4 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong

We all like to quote facts to other people. It makes us sound clever and intelligent. One thing people seem to be totally unaware of is that 87% of facts that are thrown around are not strictly true. This is very similar to the way 86% of statistics are made up on the spot. The truth is that many of these facts are repeated so many times that people actually think that they really are true.

Anyway here we look at 4 Facts that Everyone Get Wrong.

A Car is the Safest Place During a Thunder Storm


It is believed by around 99% of the population that the safest place to be during an electrical storm is in a car and the reason behind this is because of the rubber tyres. Rubber is considered to be a very poor conductor of electricity so if you are to get struck by lightning whilst in a car you will be perfectly safe as the electricity cannot earth itself.

What people get wrong

A car is actually a relatively safe place to be during an electrical storm but it is a huge misconception to think that this is because of rubber tyres. If the rubber on the cars tyres was really what is protecting you from lightning strikes then in theory you would be able to get the same protection by simply wearing a pair of rubber willies.

The real reason a car keeps you safe during a lightning strike is because the metal frame will conduct the electricity around you. A car is only safe during a lightning strike if the occupant is not sat in a convertible, is not touching anything metal based on the interior and the windows of the car are wound up.

Obviously nowhere is completely safe during an electrical thunder storm.

Tilt Your Head Back When You Have a Nose Bleed


Most people are taught when they are children that if they get a nose bleed they should pinch the ridge of their nose and tilt their head back over. By tilting your head back during a nose bleed gravity will help slow the blood flow down so they blood vessels in the nose can heal.

What people get wrong

While conventional wisdom would have us believe that holding your head back during a nose bleed is the best way to go health professionals say this is actually the worst thing you can do during a nose bleed.

The best response to a nose bleed should be to pinch the soft cartilage with your thumb and index finger and press this against your face so as to compress the nose and then tilt your head forward. You should hold your head forward for several minutes or until the bleeding stops.

If you tilt your head backwards during a nose bleed then you are allowing the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat which can easily lead to you gagging and even inhaling the blood. In severe cases this could even cause you to drown in your own blood.

Toilets Flush Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Depending Which Side of the Equator they are Located


Water in a toilet or a sink will drain in a particular rotation depending whether it is located north or south of the equator. It is considered impossible to water to drain in the opposite direction unless you move to the other side of the earth’s equator.

What people get wrong

This fact is probably one of the most wrongly assumed facts in the world. Even television shows like The Simpsons get this fact wrong and there are plenty of teachers out there who are happy to teach us about what is known as the coriolis effect.

While the coriolis effect is a real phenomenon it has little to do with the direction your toilet water spins when you flush it. The direction a sink drains or a toilet flushes actually has nothing to do with what side of the equator you happen to be on. It is actually down to the shape of the drain, sink or container and the motion of the water when the container was filled.

For the coriolis effect to be witnessed you would need a huge reservoir of water which had been left to settle for days. This means you would have to protect it from the sun, wind and any other vibration before you begin to drain the water. The slightest external force on the water would cancel out any force applied by the coriolis effect.

Put simply, water takes the path of least resistance so it is quite easy to get water to drain clockwise or counter-clockwise regardless of where in the world you happen to be.

People Only Use 10% of their Brain


A fact that is often brandished around as the truth is that we only use 10% of our brains and the remaining 90% of our brain remains dormant and unused. This is widely believed to be due to the fact that we have forgotten how to or are just not able to tap into the unused portion.

People who have extraordinary gifts and show incredible mental capacity such as phenomenal memory’s or the ability to perform complex calculation without a calculator are often believed to be able to tap into part of their brain that normal people cannot.

What people get wrong

The idea that we only use 10% of our brains is based on 0% fact or scientific proof. Most people enjoy believing that they only use 10% of their brain because it makes them feel as though they are special and probably possess some sort of special ability such as telepathy or telekinesis. After all it is fun to believe that we have some sort of superpower that we just need to tap into.

After more than 100 years of scientific research every part of the human brain has actually been found to have a function and no part lies dormant. According to science anyone who uses only 10% of their brain is either unconscious or a politician.

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