4 Popular Celebrities Who Did Very Bad Things


When it comes to our much loved popular celebrities most people think the sun really does shine out of somewhere it really should not. For this very reason it is very common for celebrities to misbehave in a spectacular way and then find that they are instantly forgiven by their legion of loyal fans. In fact within a few months most of us have forgotten completely about the sins of our favourite celebrities and they continue basking in the bright lights of fame.

Just take a look at some of the terrible things that your favourite celebrities have been involved in over the years

Madonna Kidnaps a Child

When it comes to celebrities there are few that are as big and popular as the undisputed queen of pop, Madonna. Since the early 1980’s she has successfully released chart topping single after single and played to sell out crowds all over the globe. On top of her unrivalled music career she is also well known for her uncanny ability to constantly change her image and over sexual persona that she is in no way shy to show off.

Madonna pretty much wrote the book when it comes to pop music and it is hard to find anyone who has not heard of her or had their life influenced by her in some form or another. Madonna seems to find it very hard to put a foot wrong and even this of you out there who hate her music will be fond in some way of at least one of her many endeavours.

The Bad Thing

Those of you old enough to remember the year 2006 will be aware that this was the year that Madonna become one of the first mega-rich celebrities to travel to Africa and adopt a baby. Obviously, like most other countries, Africa has laws which mean a person cannot just waltz on in a pick up any random child that takes their fancy but there are are always was around everything.

Not being a woman who was used to not getting her own way and understanding the need for positive publicity Madonna travelled to Malawi telling the worlds media that she was travelling to the African country for the purpose of raising awareness of HIV and Aids.

After several news reports showing the singer dancing with villagers in one of the country’s poorest villages rumours began to circulate that she had actually adopted a child named David. A spokesperson for Madonna quickly denied the rumours for a couple of days before acknowledging them as true. The admission was quickly followed by newspapers publishing quotes apparently made by the young boy’s father claiming that he was very happy the adoption had taken place and that he felt his son would have a much better life in the United States of America with Madonna as his mother.

It didn’t take much longer for certain media outlets to begin publishing stories about the plight of the boy and his family. According to the reports the boys father was very poor with hardly any education to speak of. On top of that it was claimed that when the boys father attended court in relation to the adoption he was unable to read the documents put to him and was unaware that his son would be taken from him on a permanent basis. It was even leaked out to the press that David was one of several young boys who were offered to the singer via emails without the fathers knowledge. There has since been much speculation as to how Madonna managed to get the adoption process to go through the courts without any major objection but it is assumed that her vast wealth had a lot to do with it and as we all know money speaks all languages especially in countries which are very poor and are well known to suffer from the presence of corrupt officials.

It can only be assumed that if Madonna did not have her huge fortune behind her then the adoption would not have taken place, at least not legally. Madonna claimed in the months that followed the adoptions that she had only adopted the child so she could help out the boy and his family. It is quite rightly argued that if she was that hell bent on helping out the boy or his family then it would have been much more beneficial to everyone concerned if she had simply given the boys father some money. When you think about that it is also worth considering that the average wage in Malawi is a mere $141 a year and that is if you are very well paid in a good job. A poor villager such as David’s father would have an annual income of much less. Compare that to the hundreds of millions of dollars that Madonna is said to be worth.

Why No One Remembers It

Back in 2006 when Madonna travelled to Malawi, as already stated, she did so under the illusion of wanting to raise awareness of HIV and Aids in the country. This was enough to gain a huge amount of positive publicity for the material girl with her image in newspapers and on television around the world. When news of the adoption first began to circulate the world’s media squeezed every drop of blood they could from the story so by the time questions began to be asked everyone was sick of hearing about Madonna’s African trip. In fact even the newspapers had grown sick of the whole affair and gave the possible corruption behind the adoption very little coverage in comparison to the positive publicity that Madonna had already to received.

On top of all this the harsh truth is that there are very few of us in the western world who really genuinely give a monkey’s about anything that happens, good or bad, in a small South African country. The conclusion here is that everyone is well aware that Madonna adopted an African child but were bored senseless by the time anything negative from the story. The end result is that no one is aware of, remembers or even cares that Madonna probably used her vast wealth and celebrity status to steal an African child from his poor poverty stricken family.

Cheryl Cole Beats Up a Black Woman

Cheryl Cole may not be that well known in the USA but in the UK she is often referred to as the nation’s sweetheart. Cole grew up on a rough council estate in the north east of England and rose to fame following a stint on the television show Popstar which landed her a part in the popular girl band Girls Aloud.

Following several successful years in the band she landed the job of a judge on the X Factor alongside Simon Cowell. Her job as a judge on the show provided her with the perfect opportunity to launch a successful solo career and many high profile contacts in the music industry including legendary producer, Will I Am. Since the X Factor was such a huge runaway success among the brainless and bored citizens of the UK with nothing better to do on a Saturday night Cheryl was used as a poster girl appearing in national newspapers nearly every day and supposedly capturing the hearts of everyone. At least that is what the good folk of England have had drummed into them.

The Bad Thing

Looking at Cheryl Cole today it would be hard to imagine the rough upbringing she had or the horrific acts several members of her immediate family are responsible for. To name a few examples Cheryl’s sister Gillian has a string of convictions and arrests for assault and brawling in public while her brother Andrew is an alcoholic, drug addicted glue sniffer who has more than 50 court appearances to his name and has even spent time behind bars for armed robbery.

Despite her media given title of the nations sweetheart Cheryl herself has shown that she is no different from the majority of her family and a better description of her would be as a girl from a council estate who got very lucky indeed. That’s right the nation’s sweetheart has her very own criminal record and conviction for assault.

You might well jump to the conclusion that Cheryl’s conviction came long before she had the bright lights of fame shine on her tattooed backside but the truth is the incident in question happened in 2003 at a time when Girls Aloud was already riding high in the UK music charts.

The incident occurred in a UK nightclub when Cheryl encountered toilet attendant Sophie Amogbokba. The end result was Cheryl became upset with Amogbokba when she stopped her fooling around in the toilet and violently attacked her while allegedly shouting racist remarks at her. A badly beaten Amogbokba reported the attack to the police and charges of racially aggravated assault were brought against the singer. the case moved swiftly through the courts and Cheryl Cole was convicted of assault although it was said the assault was not racially motivated. All the same the poor toilet assistant suffered much humiliation and was badly beaten as a rest of the incident.

Why No One Remembers It

At the time of the assault and Cheryl Cole’s conviction talent shows such as Pop Stars and X Factor were the biggest thing to hit UK television since colour TV. It was only natural that the media did not want to make a big deal of the whole incident and decided to gloss over the whole affair the best they could.

While the british tabloids did report the assault and the conviction they were also quick to present it as trivial incident involving a very young girl who was picked on because she was young and famous. Basically they were saying it was nothing more that a simple mistake just like most kids get up to everyday. It was obviously decided that the poor Cheryl Cole had learned her lesson through her conviction and deserved a break. This and the increasing positive publicity she received from her X Factor job soon engulfed any negative press and everyone became blinded by the lights and quickly forgot that Cheryl Cole is nothing more than a thug with a tendency for violence.


You may well think that this is a bit of an over reaction and unfair but just take one look at the beaten face of Sophie Amogbokba and try claiming that poor Cheryl acted in self-defence or that the incident was blown out of proportion. Anyone who has had a black eye will be well aware that it takes a very violent and hard blow, if not several, to produce swelling like what Amogbokba suffered.

Johnny Cash Kills 49

Johnny Cash is the legendary bad boy of country and western music. Well known for his rebellious attitude, wild ways, drug taking and performing in prisons such as San Quentin there is no one who would suit the name The Man In Black better than Johnny Cash.

He has been inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame and is the voice behind countless popular songs that nearly everyone will have heard at least once regardless of whether or not they realise who the man is.

Following the release of the biopic movie Walk the Line Johnny Cash is now cemented in the hearts of a whole new generation and his romance and love for his wife June Carter rivals the story of Romeo and Juliet. Just try and forget the fact that he cheated on his wife with June who was also married at the time.

The Bad Thing

With a reputation like that of Johnny Cash no one is ever going to be surprised that he has done some shady things in his time but I doubt there is anyone who recalls or even knows about the fire that he started in the Los Padres National Forest in California.

It was the June of 1965 when Johnny Cash was driving his truck through the forest when it caught fire due to an overheated wheel bearing. The fire killed 49 of the 53 nearly extinct condors and destroyed a whopping 503 acres of the forest. The government sued him and ordered him to pay $82,000 but, as usual, Jonny Cash was totally unrepentant, blaming his truck and telling the judge that he should question the truck rather than himself.

Why No One Remembers It

Over the year we have all gotten used to our celebrities finding themselves in bad situations so this combined with the fact Johnny Cash had the image of bad boy the incident received very little media attention. An accidental forest fire is not a very exiting event especially when you compare it to the well publicised bad boy incidents that surrounded Mr Cash over the year. At the end of the day a story of some burnt trees is nowhere near as exciting as drug addiction, gunslingers and supposed prison time.

Chuck Berry Spies on Naked Ladies

Chuck Berry is yet another legendary rock and roll figure with a questionable past who has made our list. Chuck is well known for his hugely popular guitar songs such as Johnny B Goode and Roll Over Beethoven and is said to be the inspiration for many of todays popular artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Beatles.

It is is nearly impossible who does not instantly recognise the opening guitar riff to his Johnny B Goode song.

The Bad Thing

It is well known by anyone who has met Chuck Berry that the guy was a moody and grumpy fellow. What is not so well known is that in 1990 Chuck Berry was sued by many women because of a video camera that had been installed in the women’s restroom of a restaurant that the singer owned called The Southern Air, in Wentzville, Missouri. Berry claimed that he had the cameras installed in order to catch an employee that was suspected of stealing from his business but the women who found the hidden camera’s thought differently. To add insult to injury police raided Chuck Berry’s home and found a collection of videotapes that featured women using the restroom in his restaurant.

As a direct result of the lawsuit Berry was ordered to pay $1.2 million in damages which was then divided among the 59 women who took him to court.

Why No One Remembers It

In 1990 Chuck Berry was nowhere near as popular or famous as he once was so this incident was not reported world wide like it would have been if he was a the height of his fame. At this point in time there were a million other celebrities all much more famous that Chuck Berry so for this reason no one really cared and any negative publicity really did not matter or effect the singers career.

In fact Chuck Berry is still considered an icon in St. Louis and his statue can still be seen across the street from Blueberry Hill. Yes, that is the same Blueberry Hill that he made famous in his song.

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