10 Things 90’s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children

Every generation seems to find it difficult to understand the crazes that dominated the decade before they were born. If you were a child of the 1990’s you probably struggle to understand what on earth was going on or so amazing about leg warmers or flock of seagulls.

Put simply every generation is going to be laughed at by their kids for the things that were cool back in the day. No doubt kids today will be sat in 20 year’s time explaining to their children about Apple iPods and what was so amazing about them.

On that note we take a look back in time to a decade we know as the 1990’s and look at 10 Things 90’s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children.

We won’t remind you how old you must be if you can remember these things from the 90′s but we will say the beginning of the 90′s was over 20 years ago.


Tamagotchi’s became a massive craze in the late 1990’s. They were basically a key ring sized electronic virtual pet. They consisted of a small black and white crystal display that produced a very (and we mean very) basic graphic of the virtual pet.

It was your job as owner to use the three buttons to make sure your pet was fed and cleaned and put to sleep when it was tired.


You even got to clean up its virtual poo. Nowadays tamagotchi has managed to manifest itself into Facebook where we all seem to think updating status’s about been on the toilet or what we had for tea is of interest to anyone.


Furby’s were one of the first animatronic toys that really sold well in the shops. It looked pretty much like Gizmo from Gremlins but without legs. Furby had amicrophone to respond to your voice and a couple of sensors so it could blink when you touched it or the lights went out.


I Wanna Really Really Really Wanna Zig-a-Zig Ahh.


It is hard to know where to start with this lyric from the Spice Girls song, wannabe. The spice girls were a girl group that were very popular in the 1990’s. The whole principle of the band (and I use the term band very loosely) was about girl power. The end result was a group of over caffeinated loud mouthed girls who could not sing but could shout out stupid lyrics like the one in the title.


Staying on the subject of music crazes from the 1990’s we move on to dance that was known as the Macarena. The Macarena was a dance that everyone, for some unknown cringeful reason, would do in sequence to a song that was originally named, Macarena.


The song was sold by a couple of old guys and the dance made you look likeyou were involved in some sort or synchronised sex attack where you touched yourself up before you pounced.

The only thing more scary and ridiculous than the Macarena is the fact the dance still echoes across the dance floor of weddings all across America to this very day.

Fanny Packs.

Fanny packs are cheap nylon belts with a small bag attached to them at the front. They were and still are pretty pointless and no one could ever find anything useful to put in them but all the same they were hugely popular back in the 1990’s. It is hard to imagine why they were so popular as the only real use for them was to make your hips look as wide as possible and your stomach looking as fat as possible. They are still quite popular among the elderly generations to this day.


Nothing screams loser like a good old fanny pack.

MC Hammer Pants.

Most people, even kids, will have heard the song; you can’t touch this, by, MC Hammer. Yes, we know it was terrible yet catchy at the same time.


I can’t even begin to explain why or what use MC Hammer pants was and at the same time I cannot even tell you that they ever looked good. This one I am totally clueless on.

Global HyperColour.

Global HyperColour were a range of t-shirts which changed colour as you heated up or cooled down. Well, at least that was the theory. When you first bought your global hyper t-shirt you could breathe on it to get it to change colour or rub your hand on it. Once you actually put the thing on its intended purpose seemed to fail. The t-shirt would change colour but 9 times out of ten you would just draw attention to how sweaty your arm pits were. Attractive idea isn’t it?



The kids television show was bad enough but the Teletubby craze actually produced a hit single as well. Amazing when you think the things could not actually speak and the only noise they could make was the most annoying squeak you have ever heard.


It is hard to tell you exactly what the teletubbies were except four midgets dressed in furry suits and lived on a hill. Yep, that scary!



The yoyo is something that seems to keep making a comeback every other generation. Each time there is something new about it despite it actually been a circle on a piece of string. The most recent update to the Yoyo has been ball bearings to make it spin faster and lights just on the off chance you fancy yo-yoing in the dark, as you do.


Long before the ability to download movies and before Blu-ray’s, even before DVD’s a movie came on only one format and that format was known as VHS.


VHS was basically a plastic box and inside the plastic box there were two reels with magnetic tape wrapped around them. The tape would play from one real to another as you watched the movie. The tapes were about the size of a book and far from portable.

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