10 of the Most Terrifying Things Kids Have Ever Said

Anyone who has their own kids, works with kids or has been around kids will know that some of the things they come out with can be anywhere from hysterically funny to down right inappropriate. Of course we all understand that when children open their mouths they don’t always realise or understand what they are saying. It is this very reason that every now and then a kid will say something to you that is completely and utterly terrifying, creepy and soul chilling. Whether it is a premonition of the future or a question about some strange man standing behind you it is all to easy to feel a cold shiver slowly creep down your spine.

The good folk over at Reddit created a thread where they each reported on the creepiest thing that a child had ever said to them. This is the first 10 and you can find another 10 here.

1 – The Monster Behind You


“’Go back to sleep, there isn’t anything under your bed.’ ‘He’s behind you now.’ Still haven’t gotten over that one and shiver at the memory.”

2 – Getting the Baby Out


“My noticeably pregnant sister and I were having a conversation at the dining room table. My 4-year-old son was also present and asked my sister if there was a baby in her belly. She affirmed. He, completely straight faced, slid from his chair and headed for the kitchen saying, ‘We need to get it out. I’ll go get the knife.’ I don’t even know…”

3 – Eating Your Heart

demon on cealing

“My daughter said to me that there is a woman who watches her watch movies in her room and sleeps on the ceiling above her bed when she sleeps. She also says it does not like me and wants to eat my heart. My kid watches Elmo and Dinosaur train. Where in the hell did she get this from?”

4 – The Baby Monster


“My 3-year-old daughter stood next to her newborn brother and looked at him for a while, then turned and looked at me and said, ‘Daddy it’s a monster…we should bury it.”

5 – The Snake Neck Man


“While changing my daughter in front of the open closet door, she kept looking around me and laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said, ‘The man.’ To which I replied, ‘What man?’ She then pointed at the closet and said, ‘the man with the snake neck.’ I turn around and nothing was there. I’m afraid to look into the history of my house to see if anyone hung themselves in the closet.”

6 – Black Circle Control


“My 5-year-old son asked me last week, ‘What do you see through the black circles in my eyes when you’re controlling me when I’m at school?’”

7 – Sinus Deliciousness

A woman sneezing

“During my daughter’s sixth year, I had impacted sinuses. In one strenuous effort, a mass the size of a grape broke loose and hit the tissue with the sound straight out of a horror flick. I glanced at it to check for traces of brain matter and quickly refolded the tissue. My daughter asked if she could see it. I declined. She responded with, ‘I promise I won’t eat it.’ That is all.

8 – Loving Daddy Too Much

Insidious.jpg father-and-baby-sleeping

“A friend of mine’s child told him, ‘Daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want.’”

9 – Master Cthulhu


“My son was about 3-years-old and was putting up his stuffed animals into a bin. He would pick each one up, say its name, and then into the toy bin it went. He picked up his bear and said ‘Bear’, then put it away, to his dog and say ‘Puppy’, and put it away. Then he picked up the stuffed Cthulhu one of my friends gave him, looked squarely at it, and said ‘Master’, then put it into the bin and went onto the next one.”

10 – Great Grandma Viola


“My mom told me that when I was about four or five I would sit and talk to an imaginary friend. When she asked who I was talking to, I said it was Viola and she was teaching me how to draw. My mom flipped out because Viola was my great grandmother and she was an artist. She died nearly 20 years before I was born.”

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