5 Crazy But True Facts About Scientology

Scientology is a religious cult which was started by a science fiction writer, L Ron Hubbard. Scientology’s preaching’s are based on the believe that aliens who lived trillions of years ago were banished to earth and inhabited the souls of humans. These aliens are the reason behind all of the problems in the world.

If you think that is weird just check out these other 5 Strange Facts about Scientology.

The Origins of Scientology


Scientology is a religion that was started by L Ron Hubbard in the mid 1950’s. L Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who created the religion and preached how all of humanities problems were the result of mental implants that humans received from a race of space aliens trillions and trillions of years ago. If you think that is weird check out these other 5 strange facts about the Church of Scientology.

At various points throughout his life people claimed to have heard L Ron Hubbard make claims about how religion was an easy way to make money. It was around 1940 that he first said, “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.”

Hubbard did not just stop with such quotes he actually went out and in 1952 he created his very own religion which we now know as scientology. He managed to do this through the publication of his book named “Dianetics”. The concept of Dianetics is apparently a form of regression therapy where people must relive traumatic experiences from their live (and past lives) over and over again which is supposed to free them of their limiting effects.

By 1951 L Ron Hubbard had introduced a device known as an electropsychometer (E-meter) to his cult which is basically a galvanometer which was used to supposedly study a person’s state of mind. Scientologists call this process “auditing”. The device is still used to this day in order to determine a person’s commitment to the religion.

Legal Problems


By the 60’s Scientology was having worldwide legal problems. In Australia the Church of Scientology was banned because of a government report which said Scientology relied heavily on a form of command hypnosis. During 1967 Scientology was also having trouble in the United States when the government removed its tax-exempt status and branded its activities commercial and for the benefit of Hubbard rather than charitable and religious purposes. Scientology began litigation proceedings against the US government which were settled in the church’s favour nearly 25 years later.

Although the Church of Scientology is legally recognised as a tax-exempt religion in the United States it is still looked on as a cult in most countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany. It is also well documented among authorities that the Church of Scientology is a cult which financially abuses its members.

Evil Alien Leaders


According to the Church of Scientology around 75 million years ago there lived an evil alien who went by the name “Xenu”. Xenu was quite concerned about the problem of his planets ever growing population problem so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He did this by sending much of the population of his planet to Earth where he went about doing many horrible things to them.

First he drugged these people and then he placed their bodies around a volcano before blowing them all up with hydrogen bombs. If this wasn’t bad enough, Xenu was also very concerned about the idea of “therans” (spirits and ghosts) returning to haunt him. So Xenu decided that when the souls of the dead people he had sent to Earth began to leave the bodies he began to capture them and store them in a huge implant station. Once the souls were all captured in the implant station Xenu forced them to watch movies and pictures of Jesus Christ and various other historical events which Hubbard has claimed did not happen.

When humans first began to evolve the “therans” were released from the implant station and they began to enter human bodies and inhabiting them. According to Hubbard these “therans” are the reason humans believe the numerous false historical events and are the source of all human misery. The “therans” can only be removed from the human body using telepathy and having them relive their death by hydrogen bomb.

The Church of Scientology absolutely hates psychiatrists above all other living beings. High profile celebrities and followers of Scientology such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta actually campaign against psychiatrists.

Celebrities and Scientology


Scientology boasts a number of high profile celebrities among its many members. The two most well-known are John Travolta and Tom Cruise although Will Smith, Goldie Hawn and Lisa Marie Presley are also suspected members.

Tom Cruise joined the cult sometime in the 80’s and has spoken about Scientology in several interviews. Cruise even claims that Scientology managed to cure his dyslexia. He has also publicly criticized Brooke Shields with regards to her use of medication to treat her depression. Shields responded saying “His comments are dangerous. He should stick to saving the world from aliens.”

Katie and Suri


Reports indicate that catholic raised Katie Holmes converted to Scientology before she married Tom Cruise back in 2005. Although Katie converted it is widely believed that she has made every effort to keep her daughter, Suri, away from the cult.

Since Katie Holmes filed for divorce there have been many rumours suggesting that the split was due to Tom’s intention to send Suri to Scientology indoctrination school. This school has been accused on more than one occasion of physically abusing students and denying them medical care.

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