5 Most Bizarre Things That Have Ever Happened (At Walmart)


Walmart is a massive one of the largest multinational retail corporations in the world today. The company has quite literally thousands and thousands of large supermarkets, large discount department stores and warehouse stores across the globe with millions of customers shopping there each and every week. When you think of the sheer number of stores and customers in the Walmart family it is hardly surprising that some of the most bizarre things that ever happen actually happen at Walmart.

1 – Couple Caught Having Sex


Walmart is well known for selling anything imaginable al in the one single store. In some Walmart stores it is actually possible to do you grocery shopping, buy a shotgun and pick up a petrol driven leave blower all at the same time. What Walmart is not commonly known for is people going to the store to have sexual intercourse but this is exactly what happened in a Walmart store located in Kansas.

It is unclear as to exactly why the young couple decided to start having sex in the store but it is possible that they either could not afford a motel room or the bottle of lubricant they went into shoplift was on special and the excitement just became too much. Whatever the reason behind this act of passion young couple were, Justin Call and Tina Gianakon, were anything but shy and they demonstrated this by not only have full blown sex in Walmart they actually did the full on dirty deed right in the middle of a shopping isle in front of staff and customers.

What is even more amazing is that eye witnesses claim that the couple actually appeared to be shocked when police turned up and arrested them.

2 – Woman Gives Birth in Walmart


There are plenty of stories about women who give birth in the strangest of places. In fact there are so many of these stories that there are television shows based on them. Some people think that such stories of women giving birth in strange places are over exaggerated but they do actually happen from time to time.

In July of 2013 a young 16 year old girl was shopping at a Walmart store with her mother when her water broke and she gave birth to a baby boy right there in the isle. What is even stranger is that the 16 year old girl claimed she had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant until her water broke. When the baby boy was born it was discovered that he was not breathing but thankfully staff at the Walmart store were able to successfully perform CPR on the new-born.

3 – Man Finds Human Teeth in a Wallet


In 2009 a man went into a Massachusetts Walmart in the hope of finding a new wallet. There is nothing unusual about this as thousands of people buy wallets from Walmart each and every day. What was strange about this shopping trip is that the gentleman in question bought his wallet and then found ten human teeth inside his purchase.

As you can imagine the man was quick to inform Walmart staff of his grizzly find and police were called in to investigate the discovery. The police investigation confirmed that the teeth were real human teeth but it is still a complete mystery as to who the teeth belonged to or how they got in the wallet.

4 – Murder at Walmart


We all know that sometimes shopping can be a stressful experience which occasionally results in married couples having the mother of all arguments. This is exactly what happened to Lilia Blandin who worked at a bank which was located in a Walmart store.

On one particular day Lilia and her husband found themselves in the bank where she worked and in the mother of all heated arguments. So intense was the argument her husband pulled out a knife and stabbed her to death in front of staff and bank customers. By the time security guards arrived on the scene the husband had managed to escape only to be arrested later by police.

What is particularly strange about these events is that Walmart actually kept the store open for customers even though there the dead body of a woman in the corner of the store. It was only when police arrived that the area was made into a crime scene.

5 – Couple Get Married at Walmart


It is indeed true that you can find love in the strangest of places and this is something Wayne Brandenburg, a regular customer of Walmart, knows very well. He fell in love with a young cashier working at a North Carolina Walmart and ended up taking her out for an all you can eat Chinese buffet before starting to date her on a regular basis.

It wasn’t long before the couple decided they wanted to tie the knot and Walmart was the obvious location for them to do just that. The local Walmart management allowed the couple to have their wedding inside the store where they met. Not only did the couple use Walmart as the location for their wedding they also arranged everything from that very store including the wedding cake which was made in the stores bakery.

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