10 of the Ugliest Musicians

If we remove manufactured pop music bands from the equation you are left with a lot of professional musicians who are nothing short of pig ugly. It seems that the more talented a musician is the more ugly they are. Here are 10 of the Ugliest Musicians.

Chad Kroeger

Beverly Hilton Hotel

There have been plenty of surveys which have featured Nickelback lead singer and guitarist, Chad Kroeger as one of the ugliest people in the music industry. It is beyond many people how Nickelback has managed to sell over 25 million albums but one thing for sure it certainly is not because the band members look cool. Maybe it is down to Chad Kroeger and his nose that looks remarkably like a sex toy.

Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson is that dude who is well known for scaring everyone who sees him but he is also pretty ugly. He kind of reminds you what the geeky kid at school would look like after he has been playing with his mother’s lipstick. Obviously women are interested in something other than a man’s looks as Marilyn Manson has been involved with some pretty hot babes including Dita Von Tease, Rose McGowan and adult film actress, Stoya.

Gene Simmons (Kiss)

Kiss and Make-up by Gene Simmons***FDCTRANSFER***

Gene Simmons is obviously well aware of his ugliness as he is often seen wearing layers of makeup which conveniently hides his natural features. It is not just his physical appearance which is considered ugly it is his ugly views on women, gays and every other minority you can think of. Nice tongue though.

Amy Winehouse


You will have probably heard the saying that drugs and alcohol make you ugly and Amy Winehouse is the not so living proof.

Lemmy (Motorhead)


Lemmy from Motorhead owes a lot of his ugly haggard looks to decades of rough living, venereal diseases, and the rock and roll lifestyle. That weird wart on his face really does enhance his distinguished features. God help you if he tries to make you touch it.

Devin Townsend


It is probably a little bit unfair to pick on a guy who is bald but Devin Townsend is one ugly dude. Just look at the photo of him and try telling us you would invite him home to meet your parents.

Tom Warrior


When you see publicity photos of Tom Warrior you can see that he is really doing his best to look cool but always seems to wind up looking like an alien corpse from an episode of the X-Files.

G.G. Allin


It is hard to say if G.G. Allin is naturally ugly but years of performing on stage has definitely contributed. He often performs on stage completely nude and spends a lot of the performance slashing his head and face with a razor blade.

Jim Skafish (Skafish)


When it comes to ugliness the world of rock and roll certainly has more than its fair share of members but Jim Skafish is in a league of his own. He has a really weird body shape which has him standing 6’3” but his real claim to freakish looks is a nose which probably has its own moon and weather system.



Gwar is actually a band full of ugly musicians. I suppose the fact that you can laugh at their looks is the only thing that can make you stop laughing at their music.

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