4 Bizarre Unsolved Crimes that No One Can Explain


Whenever a major crime is committed everyone in the country, sometimes everyone in the world, becomes fixated with the events. What makes people even more curious about these massive crimes is when no one is apprehended and held accountable. Sometimes crimes can go unsolved only a few days but every once in a while there is a crime that happens when no one is ever held accountable.

1 – Denver Mint Gang


Back in 1922 The Denver Mint Robbery was one of the biggest raids on an armoured truck the United States had ever seen. The raid began on a cold December day when guards were loading up their armoured truck and a gang of men in a black Buick pulled up, took out sawn-off shotguns and opened fire. In the commotion that followed the gang managed to grab the cash from the armoured truck and make a quick getaway.

As a rule United States Mint Police Officers are well trained guys, all of whom carry guns and know just how to use them. During the robbery the guards returned fire and even managed to shot one gang member by the name of Nicholas Trainor. Trainor was later found lying dead with a gunshot wound to the jaw in the abandoned getaway car which had been dumped at a local garage.

In most criminal cases once one member of the gang is discovered authorities can trace easily trace other members involved in the crime. The Denver Mint Robbery was an exception to this rule and to this day Trainor is the only member of the gang who has been properly identified.

From the two-hundred thousand dollars that was stolen in the raid only eighty-thousand dollars has ever been recovered. The remaining cash has never been seen since.

What is even stranger about this robbery is the way in which authorities investigated it. Twelve years after the robbery investigators announced that the case was solved and that everyone involved had simply died. TO this very day there has never been any reasonable explanation as to why authorities closed the case in this fashion and no one has ever been officially linked with or held responsible for the crime.

The only two people who were possibly connected to the robbery were two men by the names of Harvey Bailey and James Clark, both men were already serving time for a separate robbery when it was first suggested that they had any connection with the Denver Mint Robbery. Even if these two men were in some way connect to the raid there would still be at least two other people from the gang who were never identified

2 – D.B. Cooper


One of the most famous unsolved incidents of aviation piracy took place on November 24th 1971 when a Boeing 727 was hijacked.

The man responsible for the hijacking purchased his ticked in Portland, Oregon using the name Dan Cooper (over time he become better known as D.B. Cooper) and boarded the flight just like any other passenger. Once the aeroplane was in the air the hijacker informed a flight attendant that he was carrying a bomb and demanded that two-hundred thousand dollars, four parachutes and fuel truck be waiting for him when the flight landed in Seattle. According to the flight attendant despite threatening to blow up the plane and the forty-four passengers on board D.B. Cooper was a rather pleasant and polite man who even tried to negotiate dinner for the crew and passengers.

Once the aeroplane landed in Seattle the demands of the hijacker were met and the passengers on the flight were allowed off and onto the runway. Once the aeroplane was refuelled and back in the air the hijacker instructed the pilot to set a course for Nevada and ordered all of the flight crew still on board to move up to the cockpit.

With the flight crew all toward the front of the plane Cooper waited till halfway through the flight and leaped from the back of the aeroplane with the cash and parachute strapped firmly to his body. Once he left the rear of the aeroplane he was never seen again.

To this very day the FBI is still trying in vain to solve the case of D.B. Cooper. Most people believe that because of freezing temperatures combined with the altitude and speed of the plane the jump would have proved fatal. The only problem with this theory is that a body was never discovered which leads some to think maybe the hijacker may have survived. None of the money that was used to pay the ransom has ever re-entered circulation although a small amount was discovered many years after washed up on a river bank.

Without the presence of a dead body or the discovery of the money used to pay the ransom there is no way for sure of knowing whether D.B. Cooper died while jumping from the aeroplane or if he survived and spent the rest of his days living off his ransom.

3 – The Monster With 21 Faces


Poisoned pen letters are certainly nothing and on May 10th, 1984 the Japanese food company Ezaki Gilco received their very own. The letter explained that candy produced by the company had been poisoned with potassium cyanide and the sender identified themselves as The Monster with 21 Faces, a reference to a series of popular detective novels.

Gilco, not wanting to be the company who poisoned children, quickly removed all of its candy from sale and investigated to see if any of it actually had been tampered with. The letter ended up costing the company several million dollars and around four hundred employees were laid off in the process but no evidence was found to suggest that any of the candy had been tampered with was found.

In a follow up letter the Monster with 21 Faces “forgave” the company for its sins, claiming that he must move on to targeting other companies. The Morinaga Company was the second company to be targeted by the Monster. The monster penned an open letter to the media informing them that several bags of candy produced by the company had been poisoned.

Luckily for all involved police were able to recover the contaminated bags of candy before they were able to cause anybody any harm. For some strange reason the Monster with 21 Faces had labelled each poisoned bag with a toxic warning label, which somewhat defeats the purpose of poisoning candy in the first place.

The Monster with 21 Faces ended his poisoning campaign in 1985 and authorities have never successfully identified him. Many police who worked on the case claimed it to be one of the most stressful of their entire careers. In face one police chief who worked on the case was so stressed he decided to set himself on fire which technically left the Monster of 21 Faces with a body count of one.

4 – Sons of the Gestapo


Back in 1995 an Amtrak train was unlucky enough to derail near Palo Verde, Arizona. Out of the long train only four cars managed to not completely derail and four of the cars that did derail managed to fall onto a dry river bed located near the track. As a result of the accident one person died and more than seventy people suffered severe injuries.

While rescuers worked to help passengers from the wreckage of the train four identical typewritten notes were found near the crash site. Each letter was hand signed by the Sons of the Gestapo and claimed that they were taking revenge for lives that were lost during the Waco Siege in 1993. The derailment of the train was said to be a warning to the various law enforcement groups who were involved at the siege.

It has been reported that the group responsible for the letters had not chosen the name “Sons of the Gestapo” in order to affiliate themselves with the Nazis but to instead compare the ATF and FBI’s tactics during the siege to those used in Nazi Germany.

Investigators later discovered that the train crash was caused by the tracks being tampered with, disconnected and moved. The tracks were reportedly still connected with wires, keeping the track circuit closed and preventing and safety systems from signalling that something was wrong.

No one has ever been held accountable for the accident nor has there ever been any suspects named or arrested. It is thought the Sons of the Gestapo may have been a disgruntled or former railway worker since the degree of technical knowledge would have been needed to override the safety systems. It is also thought the notes that were found may have simply been a cover story for a possible planned robbery that never took place.

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