4 Toilets You Should Avoid at All Cost

Using the toilet should really be a straight forward affair that requires little or no effort but this has been known to be seldom the case. A person can be quite particular about their own toilet or the toilets that they choose to use.

There are even some people out there who either refuse to use any toilet other than their own or let anyone use their personal toilet.

Here we look at 4 Toilets You Really Should Avoid.

Airplane Toilets


You might well think that airplane toilets are nothing out of the ordinary but they really are something that you should try and avoid at all costs. While airplane toilets may look like something from the future that you could imagine Buck Rogers taking a dump on there is still something about them that should just not be explored.

Firstly airplane toilets never have a window for you to look out of. If they did at least you would have something to look at as you went about your business. When you think about it there is no logical reason why airplane toilets have no window in them. It is not as if anyone is going to spy on you unless you happen to encounter the most persistent pervert in the world who has glued himself to the side of the plane.

Then there is the main and most simple of reasons why you should avoid airplane toilets at all costs. If the plane happens to crash when you are on the toilet you are indeed going to be found with your pants around your ankles and no one is going to think it was because you were on the toilet.

The Toilet at a Friend’s House


The use of a toilet at your friend’s house really should be a text book operation but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Because you are friends with the person who owns the toilet you are keen to avoid them detecting any unpleasant odours. This is where the problems arise because the best way to avoid stinking out the place is to head upstairs and use the toilet that is well out of the way. Nowadays many people have a toilet upstairs and a toilet downstairs and it is a certainty that your friend will direct you to the downstairs toilet.

The toilet will almost certainly be located so that every movement can be heard from within the toilet so anything from a mouse fart and louder is going to be heard by everyone in the house. Then when you open the door to leave the smell that you have left will quickly escape and fill most the other rooms in the house leaving all occupants chomping on something that brings a tear to their eye.

Public Toilets


The term “public toilet” can be used to described quite a large array of different toilets but for this we will say it is been used to describe public toilets in a bar or shopping mall type of location.

The biggest problem with public toilets is that even if they look clean you just know that this was not always the case. You can visualise the condition they might have been in last night and there is no cleaning product in the world going to completely eradicate such filth.

Even if you put the cleanliness of the toilet to one side you are then faced with the toilet roll problem. Even if you are lucky enough to choose a cubical that happens to have some toilet roll in you will not have the luxury of “real” toilet paper. The type of toilet paper you are going to be using here is made from that paper which is shiny and has no absorbing abilities at all which can make the wiping process more difficult than it has to be. In the process of wiping with this shiny type of paper you also have the luxury of it been quite a hard paper that is capable of drawing blood as you wipe.

Portaloo – Portable Toilets


Because portaloo’s are usually found on building sites they have a tendency to be rather dirty places that you will not be that keen on using. Even if you happen to find yourself using a portaloo which is clean enough to sit yourself down in there is always two concerns that are going to play on your mind.

Firstly there is the obvious concern that someone will not realise that you are in there and hook it up to a lorry and carry it away to wherever it is that portaloo’s get taken. Secondly there is the concern that you are sat there giving it some real straining efforts and the things wobbles and tips over spilling all of its contents over you.

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