4 Things People Refuse to Believe Are Not Real


Storytelling is something that is as old as the human race itself. We all enjoy a good story whether it is a story told around the camp fire, a story from a book or a story on a movie screen. The thing that really makes a story captivating is the idea that it could actually be based on a true event especially if the story is strange and bizarre.

Amazingly there are plenty of stories that even after they are proven to be nothing more than fiction people still insist on believing that they are true.

Here are 4 Things People Refuse to Believe Are Not Real.



It may well be difficult to understand why but there are plenty of people who whole heartedly believe that mermaids are real. These people find it perfectly possible for an entire race of creatures, half human and half fish, to exist somewhere under the ocean. This is not a new believe, there have been quite literally hundreds of sailors over the centuries who have sworn blind that they had an encounter with a seriously hot mermaid woman who performed unspeakable acts with them. Apparently they are often spotted sitting on rocks combing their hair and flapping their fins around. Obviously your average sailor has some kind of strange fetish for fish fins.

A guy named PT Barnum was the first guy who discovered that he could make a fortune convincing gullible idiots mermaids were real. He went on tour with what he claimed was a mummified mermaid which was known as the Feejee Mermaid. People paid a small fee to view the mermaid. As we all know a fool and their money is easily parted and the many fools who parted with their money were unaware the Feejee Mermaid was nothing more than the head of a baby monkey sewn to the back of a fish then covered with paper-mache.

The Feejee Mermaid is not the only mermaid hoax over the years and when each one has sprung up there has been plenty of people happy to believe it is the real deal and genuine. There are people alive today who still believe the Feejee Mermaid was real despite the fact it has been well documented as a huge hoax.



If you were to ask every person on the planet whether or not they believe that aliens exist you would find a massive majority would say they do indeed believe they are real. If you do the math it is more than likely aliens are real and exist on other planets. After all it would be rather arrogant to think that the Earth is the only place in the entire universe that has been lucky enough to develop life of any shape or description. In fact I believe that there is life on other planets but what I do not believe, unlike most other people, is that little green men are constantly visiting Earth on a regular basis.

Sure, the idea of a secret government cover-up makes an entertaining story but the chances of it been real is pretty much non-existent. Think about this rationally by taking a look at Area 51. If the US government really was hiding a crashed UFO here surely someone somewhere would come forward with concrete proof. After all we are not talking about a small military base where only two or three people work we are talking about an absolutely huge military base where hundreds if not thousands of people work. Surely with that number of people coming and going there would be some definite proof that would have popped up long before now.

The simple truth is the existence of alien life comes down to two very real possibilities. Firstly that there is nothing out there in space except an infinite number of rocks and gases or the universe is full of life but it is so far away there is absolutely no chance of contacting it any time in the next one million years.



Most people claim to have had a super natural experience regardless of whether or not they believe in ghosts. Having said that most people do believe in ghosts and it is easy to see why. It is still unknown as to what happens when we die and that scares the majority of us. After all humans do tend to fear the unknown and the belief in an afterlife is of great comfort to us. Unfortunately when people are willing to believe in anything to seek a little bit of comfort there is always another person who is willing to cash in. This is where the likes of ghost hunters and mediums come in. Even the many religions of the world could said to be cashing in on peoples fear of the unknown.

You might well be one of those people who think anyone who believes in ghosts is completely crazy but if you take a look back over the last 100 years you will find the number of people who have experienced something supernatural is nothing short of astounding. If you need any proof of this try turning on the television without noticing a television program about talking to the dead or haunted houses. Maybe it is just a simple case of most people alive are crazy.



The legend of Atlantis has been around for a very long time. It was that a guy named Plato who first spoke of Atlantis and he died in around 347BC. Plato described the City of Atlantis as a glorious naval power that was sank to the bottom of the ocean during a failed attempt to invade Athens. According to Plato Atlantis had technologies far beyond what we can even imagine today. When you begin to look into the Legend of Atlantis it becomes hard not to become interested and wonder whether it actually existed or not. After all Plato was one of the greatest minds in human history so maybe he was onto something.

The problem is there are some people out there who have taken their believe I Atlantis just a little bit too far and are spending huge sums of money and time trying to find the location of the lost city. There have been plenty of suggestions as to where the city may once have been but like most things there is not even the slightest bit of proof. Nothing to suggest the location of city and nothing to say the city even existed. That said I am sure this will not stop eccentric people with beards spending small fortunes on looking for something that probably does not even exist.

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