5 Jerks from 80′s Movies Who Got What They Deserved

One of the most unfortunate things about real life is that assholes do not often get what is coming to them. Instead they always seem get the girl, amazing job and a huge bank balance.


Thankfully this is not always the case in the movies especially movies that were made during the 1980’s. After all the movies from the 1980’s featured some of the most epic assholes in the history of assholes. The characters in these movies were all ridiculously obnoxious which was great for the story line as they made great antagonists and in the end would usually be on the receiving end of some humiliating punishment.

Most importantly the downfall of these assholes is as assured as the horrendous soundtracks that accompanied the movies of the 80’s.

Now we are going to take a look at 5 of the biggest assholes form 80’s movies who got what they deserved in the end. The only down side of these comeuppances is that no spanking paddles were used.

Clubber Lang


Everyone remembers Clubber Lang because the character was played by Mr T from the A-Team. Not only that Clubber Lang is probably one of the most evil of all the opponents that faced Rocky Balboa.

On top of that Clubber was ridiculously arrogant and even managed to give Apollo Creed a run for his money. This is what made Clubber Lang the undisputed heavy weight champion of assholes. Most of the scenes in the movie which feature Clubber show him trash talking anyone who happens to be sharing the screen and goading Rocky into a fight. He even offers Rocky’s wife the chance to spend a night with a real man and is responsible for the death of Micky, Rocky’s beloved trainer.

How he Got His Comeuppance

Out of all the victories that Rocky has in all 6 of the Rocky movies there is not one that is as satisfying or as sweet as when he KO’s Clubber Lang in the rematch. It is not the fact that Rocky wins the rematch that makes the scene so cool or the victory so sweet. It is the fact that turns the tables on Clubber Lang in every way imaginable.

Rocky does not just beat Clubber up and then knock him out he taunts him and messes with his head so much that his easily angered opponent totally lost his head. The end result is that Clubber throws his dummy right out of his pram and Rocky is able to beat the living crap out of an exhausted Clubber Lang before sending him off to find that the A-Team is no longer in production and he is out of work.

Since Clubber was out of work he was forced to work as a singer.

Biff Tannen

Even guys who tried to prevent attempted rape were bullied by Biff

Because the Back to the Future movies are considered family movies most people fail to realise just how much of an ass Biff Tannen really is. For starters Biff makes the life of George McFly a living hell by telling him where he can and cannot go along with making him do his homework for him. Let us not forget that he actually ties to ram Marty into a wagon with his car. On top of that he even tries to rape Marty’s mother in a parked car outside the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

How he Got His Comeuppance

That is one huge pile of crap

Having spent his entire life crapping on people it was good to see that Biff actually managed to get literally crapped on in all three of the Back to the Future movies. In the first movie Biff is so hell bent on using his car to ram Marty into a wagon that he gets caught by surprise when Marty jumps over the car leaving Biff to collide with the truck which spill horse crap all over him.

In the second movie he collides with the horse crap truck at the end of the tunnel and in the third movie the cowboy alter ego of Biff ends up face down in a horse crap cart.

What is an even cooler comeuppance for Biff Tannen is the fact that Marty manages to alter the time line so Biff must spend his future years wearing the most hideous of all tracksuits whilst working as a car valet for the McFly’s.

Walter Peck


For those of you not quite sure who Walter Peck is I will simply ask you to think of the one and only person you really hate in Ghostbusters. That is right; Walter Peck is the EPA agent who nearly destroys the entire city of New York.

Walter Peck was actually that much of an ass in the movie the guy who played him, William Atherton, said that the years following the film’s release he would have random strangers shouting abuse at him in the street.

What makes Walter Peck such a hated character? Well, there is the small fact that he actually tried to challenge Bill Murray to a smugness pissing contest and when he obviously lost he decided his next course of action would be to unleash thousands of hosts and ghouls into the city of New York. Oh, and there was that huge explosion he managed to cause in the process of releasing the ghouls and ghosts. Then, as if that was not enough, Mr Peck manages to somehow get all of the Ghostbusters to take the blame for his actions and they are arrested as a result.

What an ass.

How he Got His Comeuppance

Please tell me that is marshmallow

Most people who watch Ghostbusters seem to be most annoyed with Walter Peck when he manages to fix the blame on the Ghostbuster and hide the fact that he is the one who is responsible. It is as if no one sees what an ass this guy actually is.

That all changes when Walter Peck gets called d*ckless in front of the mayor and is then ejected from the office. The look of anger on Peck’s face as he is told to leave could well be one of the most satisfying moments in movie history and that is before you take into account the fact Bill Murray is stood gloating.

If that is not enough it is Walter Peck who has a huge amount of melted Stay Puff marshmallow dumped on his head. Of course this would have been even more hysterical had it been a huge barrel of monkey sp*nk.


Mama, just killed a bird

Bennett is the antagonist in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, commando. He is supposed to be one of the last missionaries working for the former dictator and happens to have a personal hatred for Arnie’s character. Oh, and he spends the entire movie dressed like a fat Freddy Mercury impersonator.

This guy is a huge ass because he kidnaps Arnie’s daughter and holds her ransom until Arnie kill someone. Not only that, he just does not look that he would be any match for Arnie because he is so out of shape.

How he Got His Comeuppance

You really have to wonder where that steam is coming from

Like most bad guys in 80’s movies Bennett is arrogant, smug and suffers from serious anger issues. This is why we love the anger that engulfs Bennett when he realises that Arnie’s daughter has escaped.

Things get a little frustrating when Bennett manages to beat Arnie up a little but any concerns are short lived when Arnie manages to impale Bennett on a pipe and tells him “Let off some steam, Bennett.”

Clarence Boddicker

Clarence likes to taste every grenade before use

When you think of your stereotypical cop killing bad guy from any 80’s movie the chances are you are going to picture someone who looks like he was bullied in school and as a result he grew up a sadistic criminal mastermind with a tendency for violence. Clarence Boddicker is just that type of person. He looks like he was the runt of the litter but as long as he has a gun in his hand and a gang behind him he is not someone to mess with.

It is one thing that he is a cop killer but the fact he tormented Murphy (the cop who becomes Robocop) with a shotgun, blows of his hand and then kills him makes him a huge big ass. We hate this guy even more because he is on the pay roll of OCP.

How he Got His Comeuppance

It is difficult to think what would be considered a suitable and fitting comeuppance for a man as hated as Clarence Boddicker. In the end he thinks he has the upper hand on Robocop only to be mistaken when Robocop stabs him in the neck.

Clarence does his impersonation of the immortal Celine Dion

It would have been more fitting if Robocop had crushed his testicles in a vice or put a grenade up his butt only we can’t always have everything in live.

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