15 Strangest Jobs That You Never Knew Existed

There are plenty of jobs and careers that everyone knows about and no one would be surprised to hear about. There are, however, plenty of jobs and careers out there that no one knows about and a good chunk of people might have difficulty even believing that they exist.

Here are 15 Strangest Jobs That You Never Knew Existed.

Odour Tester


There are plenty of jobs out there that really do stink but the job of odour tester really does take that fact literally.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in employment as an odour tester your daily chores will involve testing the efficiency of deodorants and antiperspirants. How does an odour tester do such a job, I hear you ask. Well, there is no high-tech science behind this job. It is a simple task of burying your nose in another person’s armpit and having a good old sniff.

It is thanks to these poor individuals that you can smell fresh all day long.

Professional Whistler


You might find it hard to believe but it is actually possible to make a really good living off whistling. A Whistler is considered to be an artist just like any other musician or singer.

The job of professional whistler is actually a very common job in the music industry. Who on earth do you think does the whistling on movie soundtracks or the music singles you buy? Apparently just because you can sing does not mean that you will be a good whistler.

Wrinkle Chaser


Have you noticed that when you buy a pair of new shoes they are smooth and completely wrinkle free? It is not until you begin to wear them that wrinkles and creases begin to appear.

What most people do not realise is that when a shoe is manufactured they are not always manufactured completely smooth. This is where the wrinkle chaser comes in. These people are employed to make sure that they find every shoe which has a wrinkle in its material. They then use a special iron to smooth out the imperfections and make sure the shoe is as smooth as glass when it leaves the factory.

Furniture Tester


If you enjoy nothing more than sitting down and would go as far to call yourself a couch potato the role of furniture tester could be your dream job.

Furniture testers, or “loungers” as they are known in the trade, are employed and paid to sit around on furniture such as sofas to test its durability. The more experienced furniture testers are required to not only sit on the sofas but move around, rocking and leaning back and forth to assess the overall comfort level.

The average furniture tester is required to test around 200 sofas a day.

IMAX Screen Cleaner

The screen at the Odeon Liverpool Imax CHRISTIAN PETERSEN

One thing I am sure we can all agree on is that IMAX cinema screens are very impressive components of modern cinema. They would not be so impressive if they were not frequently and correctly maintained.

One of the biggest problems with the IMAX cinema screen is that they attract a lot of dust and as a result the layer of dust and dirt which develops really spoils the quality of the movie picture.

This is where special companies come in who specialise in cleaning the huge IMAX cinema screens. When making sure that IMAX screen is crystal clear it is not uncommon for the specialist cleaners to have to empty their vacuum cleaners at least three times per screen.

Pet Food Taster


The biggest problem with developing any kind of product for a pet is that when it comes to testing there is no way for the animal to communicate with you to tell you whether the product is good or bad. This is very true when it comes to pet food. Your pet cannot tell you what tastes good and what tastes bad.

This is where the job of a pet food taster comes in. A pet food taster is not just responsible for reporting how the pet food tastes, they have to report back on the texture and smell of the pet food and things such as how easy it is to swallow.

Pet food manufactures are required by law to keep a glass of water on hand for the pet food tasters that they employ.

Golf Ball Diver


I am sure that you will have heard the phrase “where there is muck there is money.” Well, this is true in all works of life including golf.

In the game of golf when a ball accidentally goes astray and lands into a courses water hazard they are usually considered gone and lost forever. To the golf ball diver there is no such thing as a lost golf ball. There is a whole industry devoted to the salvage of these lost golf balls and there are many people making a six figure income from their recovery. Once the balls are recovered they are then sold back to golf courses as used.

Golf courses love discounted products and scuba diving enthusiasts have a place to practise their hobby and get paid.

Gross Stunt Tester


Television shows like Survivor and Fear Factory have to be very careful when it comes to avoiding lawsuits. After all we are talking about television shows which make their contestants eat worms and cockroaches.

To make sure these stunts are safe and won’t permanently harm a contestant these shows employ what is known as gross stunt testers who are required to try out all of the challenges before they are filmed for television.

Professional Sleeper


If you are one of these people who struggle to rise in the morning and could quite happily lay in bed all day then you might want to look into a career as a professional sleeper.

Professional sleepers are lucky enough to get paid for sleeping as part of sleep research projects. These projects help scientists and doctors figure out the mysteries behind numerous sleep disorders.

Paper Towel Sniffer


Have you ever noticed that when you use a paper towel it is odourless before, during and after its use? Well, this is not by accident this is something that is done on purpose by paper towel manufacturers.

The only way for paper towel manufacturers to do this is to employ paper towel sniffers who spend their entire day sniffing paper towels.

Vomit Cleaner


Theme parks, roller coasters and vomit seem to go hand in hand. The always have and probably always will. This is why theme parks such as Disney Land employ people with the job title of vomit cleaner. These people are not responsible for anything other than cleaning up peoples vomit.

It is not all doom and gloom if you are a vomit cleaner as most theme parks allow their vomit cleaners to ride the attractions for free.

Stanley Cup Keeper


The Stanley Cup is unlike most other trophies as there is only one of them. This means that although the winning team and its players are engraved on the cup due to its high value they do not get to keep the cup themselves. The cup must be chaperoned at all times and when it is away from its official home the Hockey Hall of Fame employs a “Keeper of the Cup” who is responsible for ensuring the cups safety.

Fake Review Writer


Nowadays a review can make or break any product imaginable. This is why it is very important for companies to make sure that they only receive the best reviews possible. How do they do this? They employ fake review writers who post fake reviews on sites such as Yelp and Citysearch.

These artificial reviews are intended to create false enthusiasm for hotels, restaurants and products and boost their ratings above the competition. Although is unethical it is apparently common practice by many major companies.

Coconut Safety Engineer


Many tropical resorts have a problem that goes pretty much unnoticed. That problem involves coconuts falling from palm trees and hitting tourists who happen to be strolling around.

To solve this problem they employ coconut safety engineers who are responsible for picking ripe coconuts from the trees before they are able to fall and injure a passing tourist.

Resort Waterslide Tester


The job of waterslide tester could well be the most fun of all the jobs on our list. The job of waterslide tester does just what it says on the tin. The lucky employee spends their day riding waterpark slides to test their height, speed, safety and overall excitement level.

According to First Choice, a British vacation company, there is a lot more that goes into designing and building a waterslide than anyone realises.

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