5 Awesome Scientific Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

universe-space-earth-dimensions.jpgOver the course of human history science has allowed us to discover some pretty amazing stuff. Everything from space travel to microwave ovens is the result of science. In fact every bit of technology you will ever encounter is a direct result of science. It really is that awesome.


Science, like everything else in life, has huge amazing things that will quite literally have your jaw hitting the floor and other small things that probably won’t even make you blink. Quite obviously those little things would not be worth writing about so what we are looking at here is some of the most awesome scientific theories that will blow your mind out the side of your skull.

1 – The Infinite Monkey Theorem

monkeys at typewriters

This theorem is something you will have undoubtedly heard of many times throughout your life without ever realising what it was. Have you ever heard someone tell you that there is more chance of monkey’s writing Shakespeare than something happening? Well, this is the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

What the infinite monkey theory states is that if you take have an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of monkey’s each with its own typewriter then sooner or later one of them will manage to hit the keys in such a way that they will write out the complete works of Shakespeare. Sure, this may be by complete accident but a monkey will still have written out the entire works of William Shakespeare and this theory does not just apply to the works of Shakespeare. It applies to everything that has ever being written from Shakespeare to your latest Fifty Shades of Grey novel.

Pretty awesome whichever way you chose to look at it.

2 – The Many Worlds Theory


The very title of this theory explains what it is about. What we are talking about here is a scenario where there is an infinite number of parallel universes out there. What happens is that every decision or choice that is made by anyone or anything results in another parallel universe being created where you chose different.

If this theory is in anyway correct then every possible scenario imaginable is out there happening somewhere. For example: Can you remember that time you wondered what would happen if you smeared toothpaste all over your body? Well there is one parallel universe where you cheerfully squirted toothpaste all over the place and then got rewarded with third degree burns on your ass and there is a second parallel universe where you realised that once you were covered in toothpaste jumping in the bath would make it burn even more so you decided to just brush your teeth like a normal person.

So, while you are sitting there reading this with your hands down your pants or your finger up your nose there is also a universe out there where another you has made billions of dollars, owns a spaceship and a private island which is filled with beautiful members of the opposite sex and you are the king. There is quite literally no limit to the number of parallel universes in existence with every possible scenario being played out.

When you think about it you got a pretty poor hand didn’t you?

3 – Laser Time Travel


A guy much smarter than you named Professor Mallett from the University of Connecticut has made the suggestion of time travel being possible. While claiming this in no way makes the guy clever but he can prove it by spinning light in a circle. Okay, so it is a little bit more complicated that just spinning light in a circle but that is the basis for it.

I am assuming that not many of you have a light that you can start spinning around in circles so try this on for size. Imagine you have a cup of tea and a spoon. The tea is empty space and the spoon in the beam of light spinning in a circle. When you use the spoon to stir your tea, the tea (empty space) begins to twist.

Now imagine you drop a cube of sugar into your tea. If the empty space was twisting you would be able to detect it by observing the subatomic particles whizzing around in space. If you are anything like me you are all probably nodding your heads as if you understand what the heck I am talking about. Put simply the light beam is supposedly creating a gravitational force which is so great it is capable of distorting space and time. A correctly focused beam of light could potentially twist time and space in a way to allow you (the sugar cube) to travel through time. Once the light beam is removed empty space would theoretically stop twisting and you would end up somewhere else.

4 – The Ekpyrotic Scenario


The Ekpyrotic Scenario is a theory which states that our own universe was created after two universes crashed together. This theory is supposed to be an alternative explanation to the creation of our universe other than the big bang where our universe was created from nothingness.

What effectively happened when the two universes collided was the plethora of the universe was reset and from there it began to infinitely expand until it one day is reset again. It is at this point that everything we know will be wiped out of existence in a paradox that would have Back to the Future’s Doc Brown terrified.

The theory that universes continuously expand until they collide together may sound like it is straight out of a science fiction movie but it is a genuine theory that many scientists believe could actually happen. Thankfully this theory was not found inscribed on an old rock somewhere in the Mayan jungle or a cave in China. If that had happened people everywhere would quite literally running around wearing tin foil hats and pissing themselves.

5 – The Copenhagen Interpretation

The Copenhagen Interpretation

When it comes to theorems that will blow your mind the Danes really take the top level of the podium by a country mile and they do this without you even realising how amazing their theorem is. The Copenhagen Interpretation states that if you cut two slits in the side of a box, both of them parallel to each other, and then fire an electron it will whizz through both slits in the box.

I have no doubt that you are struggling to not fall of your seat while trying to get your head around things here. Now before you get all sarcastic consider this: The Copenhagen Interpretation goes on to state that for some unknown reason the electron would actually pass through both the slits at exactly the same time which means it will be in two places at once.

This might not seem anything special but the pure beauty of this theorem is the way it casually breaks the very laws of physics without you even realising the awesomeness of what is going on.

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