5 Bizarre Science Questions (That We Actually Know the Answer)


It is part of human nature to be curious and ask questions about things that we find interesting. Many of the things that we are curious about happen to be simple things that fit neatly into our everyday lives but every now and again we feel the need to ponder about something strange, weird and bizarre. Thankfully we live in a world where science professionals are not content with seeking a cure for cancer or ways to end word hunger. We live in a world where plenty of people choose to spend huge sums of money and devote their entire lives to answering the strangest of the strange questions that you could ever imagine.

1 – Can You Really Survive By Drinking Your Own Urine?


Over the years we have heard of many stories about people finding themselves stranded in the desert and having to resort to drinking their own urine to survive.

If you think logically about such claims it is easy to see why people believe it possible to survive by drinking their own urine. After all urine is a liquid and it is a shortness of liquid that causes dehydration which in turn can lead to death. Unfortunately if you happen to find yourself stuck in the middle of a desert with nothing to drink then the last thing you want to be doing is drinking your own urine. A person’s urine contains countless numbers of waste chemicals such as ammonia, sodium and urea. If you consume any of these in large quantities the results can be fatal. If you were to start drinking your own urine in even the smallest of quantities you would find that urea would start to quickly deposit within your blood and this acts like a lethal poison.

Drinking your own urine in any situation should always be an absolute last resort and if you want to stand the best chance of survival then you should do everything possible to find a natural and fresh source of water.

2 – How Do Sprouts of Beans Make You Fart?


Anyone who has accidently let out the mother of all farts in a crowded room will be well aware of just how embarrassing it can be and in some cases how amusing it can be. For some strange reason the subject of people passing wind seems to be a topic that many of us find secretly interesting and this leads to some rather weird questions. One such question people seem to ask is – why do we fart after eating foods such as beans or sprouts?

It is indeed true that certain foods cause more gas to be expelled from your backside than others. Things such as beans or sprouts are somewhat hard to digest in the stomach and small intestine because they are made up of chemical compounds that are difficult for the digestive enzymes to break down. When food is not broken down properly it ends up in your bowels only half digested.. It is at this point special bacteria begins to attack it to break it down further and this is what leads to excess gas and those embarrassing farts we occasionally let slip out.

3 – Can We Power A Country Using The Power of Poo?


There are a huge and growing number of people in the world who believe that the world has its own sustainable energy cycle. In layman terms this means that humans should be able to generate energy from their body’s own waste products.

The idea that we can generate energy from waste products such as human faeces and biogas may seem like something out of a science fiction story but it is actually very possible and is actually been used in the United Kingdom. Located in London there is a special energy conversion plant on the Thames River and it has been there for more than a decade. This special plant utilizes methane that is derived from the waste of more than 13 million London residents. This involves a process known as thermal hydrolysis which converts the energy. Basically we are talking about electricity generated from the power of turds and it is very much something you can expect to see more of in the near future.

4 – How Do You Survive Being Struck by Lightning?


Most of us find lightning either a terrifying or a fascinating phenomenon. After all lightning has the power to light up the night sky and can even strike objects on earth setting them on fire or turning them into ashes. According to those clever people we call scientists a bolt of lightning can actually be hotter than the surface of the sun. Think about how awesome that is for a second.

When you think about this it is easy to see why people are always looking for the safest place during a thunder storm. There are very few people who are not aware of the fact that the safest place during a thunderstorm is in a car. The reason behind this is because the car acts as a ‘Faraday Cage’ which equally distributes the charge through the metal frame of the car before it is grounded. So, if you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm and looking for a safe place to hide out just jump into the nearest car you can find and you are sure to have no problems.

5 – Can Dropping a Coin From the Empire State Building Kill You?


Whenever a school takes students to visit the Empire State Building there will be at least one child who will bring up the idea that dropping a penny from the top floor would kill a person should it land on someone’s head.

If you have ever found yourself wondering if this is true and then running past any tall building you can finally relax. There is very little chance that a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building killing you. It is actually nearly impossible for a coin to even penetrate the skin of a person even when falling from such heights. Science has taught us a lot about the world we live in and one thing we are certain of is that a coin would be unable to attain such a high velocity to cause a fatal blow to the head. If you do the maths behind this you will find that any coin weighing 1 gram would only ever be able to reach a speed of 67mph which might hurt if it hit you but it would not kill you.

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