4 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

Here we take a look at Four Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do.

It is easy for a person without their own kids to offer advice on what you should and should not allow you to do with your own children. For that reason the following article about the dangerous things you should let your kids do should be taken with a grain of salt.

The whole point of this article is to suggest that maybe we are been far too protective and controlling of our children’s lives and developments. We now live in a world where we actually have what could be considered ridiculously stringent child safety regulations. In fact there seems to be little to limit just how crazy or bizarre child safety regulations can actually get. It is now at the point where we as adults seem to believe that as soon as a child encounters something sharp or something without rounded edges then they will injure themselves. It is quickly getting to the point where we are reluctant to put anything sharper than a bath sponge in the hands of anyone under the age of 15.

This sort of blind panic to keep kids safe may actually cutting our children’s learning and development process in half so here we look at 4 really dangerous things every child should be allowed to do and why.

You should let kids play with fire.


We all know that fire is one of mankind’s most primal and mysterious powers. In fact most of us probably do not remember that very moment when we first get to play with and control fire despite it been one of the most unique moments we will ever encounter. It is the first time in our lives that we first get to explore one of nature’s greatest mysteries

From our first experience of playing with fire we learn so much. We learn about how fire itself works, about intake, about combustion and about exhaust and once we learn all of these we can then learn how to control fire.

I am sure that you, like most parents, would never dream of letting your child play with fire but there is so much for a child to learn from playing with fire especially without the direction of an adult. The thing is there is so much a child can learn from playing around with fire and that something simply cannot be learned from playing with a toy train or Bratz doll.

You should let kids own a pocketknife


When I was a young child back in the early 1980’s I remember owning and playing with a pocketknife. In fact I remember most of my friends owned and played with pock knives but one thing I have noticed recently is that the number of kids who own pocketknives now few and far between.

Nowadays parents think of a child with a pocketknife as an accident waiting to happen. They fail to see what a pocketknife represents to a child. A pocketknife is a lot more than a knife; it is a multifunction tool which can be used as anything from a screwdriver to a spoon for stirring a tin of beans. The pocketknife is actually a very empowering tool and there are plenty of cultures throughout the world still give knives to, not only young children, but toddlers. There are Inuit children in the world who are given a knife as soon as they can hold one so they are able to help cut whale blubber. I am sure that most of us would be left somewhat shocked to see such young children holding and using a knife but these societies lay down simple rules for their children to follow – always cut away from yourself, always keep the blade of your knife sharp, never force your knife when cutting. If you think about this logically without the blind panic that western society seems to be instilling in adults these rules make sense and are things that kids can easily understand and practise.

Sure, you average child is going to cut themselves from time to time as they learn to use their tool but even adults suffer the occasional cut at the hands of a knife. The advantage a child has is that they heal fast and that they learn from the mistake which in turn reduces the chance of another injury. This is how we learn after all.

You should let kids throw a spear


It has long been known that the human brain is wired for throwing things and your brain is very much like your muscles meaning if you don’t use parts of your brain it can lose its ability. Of course this also means if you exercise any part of your brain it still works like your muscles and becomes stronger and more efficient with training and use.

Research has shown if you practise throwing things you are actually stimulating the frontal and parietal lobes of your brain which are used in visual acuity, 3D understanding, and structural problem solving. This means that throwing things helps a person to develop their visualisation skills and their predictive ability. It is also worth noting that throwing is a combination of analytic and physical skill so it is really a good form of whole-body training and help children to develop attention and concentration skills.

By not allowing a child to throw spears you are actually hindering their learning process.

You should let kids take apart electrical appliances


As an adult you may have actually forgotten that inside most of you household electrical appliances is a fascinating world of wonder. All of those moving parts and wires really are interesting and can bring out the curious nature that all kids have.

Obviously it would get pretty expensive if you let your children take apart your television set or dishwasher but the next time you are about to throw away a household appliance hold on to it for just a little bit longer and take it apart with your child. It is highly likely that neither you are your child will know what most, if any, of the parts are but puzzling out what they may be is great practice for kids and gives them a unique sense of seeing what they can learn from taking things apart. It does not really matter how complicated an appliance may be as if a child can begin to learn small parts of a complex machine they can then put all of those small parts together and eventually learn how the machine as a whole works.

The whole process of disassembling household machines gives any child the chance of realising that anything is knowable and learnable.

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