5 Most Easily Avoided Deaths In Movie History

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For some strange reason no movie seems to be complete unless it features at least one death during its duration. Sometime a death in a movie will be justified as the deceased will be the villain and sometimes the death will be extraordinarily sad because the deceased happens to be the hero of the movie.

What is somewhat alarming, in more movies than you probably realise, is that many deaths that occur in movies are totally avoidable and totally unnecessary. It’s as if the people behind writing movies just throw in some deaths for the sake of it.

I Am Legend

The Death

At the end of this film, which is a rather good movie I might add, we see Robert Neville (Will Smith) and his two companions trapped in his lab with no way out. It is just a matter of time before the infected zombies outside the lab break in and kill all three characters so Robert Neville does the honourable thing and makes sure his companions, a woman and child, is safe before he launches his finally explosive attack on the infected zombies wiping them and himself off the face of the earth.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

For those of you who have not watched this movie let me fill in the blanks for you. Basically Robert Neville and his to companions are trapped in his basement which also happens to be his science lab. His science lab is divided in to two sections, the infected zombies are in one section and he is trapped in the other section. The two sections are divided by some pretty thick glass which is about to crack. Robert Neville makes sure that his companions are safe in a little cupboard in the corner of his lab and then he pulls the pin out of a grenade and throws himself at the dividing glass just before it cracks and the infected zombies come crashing through.

Not that I am one to be a stick in the mud but you really do have to wonder how big this cupboard where the companions of Robert Neville hide and survive the grenade blast is. Surely there is enough room for one more person even if it means it is a little bit cramped for a few seconds.

Anyone who sees this movie surely has to ask why Dr Neville, a highly educated man, could not work out that a grenade would do the same damage begin thrown at the glass over remaining in a persons hand as they jump at the glass.

Sure, if a guy is holding on to a grenade and jumps at the dividing glass the viewer is treated to a somewhat heroic storyline but was this death really necessary. Could Dr Neville not just have rolled a grenade or two in the direction of the glass and hid along side his two companions? Personally, I think he could have hid alongside them quite nicely and the movie would have moved along just the same just without the whole sacrificed hero thing going on.



Unless you happen to have spent the last decade or so hiding on the moon you will surely have witnessed the supposed cinematic treat that is known as Titanic.

The entire movie is enough to make even the hardest of hard men cry like they are being forced to listen to a Justin Bieber discography especially one of the final scenes.

The Death

As the two main characters of the entire film realise that the unsinkable ship they once were aboard has vanished and isn’t coming back Jack, the male hero lets Rose, his love interest climb upon a floating wooden door where she lies in wait of the lifeboats and he freezes to death in the cold sea water.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

When you watch this movie, and I’m sure you have, you really have to ask questions as to why Jack remains in the water. The aerial shot of Rose lying on the big wooden floating door clearly shows that there is enough room for at least one elegant on there or at least four really large inflatable penguins. Would it have been out of the question for her to let Jack climb on board as well so he wasn’t so cold? Or did she really need all of that space just so she was comfortable and could chill out a little while 1500 other poor should perished in the icy waters.

It’s not just the space that Rose feels the strange urge to take up with her fat ass on the wooden door that makes the death of Jack totally unavoidable. Surely between Jack and Rose they have at least two or three brain cells that could be rubbed together. Surely between them they could have came up with some story, cunning in it’s own right, that would have convinced Rose’s fiancee to pay for them both to gain passage on one of the lifeboats. Why couldn’t Rose tell her husband to be that all was forgiven as long as he paid to save Jack as well. Once they were both on dry land she could have then done what she wanted.

I know they say that love is blind but this is totally ridiculous. Does love really make you so blind that you suddenly become totally unable to see the obvious solution to each and every problem?

Pulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction is arguably one of the best movies that Quentin Tarantino has ever made. With it’s razor sharp dialogue, gritty storyline and cool as ice characters this movie takes things to a whole new level. This combined with enough violence to make The Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a Disney movie there is certainly plenty of unnecessary death to look at here.

The Death

One of the most memorable deaths in the Pulp Fiction movie is the death of Marvin, the balk guy that Vince and Jules take hostage having retrieved the mysterious briefcase from Brett. Vince and Jules argue between themselves about religion and what Jules believes is blind intervention.

Vince, unable to get his point across to Jules turns to the backseat of the car where Marvin is sitting and asks what his views on the subject are. Marvin nervously tells Jules that he has no pinion on the subject and as Vince begins his sentence to tell him that he must have an opinion his gun accidentally fires blowing Marvin’s head apart and all over the insides of the car not to mention Vince and Jules.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

One of the most common thing that is found in any Quentin Tarantino movie is characters holding a gun and John Travolta’s character, Vince, is no exception in this case. Having said that you really have to wonder just how familiar this guy is with a gun. It can only be assumed that he knows his way around a gun because he is, after all, a hit man. This leads to the obvious question as to why he would be waving a gun around and pointing it at people in the first place. What is more why on earth would he be waving a loaded gun around and pointing it at people with his finger on the trigger especially if the trigger of the gun was as sensitive as it appears to be.

Consider this. Vince and Jules shoot poor old Brent dead while still in the apartment building and then presumably leave along with Marvin and jump into their car and drive away. Surely two experienced hit men would put their guns away (there is the small matter of them both firing their guns till they were empty) so they would not attract unwanted attention to any potential witnesses as they walked to their car. This means that Vince has had to reload his gun in the car and then start waving it around like a laser pointer. Surely just a little bit of common sense could have been applied here and Vince could have left his lethal toy in it’s holster and refrained from pointing it at poor Marvin.

Of course this would have meant that the movie would have been at least half an hour shorter so one can only assume poor Marvin died for nothing more than a little bit of a story filler.



Candyman is a horror movie which plays on a popular legend (there or several variations of the name) which is often past around high school children. Basically the legend says that if you were to stand in front of a mirror looking at yourself and say the name Candyman five times then he will appear behind you breathing down your neck and then kill you with the rusty hook which is in the place of his hand.

The Death

There are several deaths that occur throughout this movie and the majority of them are a direct result of someone standing in front of a mirror and saying the name Candyman five times. There is the girl who is babysitting at the start of the movie then a couple of others, one of the being the main character, who decide its a good idea to say the Candyman’s name five times in front of the mirror only for the obvious to happen.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

Anyone who hears the legend of Candyman knows fine well that the story states if the name Candyman is repeated five times in front of a mirror then he will appear behind you and kill you. Sure, it is plausible that a couple of people may well die showing off for their friends or tempting fate but surely anyone with a little bit of common sense would realise that there must be some truth in this legend. Especially if the media is reporting all of these deaths.

There is the obvious argument that everyone will think that someone in the real word is responsible for these murders but in nearly every case there is a living witness left to tell the tale. Even the babysitter at the start of the movie who is slaughtered leaves her sexually frustrated boyfriend downstairs so surely he would have told police that they were playing the Candyman game. How many times would the police, or anyone for that matter, need to hear the same game was being played at each murder scene to start thinking something supernatural was at work?

The bottom line here is each and every death in the Candyman movie is easily avoidable simply by not saying his name five times in the mirror. I don’t know about any of you but surely if there is even the slightest chance you would end up being ripped apart by a certain action then you would not do it. Call me old fashioned but this is not rocket science. Don’t say Candyman in front of the mirror five times and you avoid being killed.


Heat is somewhat of an epic crime movie staring heavyweight acting legends Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. The movie revolves around a group of bank robbers (led by DeNiro’s character, Neil) and the cop hot on their tale played by Pacino.

The Death

In the final scene of the movie Pacino chases DeNiro from a hotel, through some fields, around the grounds of an airport, before a final shoot out at the bottom end of the airport runway. The end result is that Pacino’ character manages to shoot first and kills DeNiro’s character dead.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

This is one movie death that could have been easily avoided had it not been for stupid decisions and pride.

The death occurs in the final scenes of the movie and is only made possible because DeNiro’s character simply could just not let things go. We see DeNiro in his car driving away into the sunset with the woman he loves. There are no police on his tail and he has escaped with what we assume to be enough money to live a very comfortable life till the day he dies of natural causes. All he has to do is keep on driving and that would be that.

Of course DeNiro decides that he just cannot let a grudge that he is holding against a former colleague go and decides to travel to the hotel where he is hiding out, under the watchful eye of the police I might add, intent on killing him and kill him he does. As you can imagine the police who are staking out the guy DeNiro kills are quickly on his tail which results in DeNiro ultimately been shot dead.

The big motto that DeNiro’s character lives by in the movie is that you should never have anything in your life that you cannot walk out on in a single second should you feel the heat (police) coming around the corner. You really do have to ask why would a guy who is a seasoned career criminal take such a stupid risk for the sake of a grudge against someone. Even if he could not let the disagreement go it would have made more sense to disappear into the sunset for a few years, wait until the dust settled then come back and kill the guy.

Once again we have a death that could quite easily have been avoided if only the character had not spent the entire movie living with concrete dedication to his rules only to throw it all away with a stupid choice made during a car ride to freedom.

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