13 Hysterically Scary Book Titles That Really Exist

Books can be wonderful things but every now and then you notice a book which really does make you ask yourself what the author was thinking. Having said that you probably wonder who the heck actually buys such strange books with weird titles but there is obviously a market for them otherwise such books would not be in print and published.

Here are 13 of the most unfortunate, strange, bizarre and funny book titles you are ever likely to find. All of them are real and all of them are available through Amazon.

The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories


With a title like this you could imagine that anyone who owns a copy of this best seller would more than likely become just a little distraught when their copy begins to wear out. If the book’s description is anything to go by we can imagine such a book will wear out quite fast.

These are the tales of the unbridled desires of passion-straved women without men, vulnerable to the temptations of Sappho and crossing over into a world of high withers, rippling hindquarters and glossy coats…Here, readers will meet women like Pauline in “Miss Barnard’s Unit” – the country girl who comes of age in World War 1, and comes undone in the arms of a worldly debutante…

The Haunted Vagina


I am not to sure that the haunted vagina is really somewhere I would want to visit especially when you consider that the book is about a woman who has a vagina that doubles as a gateway to hell.

Games You Can Play with Your Pussy


Don’t expect your wife or girlfriend to see the funny side if you buy her this book. regardless of the books real subject.

Cooking with Pooh


If you are one of these people who usually find your cuboards bare then this book could be right up your street.

Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality


We can’t even begin to imagine what this book is about anything other than something that would probably scare the living daylights out of you if you happen to open it for a peak.

The Best Dad is a Good Lover


People really should think more about the title of a book and what it may sound like it is suggesting.

How to Shit in the Woods


This book is an obvious must for anyone who enjoys doing their business in public. We just were not aware there was a book worth of information on such a subject.

Scouts in Bondage


Wrong, wrong wrong! On so many levels.

Still Stripping After 25 Years


Wherever this woman happens to work is definitely somewhere you are not going to want to visit.

What’s Your Poo Telling You?


More to the point, if it is talking to you then what is it saying about your mind?

Are Women Human?


At last a book that answers, or tries to answer, one of the most confusing questions and mysteries of the universe.

Living With Crazy Buttocks


Have you ever met someone with a crazy bum?

How to Date a White Woman


Are you an asian man who is desperate fora green card? Well, why not give this book a try which will give you helpful tips and trick in the art of marrying a white woman.

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