3 Awful Evil People Who Got What They Deserve

There are plenty of people in this world who are truly evil and awful. I am not just talking about people like celebrities who we all love to hate I am talking about really nasty awful people who we all long to see have their downfall. Here are 3 awful people who got what they deserved.

Jeffrey Dahmer


When it comes to nasty people Jeffrey Dahmer is a guy who is in a league of his own. His best known claim to fame is killing and eating 17 people in the early 90’s. He would spend his evenings going from bar to bar looking for guys that he could pick up and take home. Once he had them home he would drug them, shag them and then kill them He didn’t just stop there. Once his victims were dead he would hump them again and when he could hump no longer he would eat them.

Jeffrey Dahmer was not one of these guys who grew up to be a real nasty bit of work. He was actually a horrible human being even when he was a young child. Dahmer admitted to spending time as a child torturing animals and killing them. He often spoke about he would pull the legs from insects or beat dogs to death with sticks while out in the woods. As a teenager Jeffrey Dahmer was an alcoholic and was even kicked out of the army because of his excessive drinking habits.

It was around this time that Dahmer began to spend his days exposing himself to youngsters which earned him a spell in jail. The thrill he got from exposing himself quickly faded and this is when he moved on to eating people for kicks.

For those of you who think the above mentioned exploits of Jeffrey Dahmer are not that shocking consider this. Not only did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people he performed various procedures on his victims in an attempt to make them his love slave. Such procedures involved drilling holes in his victim’s heads and pouring acid into the holes. Dahmer looked on the deaths as a very unfortunate accident so rather than dump the body at the side of the road so he ate them.

Obviously when you are committing such terrible crimes it is only a matter of time before law enforcement catches up with you which is exactly what happened to Dahmer. He was eventually caught and imprisoned where there are several attempts on his life by the inmates.

It was not until a guy named Jesse Anderson decided that trying to kill Jeffery Dahmer was simply not as good as actually killing him so he took the matter into his own hands. Jesse Anderson took a large bar from a prison weight machine and demonstrated how if you swung it hard enough it would always hit the floor regardless of who’s head got in the way. For the experiment he decided to use the head of Jeffrey Dahmer and he died on route to the prison hospital from his injuries.

Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer


For those of you who do not know Carl Switzer played the character of Alfalfa in the Little Rascals. Now this guy was a huge ass even when he was a child working on the little rascals television show. He spent a huge portion of his day pulling pranks on other cast members and I don’t mean harmless pranks. He was put real fishing hooks in the pants of Spanky (a little rascal’s cast member) which resulted in cuts to Spanky’s legs and buttocks which were so severe he needed stitches. Another of his well-known pranks was when he convinced Darla to put her hand in his pocket and have a feel around. If you are anything like me you will probably assume that he was hoping poor innocent Darla would grab hold of his third leg but that was not his intention. Switzer had placed a razor sharp switchblade in his pocket which caused poor Darla to nearly lose a finger.

It was not just cast members who fell victim to the pranks of Carl Switzer, MGM studios had more than their fair share of run ins with him. One time during a break from filming he urinated on a set of studio lights and when they were turned on and heated up the smell was so bad and intense that filming had to be shut down for several days.

Switzer had to wait until he was a grown up before he finally got his comeuppance. Switzer offered a reward of $50 for the safe return of his dog. When a guy showed up with the lost dog to claim the reward Switzer paid him $35 and bought him $15 worth of drinks. The guy later showed up at Switzer’s home demanding the $15 in cash. The pair ended up in a heated argument and fight when Switzer found himself with a loaded gun pointed at his crotch. He suffered massive internal bleeding and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Irma Grese


Irma Grese was a female member of the Nazi party and one of the 45 people accused of war crimes at the Belsen Trial in 1945. Her crimes cantered around her ill-treatment of those who were imprisoned and murder of those imprisoned in concentration camps, including setting dogs on inmates, shootings and sadistic beatings with a whip.

Grese was well known by the name the “Bitch of Belsen” probably because she showed particular enthusiasm and dedication to her job. She was quickly promoted from the concentration camp guard to Senior Supervisor, a role which was made her the 2nd highest ranking female in the concentration camps. As part of her job she was in charge of over 30,000 Jewish female prisoners. Unfortunately for the prisoners her work included, savaging of prisoners by her trained and half-starved dogs, sexual excesses, arbitrary shootings, sadistic beatings with a plaited whip, and selecting prisoners who would visit the gas chamber. According to many eye witnesses she enjoyed both the dishing out the physical and emotional torture and habitually wore heavy boots and carried a pistol to facilitate both.

To put in to perspective just how evil this woman was consider this. She was put on trial for her crimes in 1945 and executed at the age of only 22 years old. There are not many people who can claim to be as sadistic and as evil as this woman at the age of 90 let alone 22.

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