11 of the Worst Bacon Products Ever Produced


We all know and love bacon and food as something we can use to make everything taste and smell better. You can add it to nearly any meal imaginable and it improves everything. It is therefore of little surprise that there has been huge number of strange and bizarre bacon products on the market over the years. Amazingly they are all making someone a very healthy living.

1. Bacon in a Can


Most things can be bought in cans these days including bacon. Each and every can is said to contain between 40 and 50 slices of pre cooked bacon that taste simply fantastic. The one thing that makes this product slightly disturbing is that it has a shelf life of 10 years. Imagine eating bacon that was 10 years old.. No thank you.

2. Bacon Tie


Sometimes a smart suit needs a novelty tie to really set it off but a tie made of bacon might be a step to far. It is hard to find anything funny about a tie made from food that seems to advertise a high risk of heart attack.

3. Bacon Watch


I guess you need a watch to match that tie, right chief? The only useful thing about the bacon watch is that it gives you the times in between those aforementioned heart attacks.

4. Bacon Air Freshner


If the smell from your last fast food drive-thru meal is not enough to fill your car then you might want to try this air freshener that smells like bacon. Nothing is going to make you feel the urge to stuff your face and risk a heart attack like the sweet smell of bacon.

5. Gummy Bacon


Gummy Bacon is exactly what it says on the tin. You take your favourite gummy bear sweets and then combine them with crispy bacon. That means you are getting candy that is wrapped in bacon.Gummy Bears are good. Gummy bacon not so good. Why would any guy want to eat a gooey candy version of his favourite crispy meat?

6. Bacon Flu Soap


This was made to get either men children or morons to wash their hands. If you really want to be a baconatic you can always make your own bacon soap.

7. Bacon Bandages


So you got a boo-boo, instead of using your trusty Scooby-doo bandages, use bandages that look like a cured piece of pork instead.

8. Bacon Chocolate


Somethings are great when paired together. Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Beer and cigarettes. Bacon and chocolate. Wait, that doesn’t sound good. Why on earth would you tarnish the delicious tastes of chocolate and bacon?

9. Bacon-flavored Dental Floss


I guess you need the taste of bacon to wash out the taste of bacon.

10. Bacon Lube


Nothing is more sexy to a girl then being lubed up with some pork fat.

11. Squeezable Bacon


This unnatural product is made for people who are either lazy or mentally disabled. Is it really that hard to sizzle some bacon in a pan for a few minutes?

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