17 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Ever Happen

There are something’s that can happen in life that are just so embarrassing that when they happen we really do wish the world would open up and swallow us whole.

It is hard to say what actually causes such embarrassment as different people get embarrassed by different things but here we are taking a stab at the 17 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Ever Happen.

We are pretty sure the things on this list will embarrass pretty much everyone.

Accidentally Spitting in Someone’s Face When Talking.


We all get a little bit too enthusiastic when talking to someone and unfortunately when we get excited it can make our mouth a little on the wet side. It’s at that point you seem to lose all control over oral fluids and you manage to spit on the person you are talking to.

This is a case of asking for the news and not the weather. You have two options. You can acknowledge the fact you have just spat in someone’s face and apologise or you can just carry on talking and pretend you didn’t realise that you have just left the other person with spit running down their nose.

Walking in on Someone in the Bathroom.


You feel the call of nature and make your way to the toilet only to find the door is closed. You knock on the door and even shout out to check that there is no one occupying the toilet. It is at this point you take a deep breath and push the toilet door open only to find someone sat there with their pants around their ankles as they try and wrestle with a huge turd.

Forgetting the Name of Someone You Have Met More than Once.


There is two ways that forgetting person’s name can go. Firstly you can just have a complete blank moment and not be able to remember their name and secondly you may go the entire conversation getting their name wrong only to realise at the last moment. However it happens you are basically telling the other person that the last time you met they were not worth remembering.

Having the Ass of your Pants Rip in Public.


There are a million and one reasons that you may have to bend over in public. Maybe to pick something up you have dropped or maybe to have a look underneath something. Regardless of the reason the very art of bending over in public can be embarrassing enough and that is before you face up to the fact that the ripping noise you heard was indeed the ass of your pants and everyone who heard is now looking at your ass hanging out of your pants.

Having Someone Walk in on you in the Bathroom.


You head off to the toilet, you push the door shut, you lock the door and then double check to make sure it is locked. Satisfied that you will not be disturbed you drop your pants to your ankles and sit yourself down. Then just as you are at the critical point of ejecting that turd you notice the door handle begins to move and before you can do anything the door fly’s open and someone is stood staring at you sat there with your pants around your ankles.

Been at a Friend’s House and the Toilet Won’t Flush.


Picture the scene. You are at a friends house and you need to use the toilet. You ask politely if it would be okay if you used the facilities and your friend tells you it is fine and gives you directions. You head off to the toilet but the whole experience is far from a text book operation.

You end up giving birth to the biggest and smelliest of turds to ever exist then when you go to flush the thing simply will not flush away. You end up stood there trying to bomb the thing with paper towels in between flushes but the best that happens is the turd decides to hide under the u ben for a few seconds before jumping back out at you at the last moment.

Mistaking a Fat Lady for a Pregnant Lady.


We all know women are self-conscious about their weight. When you mistake a fat person for pregnant you are really rubbing salt into the wounds.

Saying Something Nasty About Someone and they Overhear.

Chairman Peter King (R-NY) presides over a hearing on Muslim radicalization in Washington

We all are guilty of bitching about someone when they are not there to hear what you are saying. In most of these instances the things you say you would never dream of saying to the persons face so it can be horrifying when you have a good old bitch about someone and turn around to find them standing there.

Farting in an Empty Elevator and Having Someone Step in Seconds Later.


Trapped wind can cause a person a fair bit of pain so if you happen to be alone it is perfectly acceptable to let out a fart. Of course if you happen to be in a lift when you let out a smelly fart then someone gets in the lift you can be left red faced. The poor person stepping into the lift is coming from fresh air to the fart air of the elevator and they know fine well that it was you. They are also obliged to get out of the lift at the same time as you as if they remain in the lift on their own then they will then be to blame for the odour.

Realising that You Don’t Have Enough Money to Pay.


It is bad enough if you are in a shop and don’t realise about your lack of funds at the last minute but nothing quite beats the shame of realising you don’t have enough money to pay when you are at a restaurant. The reason for this is that you just know everyone thinks that you knew this all along and you were planning to dine and dash.

Having a Snot You Are Not Aware of.


You have spent all day talking to people and at the end of the day you get home and look in the mirror only to find a big green booger hanging from your nose. It has obviously been there all day and everyone you have spoken to will have seen it and not one of them has told you.

Accidently Touching a Naked Person in a Changing Room.


I don’t know about you but I really don’t see the need that some people obviously feel to wander around the changing room of the gym completely naked. There really is no need and it is just a red face waiting to happen when your hand accidently touches a part of their naked body as you try to squeeze past them or they squeeze past you.

Waving to Someone Who Wasn’t Waving at You.


We have all been in a situation where a car drives past and the driver honks the horn. Taken by surprise you look up and assume the driver was trying to get your attention as it is someone you know. In response you put up your hand and give a wave to a car full of people who are laughing at you.

Mistaking Someone for the Wrong Gender.


It is hard to know to know who this is more embarrassing for. The person who has made the mistake or the person who has just been mistaken for the wrong gender.

Watching a Sex Scene With Your Parents.


We can all remember watching a movie with your parents on a Saturday night and the sex scene comes on. Your mother pretends nothing is happening while you father leans forward with his dirty old man look while you examine the walls, the curtains, anything but the screen.

Clogging the Toilet at a Friend’s House.


Clogging the toilet at a friend’s house is up there with the problem of not been able to get a turd to flush away. The only way you are going to be able to deal with this is to either leave the toilet blocked for your friend to find out later or, since you don’t have the tools for the job, you can stick your hand down and go digging.

Someone Catching You Masturbating.


We all do this yet we never talk about it and it is something that we make doubly sure we keep to ourselves. The horror of having someone walking in on you while you masturbate is just indescribable.

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