4 of the Greatest Pranks Ever

Some times the daily routine can just get a little too boring and nothing can living things up like a great prank.

This is why we are taking a look at 4 of the Greatest Pranks Ever.

The Faulty Computer


A Marble in the Trunk


This one can drive someone nuts for weeks and maybe even months. All you need is to be pulling a prank on someone who happens to own and drive a car.

As we all know mysterious rattles and noises can quite literally drive a person insane especially when they are untraceable. So imagine a rattle that the person you are pranking is unlikely to ever find yet they will complain about it to anyone who will listen to them.

All you need for this prank is a large marble or a large and heavy ball bearing and access to the person’s car. Once you have access to the persons car open up the trunk (the boot if you live in the UK) and lift up the carpet so you can access the section where the spare wheel is stored. Now all you do is throw a couple of marbles in with the spare wheel so that they are able to roll around against the metal spare wheel storage area. Now put everything back in its place, close the trunk and return the keys making sure that the person you are pranking is unaware of what you have been up to.

Now when your poor victim drives his or her car they will hear the marbles rolling around in the rear of the car. If they accelerate or brake then they will hear the marbles. Every time the car goes around the corner or hits the slightest bump in the road they will hear the marbles. The best part of this is that they will never in a million years think about looking under the spare wheel for the rattle.

The Greasy Telephone


This prank is a true classic if you happen to work in an office and there are two variations of this prank. All you need to do is apply a greasy substance to the earpiece of a phone then ring the phone so that your unsuspecting victim picks it up and presses it to their ear. Obviously the greasy substance (Vaseline works a treat) rubs off all over the person’s ear.

Another variation of this prank is if you take a substance such as brake dust from the disc brake of a car and apply this to the earpiece and mouth piece of a phone. Brake dust quite literally gets everywhere so when you ring your victim’s phone they will answer and press the phone to their ear. They then can potentially spend the rest of the day without any knowledge that they have black smudges all over the side of their head.

Hole Punch Paper Blow Out


For this prank you need a victim who has a car and as many bits of paper from a hole punch as you can possibly find. This may mean you have to spend a few hours punching holes in paper but the result will be worth it.

Once you have a good number of punched papers simply tip them into the vents of your victim’s car. Turn on the air vents and wait until your victim gets in their car. When they turn the ignition on the hole punched paper will jet out all over the car. They will probably find that for weeks afterwards every time they turn the vents on bits of paper are blown out.

Always make sure that you turn the vents on before leaving the car as you do not want the person you are pranking to turn on the vents while driving down a road as that would be dangerous. You want the vents to blow as soon as they start the car.

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