of a serpent and seduced her to disobey God.

The ultimate objective of the devil is to lead all of humankind away from the truth and love of God and to lead them towards his darkness away from the light.

Once upon a time Satan was considered to be the highest of all the angels in heaven and the brightest in the entire sky. He was the only angel who would not bow down to God and placed his own pride and vanity before all else. According to the teachings of the bible Satan sought to rule over heaven himself. Ever since God cast him out of heaven Satan has ruled over the lower regions and lives in constant fear of the light. He now rules over all other known and unknown demons and seeks to destroy humankind which is considered to be God’s greatest ever creation.

8 – Succubus

Succubus dates all the way back to a medieval legend. Succubus is a female demon who will take on the appearance of a beautiful woman with the intention of seducing men.


According to legend Succubus comes to you at your most vulnerable moment which is said to be that moment  in-between awake and asleep. Those who have set eyes on Succubus describe him as an ugly demon that is grotesque but she is capable of manipulating a person so they see whatever she desires.

The true goal of Succubus is to mate successfully with human kind.

9 – Sabbat Demons

The Sabbat is an annual meeting of witches and all people who practice witchcraft. Those who take part in this annual orgy are all very beautiful with the High Priestess always being considered to be the most beautiful of all. It is believed by those who practise witchcraft that the women who attend a Sabbat are possessed by Sabbat Demons. Even Satan himself has been known to show up to these witches parties and possess the High Priestess.

Sabbat Demons

There is no one outside a Sabbat who has ever witnessed one, but if rumours are to be believed strange activities occur. Part of the ceremony includes Sabbat attendants riding flying goats, tramping the cross, and attendees are made to be baptized in the devil’s name.

No one is left to go hungry at these shindigs. The menu often includes un-baptized babies. Apparently the oil from these babies is used to mix a potion that can give the witches the ability to fly.

The most bizarre part of the whole ritual could well be the end where the witches are required to kiss a demons ass. Thankfully I am yet to attend a party where I am required to kiss anyone’s ass at the end.

10 – Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins are invisible demons who often take up residence in your home.


They are considered to be very mischievous and are only about two feet tall with razor sharp teeth and an intense taste for human flesh. They like to live in your houses plumbing where they enjoy feeding on the dead skin that gets washed down the pipes. On rare occasions they will come out of the plumbing in hope of feasting on something more substantial.

You might want to be a little concerned the next time you hear your plumbing rattle and also watch your fingers and toes around the plug hole of your sink.

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