3 Movies Made Possible By Ridiculous Decisions of Sandra Bullock


Just one look at Sandra Bullock makes it very easy to see why she has a successful career as an actress. There is certainly no denying that she is a very beautiful woman with an unexplainable aura that make her very likeable. Maybe her success is down to the over active imaginations of millions of men with way to much time on their hands or maybe it is all down to ridiculously awesome acting talents and the huge variety of acting roles that she has attempted over the years. How could anyone possibly deny the versatility and depth that would have been required to pull of roles such as Miss Congeniality or as a bus driver in Speed?

When you take into consideration the dedication that Sandra Bullock brings to roles such as Demolition Man where she was required to have cybersex with Rocky it is hard to imagine that many of her movies were only made possible by her own (or rather her characters) ridiculously bizarre, careless and stupid decisions.

The Net

Sandra Bullock plays Angela Bennett, a computer specialist who, after the worst vacation ever, finds that her entire life has been deleted from every computer system imaginable. Her limited interaction with anyone in the real world means that no one can verify who she actually is and to make matters even worse she has a group of cyberterrorist’s chasing after her determined to silence her and make sure no one uncovers their plot to gain access to every computer system from the FBI to the Home Shopping Network.

The very reason that Angela Bennett crosses paths with cyberterrorist’s is because she ends up with a floppy disc in her procession which she even takes on holiday with her. While on holiday she conveniently bumps into Jack Devlin who arranges a fake mugging to steal the floppy disk and then goes about seducing her on his fancy speedboat. Following the worst sex scene in history Bennett discovers Jack Devlin’s gun and confronts him about it which results in a little bit of a scuffle and a wine bottle to the side of Devlin’s head which renders him unconscious.

It is at this point the rest of the movie could have quite easily been avoided. Bennett, while fumbling around with the boats controls, discovers the floppy disc that was supposedly stolen in the mugging. Any normal person, especially someone who was in such fear for their life, would surely realise that something was pretty messed up and take any measures necessary to escape alive. In Angela Bennett’s case she decides that the best way to avoid near certain death is to dance around like she is about to wet herself then jump into the worlds most powerful inflatable dinghy and head off at speed towards a group of dangerous looking rocks that could have quite easily sunk the Titanic. She then wakes up in a foreign hospital with her whole life wiped and a group of dangerous terrorists on her ass.

Surely anyone their right mind would have simply taken the opportunity to either tip the unconscious cyberterrorist who had just attacked them into the water or at least make an effort to tie him up.

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While You Were Sleeping


While You Were Sleeping is one of Sandra Bullock’s earlier movies that she made while riding the wave of success following her bus driving role in Speed. The story starts by showing Lucy (Sandra Bullock) as a lonely Chicago Transit Authority token collector who spends most of her time at work fantasising about a guy who she sees on his way to work everyday. Then on one faithful day the man she spends her days obsessing over is knocked on to the railway track and Lucy is there to save his life. The only problem is that, although her secret man crush survives the incident, he ends up in a coma with Lucy at his bedside. It is at this point that a nurse overhears Lucy make a remark about her fantasy to marry the man and decides to tell his family who all amazingly manage to turn up at the hospital together.

The remainder of the movie is spent with the loveable Lucy lying her ass off to the man’s family, falling in love with the man’s brother and even lying to the man himself when he wakes up from his coma. The yes get so out of hand that she even lets the man believe he is suffering from amnesia and lets him go about planning their wedding. Yes, Lucy is nothing more than a loveable, nice girl next door type who we can all empathise with and love.

It’s fair enough to say that the entire movie could have been avoided with a simple bit of honesty. Surely it would not be to hard to tell the guys family that she was not really the fiancee. Even if things were a little difficult at the hospital surely it would be easy enough to come clean at any one of the million other opportunities throughout the movie. Not for Lucy. For Lucy it is much easier to lie to a family in crisis just to satisfy her own selfish fantasies.

It is hard to decide whether this says something really bad about Hollywood, society or Sandra Bullock since she is the one who obviously chose to take on this role.

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The Proposal

The Proposal is yet another romantic comedy in a long list of Sandra Bullock romantic comedies that make you wish you could pull your leg off just so you have something to throw at the cinema screen. For this outing Sandra Bullock finds herself playing the part of Margaret Tate, a highly successful corporate publisher with a strong personality who treats everyone beneath her in the company like they are a pile of stinking dog poo that refuses to get out of the way of her shoe.

The whole plot of this movie revolves nicely around the fact that Margaret Tate happens to be Canadian, not that we can hold that against her, and is working in the good old US of A. That is right, you guessed it. This movie and its weak ass plot is based around the fact that the highly successful Miss Tate is having problems with US immigration and is about to get shipped back to the land of mounties and oversized moose. That of course means she will lose her job which she values more than anything else on the face of this earth. It is at this point we are introduced to Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds. The whole point of this character is to be bossed around by Sandra Bullock’s character and then become the man she decides she needs to marry in order to get a green card in order to stay in the country.

The obvious elephant in the room here is that we are expected to believe that a highly successful woman in the corporate world just like the woman played by Sandra Bullock was so short sighted that she simply forgot to keep the paperwork up to date that is required to keep her in the country. Is this really something that would happen in everyday real life? I think not. what is even more unbelievable is that a h woman who is as highly successful as this character would be so shallow as to even entertain the idea of marrying a guy just for the purpose of a green card. Of course this whole storyline fits well in with the old Hollywood cliche that seems to think that any woman who is successful in the workplace must have no relationships in her life and if she ever dreams of falling in love then she must sacrifice the very notion of a continued successful career.

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