10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Toys You Really Should Own

Most people are aware that there are plenty of toys that are worth a lot of money. Many of these are older toys that we may have owned as children and are now considered to be collectables. Here we take a look at ten of the most expensive toys ever.



The most expensive Barbie doll in the world comes in with a whopping $50,000-$85,000 price tag. The 40th anniversary Barbie doll named, Diamond Barbie, comes complete with gown sporting 160 diamonds and her own miniature jewellery made from real white gold.

If Diamond Barbie seems a little out of your price range you may wish to look for a 1959 Barbie No. 1 in mint condition. She will set you back a mere $8,000.

Matchbox Cars


One of the original Matchbox Cars was a boxy sea-green sedan, 1966 Opel Diplomat that sold for only 48 cents. These Matchbox Cars are very rare nowadays and if one is offered for sale it is expected to fetch around $9,000. If only you had bought one back in the day.

Toy Gun


I am not sure how many of you will remember these American 6mm Mini-Gun from AirSoft. These things actually fired 6mm steel ball bearings with such force that they could shatter glass from a 3000 round magazine. By today’s standards we would consider this kind of toy dangerous but I am sure most guys will admit that it is still pretty cool. If you find one in used but good condition and with accessories it may please you to learn that the M134 gun has sold for over $9,000.

Toy Sewing Machine


At first glance this toy really is a peculiar looking sewing machine. Peculiar it may well be but it was up for auction at the ISMACS auction in London, England. It did not take long for the bidding to escalate to the £6,000 mark before two separate bidders got carried away and ran the bids up to a huge £13,600.

For that kind of money you could buy an industrial sewing machine rather than this toy.

Teddy Bear


Most children around the world will own a teddy bear but few of them will own a teddy bear quite like this one. This teddy bear was created by a German company to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the teddy bear. There were only 125 of these bears produced and they come with a mouth made from solid gold and eyes made from sapphires and diamonds. If you fancy snuggling up to a teddy bear like this when you go to sleep you will need $43,000.

The most expensive teddy bear in the world was recently sold for $193,000.

Toy Soldier


A lot of young boys enjoy playing with toy soldiers of some description but few will have the chance to rage war with a toy soldier worth this amount of money. This is the original G.I. Joe prototype from 1963. This G.I. Joe doll was sold to Baltimore businessman, Stephen A. Geppi on 7th of August 2003. He bought it during an auction and paid $200,000. It is hard to believe that a doll created on a Ping-Pong table could ever sell for that sort of money.

Ride on Toy


Even in today’s world of electronic video games a ride on toy is still pretty cool. What is even cooler is that they are a lot cheaper than they used to be thanks to the advancements in technology over the years. Of course there is always an exception to that rule and an example of this is ‘The Off-Roader’ ride on toy. Among its many features it comes with an all-weather fibreglass body and protective frame, dual hydraulic disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, a manual emergency brake, front and rear suspensions, three-speed transmission, and a radio with CD player. Not only that it has leather seats and air conditioning and will reach a scary 30mph. The downside is that it probably costs more than your real car at $40,000.

PEZ Dispenser


Over the years kids buy and throw away countless numbers of PEZ Dispensers but, believe it or not, the PEZ dispenser is a hugely collectable item ranging in price from a few cents to a few thousand dollars. The 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B PEZ Dispenser is the one to have though as it is considered to be the most expensive PEZ Dispenser in the world. Apparently there is a certain variant of this PEZ dispenser which has a white helmet and green stem and was a prototype that was never put into production. It sold on EBay for $32,205 USD.

Nintendo Gameboy


I am sure that there are plenty of people out there who still own the classic Nintendo Gameboy. What I am not sure of is how many people will own a custom Nintendo Gameboy like this one which is made from 18K gold with a display screen surrounded by diamonds. It was available through a Swiss supplier and created by Aspreys of London. While you average Nintendo Gameboy will set you back nothing more than $100 if you fancy this jewel encrusted video game you better be ready to hand over $25,000USD.

Star Wars Darth Vader Movie Prop


Star Wars toys, especially the original Star Wars toys, have long been considered collectable items capable of bringing in a lot of money when they come up for sale. Few of those toys will command as much money as this Darth Vader helmet that was actually used in The Empire Strikes Back. The Darth Vader helmet was used throughout the fight sequences in the movie and was specially created so that Bob Anderson, the Olympic fencing champion who took over the role of Darth Vader during the fight sequences, could have clear vision.

How cool would this look in your house? Well, it should look really cool if you pay the asking price for it which was $115,000USD.

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