4 Myths Men Believe About Women (Thanks to the Movies)


Women are truly beautiful creatures and any guy out there will tell you that they rank as one of the greatest mysterious of the universe. Amazingly the few things that men feel that they know about women comes directly from the movies and that can only lead to problems in when put into practice in the real world.

Women Will Always Have Hair Free Legs and Armpits

While I understand that there are plenty of people out there who enjoy an abundance of female bush springing from every possible bodily location the majority of guys prefer silky smooth hair free skin.


As with most things in life the majority usually does rule and this means when women appear on the movie screen every nook and cranny of their body is freshly shaved, waxed and silky smooth. It does not matter what the setting of a movie may be women will always wax their legs, shave their armpits and trim the lady bush. Not even zombie apocalypses or the fact you are a caveman’s wife gets in the way of a woman to appear beauty salon groomed.

The Reality

Believe it or not but women grow body hair just like men. Well, maybe not entirely not like men but they suffer from unsightly body hair all the same. Believe it or not women spend a considerable amount of time and money keeping their skin silky smooth. In fact any women who neglect their shaving and waxing routine for more than a couple of weeks will start to resemble some kind of strange yeti.

Do not even ask about the hairy Mary

This of course means that any woman in a spaghetti western or apocalypse movie that lasts more than a week or two will be running around picking flees from each other.

Women Stand Wide-Eyed, With Hand to Mouth, While a Man Fights the Villain


We all know that it is the man’s role in any relationship to protect his woman. Actually it is expected that a man will protect any random woman in distress that he happens to encounter.  Because of this reason whenever a fight breaks out between two guys the woman in the scene will simply stand there wide-eyed, with her hand to her mouth. At no point during any fight will she make any attempt to help and any attempt to seek help will be a half-hearted effort at best.

The Reality

It is certainly very macho and valiant that any hero in a movie would want to engage in a fight to the death to protect a lady but in the real world even women can be useful in a fight situation. If a hero is fighting with only one other man the involvement of the woman would soon stack the odds in the favour of our hero. Even if our hero finds himself pitched against more than one villain the involvement of the woman soon makes things that little bit more levelled.

Beautiful Women Always Fall for an Action hero Regardless of His Sexist Remarks and Attitude


In many movies the lead male character is a good looking bad boy type who still acts like he is a 16 year old teenager. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind and is more than comfortable cracking sexist jokes and jumping from one sexual partner to another.

Despite his sexist attitude and sexist remarks any beautiful woman who encounters him will find him, his remarks and his attitude charming and an instant turn on. For this very reason the male lead in any movie will undoubtedly have his choice of beautiful women as they fall at his feet.

The Reality

In reality we no longer live in the 1920’s when men ran the world through the day and then spent their evenings drinking rum and smoking cigars in gentleman’s clubs. Nowadays women are treat and considered equal to men in all works of life from the home right through to the corporate boardroom.

Many people may watch a movie with a lead character like we are describing and think he is cool but we all know that if anyone in the real world went on this way would lead them to a lonely life and a major drought of women.

Women Wear Make-Up to Bed and Wake up With Hair and Make-Up Looking Perfect

It doesn’t matter if a woman goes to bed with company or alone she will always go to bed with perfect looking hair. She will never make any attempt to remove any of her make-up regardless of how heavily made up she happens to be.


When waking up the next morning, despite having spent the night rolling around in bed, she will wake up with her hair still perfectly in position and her make-up will be the same. Her make-up will not have smeared, smudged or run in the slightest nor will there be any markings made on white bed sheets from the make-up.

The Reality

For those of you who are not familiar with the process of wearing make-up let me tell you that make-up smudges quite easily. If a woman was to rub her finger across her face then the result would be make-up smudged right across her face. This means if she was to go to bed wearing make-up the fact that people have a tendency to bury their heads in the covers would lead to a serious case of what is commonly known as panda eyes.


As for her hair only those people who have a haircut like an action man will suffer from a serious case of bed head.

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