5 Musicians Injured by Hysterical Stage Stunts

Matt Bellamy

You have probably noticed that the average rock star is not like you or me. Rock stars, by their very nature, have to perform outlandish acts in order to draw attention to themselves. They have to smash up hotel rooms and snort enough cocaine to kill a small horse.

Any normal person who tried any of these ridiculous acts would fall flat on their ass looking like a complete fool yet time and time again rock stars pull it off with the greatest of ease. This is why it is all the more satisfying when the acts of a rock star backfires in the most tremendous of fashions.

P!nk Has No Barriers

You just know that this sort of caper is going to end bad

It is all pretty spectacular stuff but I should point out that the woman is not really flying she is actually attached to special harness which is controlled by a group of specially trained individuals who make sure everything is safe and spectacular at the same time.

Unfortunately for Pink a concert she performed in Nurnberg, Germany sometime in 2010 did not go entirely too planned.  It would seem that even people employed as Pink’s harness crew can have there off day and on this particular day someone forgot to secure Pink’s harness correctly. The end result was actually probably even more spectacular than what was planned. Pink did manage to get herself airborne but since her harness was not rigged up correctly she was lifted up into the air and hurled across the stage in the direction of her audience. This time she did not actually manage to fly out over the audience and instead went hurtling towards the ground at breakneck speed. Thankfully Pink did not actually smack into the ground as her fall was broken by the fact she smashed head first into a crowd barrier.

You can check out the video on YouTube which is quite impressive but be warned that the end result is Pink handling the situation like any good rocker would. By cursing like a drunken sailor who just caught his penis in his zipper. For anyone concerned Pink was not seriously hurt in the incident and later tweeted; “I made that barrier my bitch!” Obviously Pink has a different idea of making something your bitch than the rest of us.

Krist Novoselic Eats His Bass

Judging by the bunny teeth Krist was never the same

You cannot really call a rock ‘n’ roll band wild unless they smash up their instruments up on stage. Pete Townsend of The Who was renowned for smashing up his guitars at the end of a show and rock legend Jimi Hendrix would often destroy his amplifiers at the end of his shows by ramming the neck of his guitar through the speaker.

Back in 1992 the band Nirvana was considered to be one of the biggest bands in the world who were grabbing as much attention for their wild ways as they were for their music. The bass player for Nirvana, Krist Novoselic, probably had the easiest job in rock ‘n’ roll history. Dave Grohl would hammer away on the drums making the concerts loud, Kurt Cobain would turn up smacked out his head making the concerts news worthy and Krist Novoselic, well Krist didn’t really have much to do other than make up the numbers and have a good time. Personally I’d be happy with that but in 1992 at the MTV music video awards Krist Novoselic decided he’d had enough of hanging around the stage looking like the love child of the Jolly Green Giant and Danny DeVito. He decided, for some reason that probably seemed a good one at the time, to living things up a little and threw his bass guitar as high as he could into the air.

Now if I had managed to throw my bass guitar 40 feet into the air the first thing I would be doing is getting the heck out of the way. There is no way I would be standing around to try and catch that bad boy. Krist Novoselic  obviously had other ideas and it is hard to know for sure if he honestly thought he could catch the thing or whether he just did not completely understand how gravity works. The end result was Krist Novoselic stood in the exact same spot he had launched his bass guitar from and waited for it to come crashing back down to earth. Unfortunately for Krist Novoselic he was unable to catch it in his hands and decided to put his face in the way instead and knock himself out.

According to Krist Novoselic the whole incident was due to the fact he could not find a cold beer before the going on stage. He even claimed that he did not really knock himself out. Having said that, if I had just made a complete fool of myself in front of millions of people I would pretend to be unconscious as well.

Chris Holmes Meats His Match


Once upon a time metal bands were more about big hair, make up and guys made up to look like women rather than their music. It was during this era that the band W.A.S.P was at the peak of their fame. Their stage shows were notorious for over the top gimmicks which often involved chaining up semi-nude women to torture racks and drink their blood. I should probably point out here that they were drinking something that looked like blood and not the actual blood of these women.

Not only did W.A.S.P chain up women their signature gimmick involved throwing large chunks of meat in the audience. No one is exactly sure as to why any band would want to throw meat at their audience but W.A.S.P included this in every one of their shows.

The problem with throwing things at people is they are highly likely to throw things back at you so it is hardly a surprise to learn that anyone who went to a W.A.S.P gig would take their own chunks of meat to throw back and the band. Like most situations or activities in life there is always one person who will take things that little bit too far. In this particular case W.A.S.P were playing a gig in Helsinki when some clown in the audience decided to throw an entire frozen rump roast onto the stage. The problem was the rump roast, which was frozen solid by the way, did not land on the stage and instead hit guitarist Chris Holmes full in the face and knocked him instantly unconscious.

Prince makes Light

There really are just to many jokes here

It is hard to imagine that it would ever be possible to embarrass the artist formally known as ponce or Prince as some people still call him. After all how on earth do you embarrass someone who dry humps the stage at any given opportunity? Well, it is possible so let me set the scene for you. Back in 1983 the legend that is James Brown was performing a gig when he invited Michael Jackson onto the stage much to excitement of his audience. The godfather of soul then, at the insistence of Michael Jackson, invited another special guest in the form of a much lesser known Prince.

Now most people who had to follow the likes of Michael Jackson (this was at the height of his fame) would feel a little intimidated but one thing Prince is not known for is being intimidated. In this case Prince strolled casually onto the stage in his own sweet time while riding some weird looking artificial yeti. He then picks up a guitar and blows the audience away with the most amazing impromptu solo that anyone has ever heard and completely owns the stage.

Still not satisfied with his lightening guitar solo Prince starts stripping off his sequence covered lycra, makes love to the floor a little and then decides that he needs one last stunt to finish off his performance. He jumps up in his shirtless state and decides to swing himself on a steel stage fixing that, unfortunately, isn’t bolted to the floor. The extraordinarily heavy metal fixing is sent crashing into the audience, amazingly it didn’t kill or injure anyone, sending a semi lycra clad Prince crashing to the floor.

The big embarrassment for Prince came when James Brown comes wandering over to a wiped out Prince with no floor humping left in him and hands him his discarded shirt and orders him off his stage.

Keith Moon Explodes

That has gotta hurt

When it comes to bands that are out of this world wild The Who and Keith Moon pretty much wrote the book on the subject. Keith Moon particularly was well known for his ability to smash up hotel rooms, blow up his drum kit and explode even the strongest of toilets. There is no other way to put this, The Who were once the most awesome thing in rock ‘n’ roll.

Just like the thin line between love and hate there is also a very thin line between rock and roll awesomeness and making a complete and utter fool of yourself.

Keith Moon was well known for rigging his drum kits with explosives so that they exploded in spectacular fashion. In 1967 when The Who were appearing on “Smothers Brother’s Comedy Hour” Moon, who was on flying high on a drug cocktail, decided to rig his drum kit with 10 times the usually amount of explosives that had been used in the past.

The result was an explosion so big that it managed to flatten lead singer Roger Daltry and allegedly permanently deafened guitarist Pete Townsend in one of his ears. Keith Moon was also injured in the explosion when a flying cymbal sliced his arm open. Judging by video of the event Keith Moon was somewhat oblivious to the event. Either that or he was so stoned he simply didn’t care.

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