4 Things that Everyone Does but is to Embarrassed to Admit

There are plenty of things in the world that people are happy to talk about and admit to but then there are also plenty of things that people will not admit to even under threat of death.

A lot of these things that everyone does but won’t admit to are simply because people feel ashamed by them or embarrassed by them. It is as if there is some sort of unwritten rule in society that states such things are frowned upon and should not be done.

Even though we feel they should not be done and will never admit to such things we do them anyhow.

Here are 4 Things that Everyone Does but is to Embarrassed to Admit.

Pay Per View Adult Channels in Hotels


Have you noticed that it does not matter what country you happen to be in or even the quality of the hotel or motel you are staying in there is one thing that is always the same? That is right. Wherever you happen to be staying the hotel will always provide you with at least one pay per view porn channel on the television.

The major hotel chains in the world even claim that over 78% of hotel guests order porn at some point during their stay. Even in countries where it is illegal to broadcast or own such content hotels get around this law under the guise that it is filling the “needs” of foreign guests.

A survey of hotels including Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Sheraton and Holiday Inn found that around 70% of their overall profits from room service came from the private hire of porn movies.

Porn in hotel rooms. 50% of hotel guests order porn and countries where it is illegal to broadcast porn hotels get away with it under the guise of filling “needs” of foreign guests. A survey of Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Sheraton and Holiday Inn hotels found that nearly 70% of their overall profits from room services come from the hire of porn movies.

Jerking Off Over Facebook Photos of People you Know


Most people, if they are 100% honest, will admit to finding a half decent portion of their friends and acquaintances attractive to at least some degree. There are of course plenty of us who have secret crushes on people we know but keep this secret. This seems to be more common among men as guys do tend to be more visual creatures.

In years gone by men may well have used magazines as a form of stimulation but in more than one survey it has been found that a whopping 84% of guys who use Facebook admit that they have used the Facebook profile of someone they know as a stimulation aid while entertaining themselves so to speak.

Obviously this is not something that anyone willing shares with anyone else. Could you imagine if people said things like, “Hey, you will never guess what I used your Facebook profile for last night.”

Looking at the Toilet Paper After You Wipe


Toilet habits are something that most people don’t ever talk about. That said I would be prepared to bet you any amount of money if you were to ask anyone if they look at the toilet paper after they wipe their bum they will all say “no.”

The truth is that everyone has a sly look at the toilet roll when they wipe. If they didn’t then how the heck would they ever know that everything was wiped up and clean?

Picking Your Nose


Once again the majority of people who you ask about picking their nose will deny it but the practise of picking a booger is more widespread than anyone cares to admit. Just think about how many times you have been stuck in traffic and looked over to see the person next to you with their finger right up their hooter.

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