5 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Mind


Most people think that mind control is something that only exists in the movies yet it is an ability that nearly everyone would love to have. With many thanks to advancements in technology and our understanding of the human mind we are starting to learn that mind control is indeed a reality and to prove that there are a variety of gadgets popping up on the market that you can control using only your mind.

1 – Star Wars Science Force Trainer


There are plenty of grown adults who will tell you that ever since they saw the first Star Wars movie back in 1977 they have dreamt of controlling things with the power of their mind. In fact it is fair to say that the majority of people who grew up watching Star Wars still dream to this day of wielding a lightsaber around and using the force to throw objects across the room.

If this sounds like something you can relate to then you will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that toy companies have managed to give you the chance to fulfil one side of your childhood dream. It is unlikely that you will get to use a real lightsaber anytime soon but you can control things with the power of your mind by using the Star Wars Science Force Trainer. The main goal with this gadget is to lift and keep aloft a ping pong ball by concentrating your brain power via a wireless headset. This may seem impossible or make you think there has to be some trick to lifting the ball up with your mind but there are plenty of people out there who claim to have been able to use the power of the force with this gadget.

Amazon sells the Star Wars Science Force Trainer for $47.99

2 – Mindflex Duel


Have you ever heard someone say that something is a battle of the minds? Well, this gadget gives that saying a whole new meaning by asking you to battle with your friends using nothing but your powers of concentration and your mind to push a fan across a line. Even if you can never get the fan to move using only the power of your mind anyone who is watching you play will have a great laugh watching the ridiculous faces you pull in an attempt to focus your brainwaves.

Amazon sells Mindflex Duel for $39.00

3 – Neural Impulse Actuator


If you have ever dreamt of sitting back in your chair and being able to get through mountains of work just by thinking about it then the Neural Impulse Actuator could be the answer to all of your prayers. The Neural Impulse Actuator simply lets you assign “left-click” triggers to your thought impulse and make your work flow so much easier.

Amazon sells the Neural Impulse Actuator for $115.00

4 – MindSet


The MindSet is NeuroSky’s flagship headset. It has the double duty of being used as a Bluetooth headset, as well as keeping tracks of brainwaves during the menial task you complete about the day or night. It comes with software that enables the user to see a visual display of this data and, with the developer kit, make some pretty amazing software to compliment it.

Amazon sells Mindset for $199.95

5 – EPOC


This the most advance consumer device for those serious about measuring and tracking their thoughts for business or pleasure. It also includes a software developer kit to create incredible programs that take advantage of the device’s 14 contact sensors for precise brainwave data collection. There have been a few programs made already for controlling computer functions or playing games but there is so much more potential for this type of technology. What could you see it being used for in the future?

Amazon sells EPOC for $299.00

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