14 Things About Men that Annoy Women

It is certainly no secret that men have a great tendency to annoy the women in their lives. Even the most in love couples will admit to the woman finding herself increasingly annoyed with her man as time goes by.

But why is this? Here we look at 14 Ridiculous Things That Annoy Women about Men.

Men use the bathroom for the purpose it is intended


Okay so women do admit that it is okay for a man to use the toilet for its intended purpose but you really would think that they would at least try and light a candle or use some fresh air spray. Something’s really do not need to be shared and there is nothing worse than going for a relaxing bath and having to sit among someone else’s ass fumes.

And what is it with men insisting that they use the toilet when women are trying to use it for five minutes of alone time. We are pretty sure that most guys would get annoyed if they were in the bath and another guy came in and started to use the toilet.

Men expect a medal each time they do a simple household task


It is a fair assumption that most women would not be all that happy about having to dive under the hood of a car or drag a lawn mower around the garden but if a woman did do any guy related tasks there is little chance of her standing there expecting a trophy for her efforts.

Men on the other hand may decide that one day they will wash the dishes or do a bit of laundry and they actually brag about it and expect a shrine of some description to be built in their honour.

Men are deaf to the pleas of children


It does not seem to matter how loud the kids seem to get men always seem to be able to tune out the sound and carry on with whatever they may be doing. Even if a child is to ask their dad a direct question he will most likely respond with “I don’t know, why don’t you ask your mother?”

Amazingly he can do this without even distracting himself from whatever he may be doing.

Men tell women they are beautiful even when they are not wearing makeup


Technically this should be a good thing but when a man tells a woman that he thinks she looks beautiful without makeup it usually just results in her thinking that he is nothing short of a liar. This is usually decided when he sees her dressed up in her bests clothes for a night out. Unless he is drooling (which is a standard response having said she is beautiful without makeup) then she will just think he is lying.

Men insist on driving like racing drivers


In most relationships men will seldom allow the woman to drive unless she happens to be on hand to drive a slightly drunk husband home. If this is not bad enough your average woman is not impressed with your ability to hug the bumper of the car in front nor is she impressed with your ability to overtake cars on dark and winding country roads at well above the speed limit.

Men snore like thunder


Most men will probably deny that they snore and in many cases will even point out to a woman who is complaining that she snores herself. The simple truth about a man and his snoring is that it is not his problem. It is hers.

Men think grilling is the same as cooking


It does not matter that the woman in a relationship usually does the shopping and prepares pretty much 90% of a meal. The truth is a man will stand and watch a few slices of meat grill and he will think he has cooked the entire meal himself. This is especially true when it comes to BBQ’s.

Men also seem to have the assumption that warming up a microwave pizza is the same as preparing and cooking a proper meal.

Men check out other women


Finding other women attractive is one of those simple facts of live that cannot be helped. If women are honest they check out other guys as well. It is just part of our biology but do guys really have to make it so obvious to the point of dislocating their necks as a woman with legs and high heels walks past?

Men undermine a woman’s parenting rules


Maybe this is not done intentionally but it is done all the same. Firstly it starts with simple little things like giving a child candy or ice cream just because the child asked for it and regardless that dinner is in ten minutes. From here it drifts towards allowing a child to skip teeth brushing on the condition that teeth are brushed twice as hard tomorrow. You seldom hear such logic from a mother.

Men think they are handier at DIY than they actually are


Think of guys like Tim ‘the tool man’ Taylor from Home Improvements. This show is actually hysterically funny because it pretty much sums up most of the men out there. Maybe it’s something to do with testosterone but whatever the reason all guys seem to think they are superb at DIY tasks and can fix or build anything. This more often than not leads to shelves that either won’t stay up or are not straight, doors that will not close and countless trips to the accident and emergency ward of the hospital. It would be so much easier to just admit that you can’t do something and get a professional in.

Men can’t remember names, dates or any other details


It is simply a waste of time to rely on a man to pass on any kind of message. Even if he writes it down you can bet your last dollar that the message will be given along the lines of “oh, your dentist rang but actually it may have been the doctor.”

What use is this to anyone? Let us not even get started on a man and his ability to remember birthdays or anniversaries.

Men are incapable of replacing a toilet roll


Women know for a fact that men are more than capable of finding a new toilet roll. After all there are numerous occasions when any woman has found the discarded and finished toilet roll tube thrown on the floor and a new toilet roll started. This can mean only one thing. That the man in question has indeed sat there with the new roll in his hand and deliberately decided not to fit the new roll to the toilet roll holder.

Men always get to be the fun one


Part of parenting means that you are responsible for keeping your child safe. This means you have to make sure they don’t watch horror movies or play with knifes or climb on the roof of the house. Of course when a guy gets to be left in charge he is the one who can let the kid experiment with danger a little. Things like bike riding and the like. It would be nice if the woman could be the fun one from time to time but the harsh truth is that when it comes to kids someone out of mam and dad has to be the grown up.

Men cannot find anything in the house


Men live in the same house as women. A woman seems to just know where everything is and if she is not 100% certain she has a quick look around and sure enough she finds it. Men on the other hand seem to be able to find nothing in the house. This leads to a million questions about where things are even if he happens to be looking in the fridge for stuff to put in a sandwich. “Where is the butter? Where is the Cheese?” he will say. Amazingly whatever he is looking for will be directly in front of him but obviously it is easier to ask than it is to move your eyes a little.

Men turn into babies when they are the slightest bit sick


It tends to be a long term joke that everyone accepts about illness and the difference between men and women. A woman gets a cold and she ignores it and continues on with her everyday business. A man on the other hand who gets the same cold may as well be suffering a life threatening illness. For god’s sake suck it up and get on with it. It is just a little sniffle.

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