5 Most Annoying Coworkers (and how to deal with them)


When it comes to the work place we all know that it can be filled with a diverse range of coworkers each with a different personality and therefore all with the potential to annoy you in a different way.

Sure, there is the occasional coworker out there who you might get on with but at the heart of matters we all know that they annoy you more than you will ever admit

1 – The Space Invader

No, the space invader coworker is nothing at all to do with vintage video games but is all about invading your space. Both your work space and your personal space. It doesn’t matter if you are hard at work or sat on the toilet taking the mother of al dumps the space invader will pop up usually using the old line, “just passing by” or “just popped in to see how you are doing.”

From here the conversation will continue to go down like cheap five dollar hooker who has just been hit in the stomach by a fat guy with warts. That is quickly and will become more and more pointless until you finally manage to escape which is never an easy task

How To Deal With This Coworker

I’m sure you have heard time and time again that the best form of defence is to attack and that is certainly true here. The obvious idea here is to let out a silent but deadly fart but that is not always possible so here you will have to rely on a simpler and more conventional form of attack.

You can start by filling every single bit of space on your desk with something to stop this coworker parking their backside anywhere near you for what will turn out to be hour after hour. Make sure there are no available seats nearby and if all of that fails and you are presented with an unwanted visit you simply start talking about the contagious disease that you think you might have. In this case an occasional cough and th need to put your hand on the coworker to steady yourself will work wonders.

2 – Mr/Mrs Know-It-All

Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is that one person in your work place who really does think they know everything about everything. It really doesn’t matter what topic is being discussed you can guarantee that this coworker will will know, or at least think they know, more than anyone else in the room. Even when you happen to be talking about a subject in which you are particularly knowledgeable Mr or Mrs Know-It-All is sure to be standing there ready to correct each and everyone of your points.

Not only does Mr and Mrs Know-It-All annoy the hell out of you because they think they know everything about everything they annoy you because they always have to be that one step better than anyone else. If you ran a 5k race they would have ran a 10k race. If you ran a half marathon they would have run a full marathon.

It doesn’t even stop at out of work activities. This coworker even claims to do your job much better than you can ever hope of doing it and they can do it while standing on their head.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The key when it comes to Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is all down to preparation. If you find that you are required to work alongside or with this coworker and there is now way of avoiding it then make sure you do your homework and bring all your card to the table. Bring airtight facts to the table and make sure they are 110% correct.

For added pleasure and satisfaction always be one step ahead and research facts that you know Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on within a millisecond. The key here is to anticipate what Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on and make sure you have a fact to counter whatever they throw at you.

3 – The Gossip

The gossip is the guy in the office who does not know how to shut their mouth or how to keep it shut. They know everything about everyone and they will insist on telling you every little intimate detail regardless of whether you asked or not.

The gossip is very much like the workplace bully and comes in various shapes and forms. For very obvious reasons the gossip is a master of disguise and as two faced as they come. They use this ability to make sure they are up to date with everyones business. What they don’t know about life in your workplace is not worth knowing about. God help you if the gossip manages to get even the slightest bit of dirt on your personal or professional life.

How To Deal With This Coworker

This is one coworker you really must avoid at all cost. Do not tell them anything. Not what you happened to do last night, not what you had for your lunch and certainly nothing about your personal life. If you are talking in a group and spy the workplace gossip nearby make sure you get the heck out of Dodge as quick as your legs will carry you.

If the gossip doesn’t know anything about you then the less damage they can do.

4 – The Bully

The workplace bully tends not to be the type of bully we are all familiar with. Rather than recreating the bully scenes between Biff Tannen and Geroge McFly in  a Back to the Future movie in your workspace this coworker is that one guy in your office who has a tiny bit more authority than you and uses it their advantage at every available chance.

What makes the coworker bully all the more annoying is that they are only a bully to you because they are indeed further up the command chain than you and in some cases they can even be your boss. If that is the case you spend your days having to jump through hoops and asking “how high” every time they tell you to jump.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The one and only effective way to deal with a bully is to give as good as you get. Sure, this might seem difficult especially if the bully is your boss but this is where workers rights protect you. Don’t be afraid to show that you are annoyed at the constant jibes and don’t ever let yourself get drawn into pointless and long winded arguments that you cannot win. use humour to hit back at the bully with clever remarks that will make they bully look like a complete jack ass should they continue to poke at you.

5 – Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am

Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am could well be the most annoying person, not only in the workplace, but the entire world. After spending years at college and working your way up to whatever level you are at who does not love a useless, clueless and snotty rich kid who quite literally has his job because he is either the son of the company owner or married to the owners daughter. Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am is the guy with the cosy office who spends all day playing around on Facebook while you are left to pick up on the slack. If things go badly then he is quick to point the finger at you but when things go well he is the first to stand up and take the credit.

If you dare to question this guy or object to the fact he sits on his ass all day you are certain to hear the old line “do you know who I am?” This guy has no remorse, no heart and lives anywhere but in the real world.

How To Deal With This Coworker

We all want to march into this guys office and tell him where he can go and stick his job but we all have bills to pay and families to support so this is just not an option. The next best thing is to find a common interest with this guy. If you find he is a degenerate gambler who always loses then you simply pass yourself of as exactly the same. Give him a friend within the workplace he can relate to since he knows everyone else in the office hates his guts.

Yes, this may be a bitter sweet pill to swallow but at least it will keep him off your back and it will put you in the best possible position to snap up any promotions that might arise. If that doesn’t work at least you can look down your nose on him and his gambling habit.

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