12 Bizarre Books on Dating that Really do Exist

Just like most things in life, dating can be difficult and there are plenty of guides, books and instructional videos out there that can lend you a helping hand. While there are plenty books out there about dating which may actually give you the help you desire there are plenty of books on the subject of dating that are simply weird, bizarre and in some cases just down right scary.

Here we are looking at 12 of the most bizarre, weird and strange dating books that really do exist.

Dating For Under a Dollar.


The title of this book, Dating for under a dollar, really does say it all. Times are hard for all of us these days so if you are tightening your belt then it is important that you know dating does not need to be expensive. Of course I would not be expecting to get invited in to your dates apartment for a coffee at the end of the date if all you have spent is a dollar.

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How to Date a White Woman.


This book titled “How to Date a White Woman” is no doubt the bible of dating for foreigners trying to date their way to a green card.

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How to Marry a Multi-Millionaire.


If you happen to fancy your very own sugar daddy or even a sugar mammy then this book on dating could be right up your street. Why have cotton when you can have silk? We can only hope that this book lives up to its claims and it really can teach us all how to marry a filthy rich husband or wife.

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Sex, Love and Dating.


This book is titled, Sex, Love and Dating: What Hollywood Does Not Want You to Know. We are not sure exactly what Hollywood does not want you to know about dating but the curiosity is killing us and making us want to buy this book.

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I Don’t Want to Die Alone.


I Don’t Want to Die Alone is a dating book and guide which concentrates on the world of online dating. We can only assume that the author of this book has decided that only the really desperate people will use online dating.

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Your Big Fat Boyfriend.


Your Big Fat Boyfriend is a dating book with a difference. The aim of this guide is to teach you how to remain thin and healthy even if you happen to be dating someone who is pretty fat. Charming!

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Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur.


We do not even know where to begin with this dating guide. We can only assume it is aimed at those type of people who are in to fantasy adventure type stories and find trolls and goblins sexy.

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Hooking Up.


Hooking Up is a no nonsense guide on dating at college. Like college kids really need any help with dating and if they do need help with it I really do pity them when they get older.

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Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating.


This may seem like a joke but this dating guide is ideal for anyone who needs the world of dating explained to them as if it were the 19th century.

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Dating Makes You Want to Die.


With a title like, Dating Makes You Want to Die, we assume that this is the type of dating guide that will not sit well with anyone who happens to be depressed. Maybe this dating guide actually has a positive outlook on dating and the title is just designed to trick you.

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The Code.


According to the rear of this book it will teach you all about how you can get anything that you want from a woman without marrying them. Translated that means it is basically attempting to turn you into a middle aged scumbag.

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The Rules According to JWoww.


This could actually be the most cringe worthy book of all time.

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