10 Signs That You Are Addicted To Technology

It is easy to see many of the massive improvements that technology makes to our lives. Most of these improvements go mostly unnoticed yet if technology did not exist we would find ourselves lost. That said technology, like most things in life, does not come without its negative side. There are an ever increasing number of people who are finding themselves crossing the line of dependence on technology and are now excessively reliant on technology and the gadgets it provides us. Some people would call that an addiction to technology.


I am sure that there are many people who are reading this can relate and there will also be people who are reading this who are addicted to technology without even knowing it.

Here we take a look at 10 signs that you are addicted to technology. Hopefully the information here may help you be a user of technology rather than an addicted slave to it.

Checking Your Email Every Hour

Before technology began to dominate and invade every aspect of our lives if we found a time when we were bored we would meet up with friends or find something else which was useful and meaningful to fill the time. This is no longer the case. Today we would rather sit on our bums and wait for excitement to magically happen.  Since most people will have access to a computer 24 hours a day these times of boredom can be filled with the need to check our emails continuously throughout the day. If you find that you are checking your email at least once an hour yet you rarely receive and email then you really could find something more worthwhile to do with your time.

Your Life Stops Without Your Smartphone

When mobile cell phones first began to hit the market they were rather simple bits of technology that did not do much. It was no big deal if you happened to leave the house or go to the toilet without it. Fast forward to today and you have the majority of the population who feel completely naked if they do not have their cell phone in their hand. While smartphones certainly are capable of doing some pretty cool and clever tasks you really need to take a chill pill if you cannot bear to be out of contact via a cell phone for a few minutes or if you find yourself sat on the toilet playing angry birds or updating a Facebook status.

You Are a Compulsive Gadget Buyer

The best way to sum up a compulsive gadget buyer is by taking a look at your average Apple customer. These are the people that you see lining up outside the Apple store to buy the latest Apple gadget because it has an extra 5 pixels on its screen. If this sounds like yourself or if you own more gadgets than you are ever going to use then you may have a serious gadget addiction.

You Never Write by Hand

Back in the days before computers, smartphones, and tablets we used to pick up a pen and paper if we wanted to write something or take down a few notes. Nowadays if you want to take down some notes you reach for your laptop or smartphone. In fact many people nowadays will seldom pick up a pen or pencil even if they have to search for ten minutes to find an electronic device. If this sounds like you are probably relying on technology too much.

You Have More Computers in Your House than People

It is pretty much normal nowadays for each member of a family to have their own personal computer or laptop. While this in itself is not a problem it could be an indication of a problem if you happen to own 5 laptops, a tablet and two phones then you know you have some kind of addiction technology.

You Own More than One Solar Charger.

It is all well and good that you are prepared for every emergency and there is no denying that a solar charger is a handy bit of tech for those of you who enjoy spending time outside. There is taking the idea of being prepared to far and if you happen to keep extra solar chargers with you just in case you need to charge two devices up at once then you probably have an unhealthy obsession with gadgets.

You Have a Bag Full of Gadgets When You Travel

Most of us will take a gadget with us when we travel. A gadget can be a great way to relieve the boredom while we travel especially if we happen to be traveling long distances. There are people who take this to a whole new extreme by taking an extra bag with them which is filled with gadgets. There is little chance that you are really going to use all of those gadgets and if you happen to be on holiday you really need to think about how relaxed you are going to be with all of those gadgets spilling out of your bag.

Your Social Life is Mostly Computer-Mediated

There is no denying that the age of computers and the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and interact. This is a wonderful thing which allows us to communicate with people all over the world in a heartbeat. Trouble may be coming into paradise if you happen to find that the majority of your social life takes place in cyberspace. There are an ever growing and worrying number of people who are losing the ability to connect and interact with others in the real world. Maybe this is why people today often complain of feeling so lonely/

You Are Always Looking For Excuses to Stay Inside

Most gadgets tend to be used indoors. If you have an unhealthy obsession with gadgets you may find that you constantly use ridiculous excuses to stay home rather than go outdoors and interact with others. This is very anti-social and is unhealthy. You may want to consider that before the technology comes along that will upload your mind and personality to a computer.

You Don’t Know How to do Nothing

The ability to sit and relax is a good and vital part of our lives. It is important that every now and then we sit ourselves down and do absolutely nothing. That is what relaxing is about. If you are little too reliant on technology you may find that you never sit down and do nothing. You constantly have a gadget in your hands. While this may make you feel cool and complete you have to realise that you are never getting the chance to unwind and relax which will lead to high levels of stress. That in itself can lead to many health problems.

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