31 Terrifying Photos of Ghosts That Will Keep You Up At Night

When it comes to things that go bump in the night it does not matter whether we believe in ghosts or not there is something that makes most of us feel a little nervous and scared. There are people who make a full time career out of studying photos of ghosts. Some people believe that photographs capture what the human eye cannot while others think that such things are nothing more than a fault in the photograph.

Check out these photos of real ghosts and the true stories behind them and decide for yourself whether they are real or not.



Two men are seen working on renovations for this old and ’empty’ hospital in 1918 – but on the far left balcony, they’re not alone



This photograph was taken hours before this dying man’s last breath. Three mysterious orbs appeared in the images, which some believe to be spirits and others swear are fingerprint smudges.



In 1924, the SS Watertown was en route to the Panama Canal from New York City when James Courtney and Michael Meehan were killed by gas fumes in a freak accident while cleaning a cargo tank. Soon after, crew members saw two faces in the water following the ship.



Mrs Andrews took this picture while visiting her daughter’s grave in Queensland, Australia in the 1940s. Her child Joyce had died the year before aged 17. She was shocked to find a young stranger sitting on the grave. When paranormal researcher Tony Healy visited the cemetery in the 1990s, he found that near Joyce’s grave, two infant girls were buried.



Robert A. Ferguson, author of Psychic Telemetry, was speaking in Los Angeles, California, on November 16, 1968. He believed his brother Walter, who died in 1944 during World War II, was standing beside him.#



Diane and Peter Berthelot visited Worstead Church in Norfolk in 1975. Peter snapped a photo of his wife praying silently in the pew. They didn’t realise until later that she was not alone.



This photograph was taken during the American Civil War. A ghost, believed to be that of a dead soldier, was captured walking up these stairs in a basement.



This early 20th century snap of a bureau was taken at the request of a furniture dealer by Montague Cooper, a well-respected photographer of the day. It appears he was so good, even a ghost wanted to pose for him.



This picture was taken in February 2002 of what used to be a local general store. It appears the building has attracted some shoppers from the other realm as well.



Chloe was a slave at the house on a plantation in St Francisville, Louisiana. After being caught snooping on her master’s private conversation, he cut off her ear. Seeking revenge, Chloe baked a cake out of toxic oleander leaves, intended for her cruel boss. When his wife and daughters ate it instead, she fled but was lynched by fellow slaves. She still haunts the plantation to this day.



This woman was visiting the Fleet Air Arm Centre in Yelverton, Somerset, in 1987. Posing for the photo, she said she felt strangely cold, though it was a hot day. She also claims she was the only one in the aircraft… so who is that sitting to her right?



Locals of Quezon City, Philippines, steer clear of Balete Drive at night. They say a woman in white with long black hair, her face covered in blood, stands in the centre of the road. Drivers pack their backseat with passengers because if there is one empty seat, an uninvited guest just might take it.



Taken at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959, this photograph appears to show a woman holding her hands toward her face, peering out into the distance.



A wedding photographer was testing his equipment at an old farm where his clients wedding was to occur. That is when he caught the image of a child staring right at him.

Asking around, the farm owner claimed to often see the spirit of a young boy wandering the grounds in night clothes.



These two girls were just out for a night on the town, when they stopped a passerby to take a photo of them with one of their cell phones.

They (understandably) freaked out when they noticed someone had slipped into the photo with them.



A photo taken in the 19th century. The family of this home would often complain of strange, ghostly activity on the stairs.

They had a photograph taken, and it seemed to confirm their fears.



Class photo day for these students seemed like a normal and enjoyable affair.

Except upon development, it seems that the photographer captured someone unaccounted for on the roll list.



In 1985, the Coventry Freeman Assoc. was having a dinner party at St, Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, England.

No one remembers seeing the tall, robed figure on the left, who is seen bowing his head with the rest.



There are stories regarding this photograph taken in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

They involve a soldier killing his wife and child, resulting in the spirit of the wife forever walking the bridge, looking for answers.



A photo taken by a tourist at the Confederate Cemetary near Carnton Mansion in Frankllin, Tennessee.

A strange, sepia-toned floating image of a Confederate soldier is seen at the far upper right of the photo.



A husband shot this photo of his wife and child upon their moving to this new home in Chicago.

Upon development the face of an old lady and a bulldog can be seen in the door’s reflection.



A man took a photo of his young daughter playing in their living room, and the resulting image clearly shows a ghostly, crawling form of a light energy in front of her.

It also seems as if the little girl can see it too. Could it be the spirit of her deceased mother?



The only thing known about this photo is that the couple are both now deceased.

Upon development of this photograph, a clearly visible human figure is seen in the background.



This creepy photo seems to show the image of three sailors sitting in on a school sporting event.

It would seem out of sorts, except the gymnasium is in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.



A girl took this photo of her mother with her cell phone. They were sitting around a fire during a late spring get-together with family and friends.

The clear, albeit blurred image of a girl in t-shirt and shorts is seen sitting next to the mom. Or is she actually sitting inside her?



Going through some old photos of their grandmother, this image was found. It is of the Russell’s grandmother a few years earlier, yet no one had noticed the image of their grandfather standing behind her.

He had, at the time the photo was taken, been dead for 10 years.



This 16th-century palace was once home to Henry VIII.

One day, around 1 PM, the fire door alarm sounded, but the guards found nothing there.

This is what the security cameras caught.



A photo of a man standing in front of his home, yet is seems he’s not alone in the house. A black and white image of a man in a jacket appears in the window behind him.



In 1959, Mabel Chinnery drove with her husband to visit her mother’s grave.

She used her last photo on her husband who was sitting in his car. Upon development, the unmistakable image of her mother appears in the backseat. It is so clear, light can even be seen reflecting off her glasses.



Three friends at work had a photo taken of them by another girl using a regular old cell phone.

A freakish face with strange eyes appears in full color peeking through the two on the right.



At a Sunnyvale, California ToysR’Us, strange things had been going on for a long while. Objects moving, things falling off shelves…..

A paranormal research team was called in to investigate, and upon taking this infared photo, it seems the culprit was caught.
The man leaning against the wall wasn’t there. And he is dressed awfully old-fashioned.

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