4 Facts About Your Body (that are not even true)

There are plenty of people in this world who are more than happy to boss you around and tell you what you can and cannot do. It will come as little surprise to learn that when these kinds of people are dictating the pace to you they are very often wrong. If they tell you that you can do something there is a good chance you can’t do it. Of course that goes the other way too. The majority of things that these people instruct you are impossible are often quite possible.

Many attempts to set the limit of possibility are often set when talking about the human body. Who is anyone too tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body? This is the very reason why so many people brandish around facts about the human body, facts which aren’t even true.

1 – You Cannot Tickle Yourself.

tickling feet

You will probably not believe this but science has given no definite purpose to the sensation of being tickled. There have being many explanations given over the years and the most accepted is that tickling creates a panicked sensation combined with a shuddering of the body to act as a defence mechanism against spiders and insects on the skin. This is most likely the reason why it seems that you cannot tickle yourself.

What is thought is that by being on control of the tickling sensation eliminates the panic involved with the reaction. This is why you jump a mile if someone pokes you in the ribs but you cannot provoke the same reaction yourself. This, however, does not mean that tickling yourself is impossible. There are actually many ways to evoke the tickling response on yourself. The most obvious way is to use a feather or similar object to lightly stroke the area where you know you are usually ticklish. You could also try stroking fingers lightly on your neck or on your foot.

You will certainly be able to tickle yourself with this method. Rotate your tongue in a large circle on the roof of your mouth for between 15 seconds and one minute and you will be tickling yourself.

Isn’t biology great?

2 – You Cannot Lick Your Own Elbow

lick your own elbow

I am pretty sure that just reading the line above has made you try to lick your own elbow. If you are one of the very few people who haven’t tried this give it a try right now. Stick your elbow in the air and do your very best to lick it. It seems impossible and for the most of us it is but anyone who tells you that it is completely impossible is not telling you the truth.

It is actually untrue on two levels. First up let us look at the scientific stuff behind this. Your elbow is a joint which connects the upper arm (humerous) and the forearm (radius and ulna). It consists of several parts. There is the olecranon which is the bony tip on the outside of your arm (this is the part that most people think is their elbow) and there is also the elbow pit (cubital fossa) which is the inside part of the joint and still scientifically considered to be part of the elbow. As you can imagine most of us are going to have major difficulty licking the outer part of the elbow but no one is going to find it difficult licking the inner part of their arm which is still considered part of the elbow.

3 – You Cannot Fit Your Fist in Your Mouth

fisti in mouth

If you walk up to any one and tell them that it is impossible to fit their entire fist in their mouth you can be certain that they will try to do just that. Even if they don’t try it right there in front of you then you can just see them waiting until they get home and trying it when no one is watching.

The fact here is simply not true. Sure, it is very difficult for the average person to fit their fist in their mouth but that does not mean it is impossible. There are actually many people in the world that can do this and even those who cannot can quite easily learn. All that is required is for a person to spend several weeks performing exercises that stretch out the jaw and learning how to relax and open their throat. It really is that simple and I for one would love to meet a woman who has this skill.

4 – You Cannot Sneeze With Your Eyes Open

sneeze with eyes open

It is hard to try this one unless you actually have a sneeze brewing but there are plenty of people who claim that it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. For most of us sneezing with your eyes shut seems to be a simple fact of life that goes hand in hand. Even if you are happen to be driving or flying an aeroplane (something that really requires your eyes to be open) it seems impossible to keep your eyes open when you sneeze. It has even been claimed that you can do major damage to yourself if you try and keep your eyes open while sneezing. Suggested injuries include eyes popping out of their sockets and pulled muscles in various parts of the body.

As you might have guessed all of these claims are complete bull and don’t happen. You will never have heard a real report of someone’s head that exploded due to them trying to keep their eyes open while sneezing.

The science here is your eyelids and nose share some of the same nerves which makes most people close their eyes while sneezing. This does not mean that you cannot sneeze with your eyes open. Try it the next time you have a sneeze coming and you will not suffer any negative outcome or injury. There is even hundreds of videos on YouTube that show people sneezing with their eyes open so give it a try.

Of course we could just be making this up and when you try it your head will explode and we will all have one big laugh at you.

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