4 Ridiculous Ways to Attract a Woman that Actually Work

Some of the greatest minds that have ever lived have said at some point during their lives that the greatest mystery of the entire universe happens to be women and what makes them tick. When you hear things like that it will come as little surprise to learn that there is an endless queue of men all desperate to learn how and what attracts women to men.

In fact there is a huge amount of money involved in guides, books and courses all of which promise to teach you how to attract the woman of your dreams.

Having read many of these books (research only and not me trying to attract a woman) we have compiled a list of 4 Ridiculous Ways to Attract a Woman that Actually Work.

Smell Like Her Dad

Believe it or not but it is actually a scientific fact that we choose our mate based on how much they remind us of our parents. This means that if you happen to smell like her dad you are already in with a great chance of getting her to go out with you.

In fact the more you remind a woman of her dad then the greater the chance that she will be in to you.


As bizarre as this may sound the science behind this fact is that for a woman her idea of what a man should be like comes from none other than her father and he is there from the very beginning. Even if a father is only around for the first few years of his daughter’s life he still has a huge influence over her taste in men. So strong is a father’s influence over a woman’s taste in men even men who provide nothing but negative experiences pass that on to their daughters. This is why women who have a father who abused their mother are much more likely to tolerate the same behaviour from their own partners.

Our advice here is that if you are trying to get the attention of a woman you really need to study her father. The more your personality, sense of humour, tastes and attitudes resemble her fathers the more likely she will be drawn to you.

Maybe it’s time to get out the old spice aftershave and tweed jacket.

Don’t be Afraid to Come Over a Little Gay

This does not mean that when trying to attract the woman of your dreams you should prance around like you are auditioning for a part in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The thing is that 40 or 50 years ago women were attracted to strong, masculine and virile men. The type of man who could chop down a tree with his bare hands, hunt buffalo in the snow, wrestle a bear and still come home and impregnate his woman. According to science this is because women are naturally attracted to men who can protect and provide for them and also who are likely to create successful offspring. This is why your average Hollywood hunk of yesteryear were strong and strapping men as they appealed to most women.


Fast forward to present day and you will probably notice that your average Hollywood heart throb is no longer as masculine as he could be. In fact it is fair to say that as time goes by your average Hollywood heart throb comes across more effemitive than anything else.

Once again we turn to science to explain this. Apparently over the past 50 years there are more and more women who have taken the contraceptive pill at some point in their lives. Now as we all know the contraceptive pill works by making a woman’s body think that she is pregnant all of the time. When a woman is pregnant (or thinks that she is pregnant) her body and sub consciousness will assume that the most important job is already done so her needs and desires will change and she will find herself lusting after a man who is more likely to make a good life partner. This in turn means that the theories of a guy named Darwin are coming into play and the modern day women is more attracted to a man who waxes his body hair and wears eyeliner over a guy who will hold her head under the covers when he farts.

Make Sure You Sweat

It is estimated that the aftershave market is worth around $10 billion worldwide. With that sort of money circulating each and every year it is not hard to figure out that people like to smell nice and think that smelling nice will increase their chances of landing a mate. A similar sum of money is probably circulating around the deodorant and anti-perspiring markets as there is no end to the number of men who are eager to cover up their natural sweaty smell.


If you happen to be one of the millions of guys who enjoy covering themselves in anything that smells expensive in believe that it will attract the ladies you really may want to think again.

Although you may think that sweat is a major turn off for the ladies the opposite could actually be true. Sweat contains masculine chemicals which might not smell appealing but those same chemicals naturally enhance a woman’s mood creating sexual arousal. Put simply that means if you walk past a woman after a heavy gym session there is every chance she will get horny upon smelling your scent.

Sing to Her

I’m guessing that the majority of guys who are reading this are sat thinking there is no way that they are going to start singing to women who they are trying to attract. Okay so it does not have to be singing but the simple fact is women like men who are not shy about expressing their feelings and more importantly who are not shy about showing woman affection.

Oh, I gave my love a chicken, it had no bone

According to countless guides and books on picking up women the fairer sex love nothing more than been made to feel special and have a guy who worships and desires them.

Maybe it’s time to start learning some Barry Manilow songs.

Let it All Hang Out (open body language)

Believe it or not when it comes to attracting a woman there is a lot to be said for letting it all hang out and slouching around on the sofa. This may sound totally bizarre but the reasoning behind this idea is related to how we interpret a person’s body language.

This means that if you have a woman in your sights that you would like to get a little closer to then it may pay you to be more relaxed and open with your body language the same as you would if you were sat at home on your own couch. Not only is this type of body language much more open and friendly it also gives off a perception of your own confidence which a lot of women find attractive in men.

For more tips, tricks and advice that really does help in attracting women check out this guide.

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