3 Totally Irrational Thoughts That We All Have

The thoughts that go through our head are probably one of the strangest things that exist in the known universe. More mysterious than any phenomenon known to exist and a wonder to anyone who dare think long enough about what I am stating here.

Despite the very real fact that the thoughts which go through our head being so brilliant, special and unique there is something very worrying about both our thoughts and ourselves. That worry lies in the very fact that we all spend the majority of our time and our lives thinking the most irrational of thoughts that are beyond bizarre even for the most insane among us.

Getting Caught Out In A Lie

Go on! Admit it! You tell the occasional little white lie. If we’re all honest we probably tell more lies in our everyday life than we even realise. For some of us lying is no big deal and we seldom worry about it but for others the slightest hint that we may have not been entirely honest creates a sinking feeling deep in the pit of our stomachs that we simply cannot shake.

This is quite obviously an understandable reaction that most of us have had since childhood when we told lies to our parents and then spent the next three weeks worrying about getting caught out. In fact we spent most of the time within those three weeks walking on egg shells trying to decide whether or not our parents knew that we had been lying.

As we get older the fear of someone finding us out in a lie becomes, in many cases, totally and utterly irrational and we find ourselves worrying about the lies we told to strangers. This is a mixed reaction between the embarrassment of someone catching us out in a lie and the fear of the punishment we will receive as a result of lying.

A typical example of how we are preprogrammed to be fearful of someone realising that we are lying is when you are walking down the street and someone approaches you asking if you have a few minutes to spare to fill in a survey or if you can spare some change. Your immediate response is that you are in a mad rush or you have no money on you and then you get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as you can.

The fear and panic takes over you when less than thirty minutes later you happen to be walking back up the same street holding an overpriced cup of hot coffee and you realise that if the person who approached you earlier sees you then they will know you were lying and just didn’t want to talk to them. You might even find yourself days later still trying to justify to yourself why you didn’t give the homeless person your spare change or why you shunned the poor woman desperately trying to fill in a survey.

When you think about this with a logical mind you really have to ask yourself what are you expecting to happen the next time you walk down that section of street. Are you expecting the same homeless person to come creeping up behind you and go “A-ha!!!! I knew you were lying. I knew you had some change in your pocket”

Trying to Control The Outcome

We’ve all been in the situation where we find ourselves perhaps glued to the television watching our favourite team play our favourite sport and the entire game comes down to that one single point. We sit there desperately praying and believing with all of our heart that if we pray hard enough or concentrate hard enough then we will end up having some strange and divine effect on the outcome of the game.

Obviously this sort of irrational thinking is not solely used when we are watching sporting events. Pretty much any situation we find ourselves in where we feel desperate for a certain outcome we find ourselves honestly believing that the power of thought will effect the out come. The more desperate we find ourselves the more we seem to believe we have some special power to control the outcome of the universe with nothing more than the power of thought.

It is a nice idea but completely irrational and ludicrous for us to think this way.

Everyone is Talking Behind Your Back

people talking behind back

It takes a somewhat heartless and shallow, maybe confident person to have never spent at least some of their time thinking that everyone around them is talking behind their back. Usually this happens in the workplace or within a persons home life but always involves the gut twisting fear that people are talking about you behind your back. For some people this irrational fear gets so bad that every time they see a work colleague or family member on the phone or in a conversation with someone else they start fearing that the communication is about them.

The truth here is that this irrational thought is usually a direct result of someone having a guilty conscious. A typical example would be a man who has cheated on his wife and fears she will find out. This can lead to him jumping every time the phone rings just in case the call happens to be someone ready to spill the beans.

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