5 Blockbuster Movies You Did Not Know Had Really Bad Sequels

One of the golden rules of Hollywood movies is that if a movie is even modestly successful then a sequel is sure to follow.

Unfortunately just because the original movie was reasonably good there is no guarantee that the sequel will be even remotely watchable. With the exception of the Godfather 2 you could pretty much bet your last dollar that if a sequel exists then you may as well wipe your back side with it.



Just after John Travolta had shot to stardom in Saturday Night Fever he was shot to mega-stardom when he stared in the movie, Grease. Of course that was before he decided to flush his career down the toilet by staring in movies such as look who’s talking and Staying Alive (the sequel to Saturday night fever.)

Luckily for John Travolta he was able to fish his career from the toilet in the early 90’s, something that may not have been possible if he had decided to star in the sequel to Grease.

For those of you, who have not experienced the misery of watching the originally named Grease 2, let me some it up in a nut shell for you. Michelle Pfeiffer actually sings in the movie. If that does nothing to put you off then ask yourself how many movies she has sang in since. That is right, none! There is an obvious why as well.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


When it comes to really strange movies “The Rocky Horror Show” is one of the weirdest you can ever see. It is hard to understand exactly how a movie which was a huge box office flop manages to find its way to weird cult movie that no one has heard of, to famous cult move, to a huge mainstream hit. We can only assume it has something to do with the theme of the movie which is a cross between a 70’s gay disco and a bunch of transvestites on the starship enterprise.

Whatever the reason for the movies runaway success those of you who enjoy cross dressing or prancing around in ladies underwear will be glad to hear there is actually a sequel to the Rocky Horror Show. Before you rush out to bag yourself a copy, be warned that none of the original cast returned for the sequel. We imagine that is because the sequel was even weirder than the original.

Into the Blue


I am pretty sure that most people who saw “Into the Blue” probably have no idea what the movie was supposed to be about. As far as I understand (having looked it up on IMD) the plot has something to do with treasure at the bottom of the ocean and a group of rather sexy divers. One of those sexy divers is Jessica Alba.

I can only assume that most people have enough common sense to realise that if Jessica Alba is in a movie about water then swim suits are involved. Obviously this is going to be box office gold.

When it came to making the sequel of Into the Blue we must say that the movie studio were incredibly clever. They realised that no one would be going to watch this move for t’s storyline so they opted to cut costs by employing random sexy people instead of big stars.

Road House


Back in the 80’s Patrick Swayze was a really big deal. Not only did he refuse to leave Baby in the corner he stared in movies like Road House. Road House was quite a heart-warming tale of a guy ripping another guy’s throat out then driving a huge monster truck through a building for no apparent reason.

As we all know later in his life Patrick Swayze’s career took a bit of a nose dive and in the end he died of cancer. We would love to tell you that he did not suffer in the years leading up to his death but that would be a lie as he was well aware that Road House 2 was released.

Bring It On


Most guys will not admit this but the truth is they are more than happy to watch movies such as Bring it On. The reason is guys love cheerleaders in a big way. Not only that, they love them for really inappropriate reasons. They are athletic, toned and flexible.

I am sure you catch my drift as did the movie studios when they decided to make a sequel. Actually they made no less than four sequels. What they did not take into account is that a guy can own one “Bring it On” movie and claim it belongs to someone else but if they own all four they are going to be mocked forever.

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