5 Real Life Vigilantes More Badass than Batman

There is no denying that Batman aka The Dark Knight is a pretty cool guy. In fact he is probably one of the coolest and best known of all vigilantes in the world.

It may be hard to believe but there are actually plenty of real vigilantes in the real world and plenty of them who are just as cool as Batman. In fact there are plenty who are actually cooler and more badass than Batman. Here are the top 5 vigilantes more badass than Batman.

The Lavender Panthers


The 1960’s and the 1970’s are well known for being the decades of free love but there was also a huge amount of social unrest and intolerance especially towards minorities, woman and homosexuals.

Like any time in history when there is social unrest there are some people who take matters into their own hands.

During the 1970’s a group of gay activists formed a vigilanti group named The Lavender Panthers. The group was formed by Pentecostal minister, Ray Broshears, who started the group after he was attacked and beat up for being gay. After the attack he became particullaly aware that crimes against homosexuals were failing to be punished properly. In many cases such crimes were not punished at all.

Just like you would expect from any good viginalti The Lavender Panthers were well known for seeming to appear out of nowhere, in many cases led by Broshears himself. They would often jump out of a van and beat the living daylights out of anyone who appeared to represent a threat to other individuals.

The Lavander Panthers patrolled the streets of San Fransico at night carrying clubs, chains, whistles and cans of spray paint. Once they spotted a threat to the community they would spring into action. They were well known for their aggressive form of justice, which was largely supported by the community as they were getting results that the police could not. As a result the police often looked the other way which gave the Lavander Panthers a certain degree of immunity.

Sombra Negra


If you are going to be a vigilanti then one thing tha tis important above all else is a cool sounding name. The Sombra Negra vigilanti group knew this as the name Sombra Negra means “the black shadow.”

The Sombra Negra is a collection vigilante death squads which first appeared in 1994. They are made up mainly of police and military personal with one thing on their agenda. Targeting criminals in El Salvador.

The main target of the Sombra Negra were members of the transnational criminal gang MS-13. MS-13 being a well-known and notorious gang that was originally formed in Los Angeles to help defend fellow Salvadorian gang members against rivals from other gangs.

As MS-13 commited more and more crimes in the United States they were deported back to El Salvador in large numbers which helped them spread across the border and become the international gang we know today. Because the crimes of MS-13 continued once they were back in El Salvador continued with the police largely unable to stop them, anyone thought to be a MS-13 member became a target of Sombra Negra.

The Sombra Negra are considered so violentm cruel, ruthless and powerful law enforcement in the United States and El Salvador are reluctant to get themselves caught in any crossfire. Sombra Negra have claimed to be responsible for the killings of dozens of criminals in a brutal, blindfolded, close-range executions.

Black Monday Society


There once was a time when the streets of Salt Lake City were anything but safe. That is now a thing of the past because of the vigilante organisation known as the Black Monday Society.

The Black Monday Society, whose slogan is fighting crime and apathy since 2006, took it upon themselves to tackle the gangs and drug dealers of Salt Lake City. The group is made up of normal everyday fathers with normal day jobs along with former heavyweight criminals who have turned over a new leaf.

The Black Monday Society all wear matching intimidating costumes (which are often enough to stop trouble before it even starts) and patrol local bars, back alleys and dark streets on the look out for anyone causing trouble.

Because of their intimidating appearance and large numbers the group has no need for tasers, guns or pepper sprays.

Bike Dude

There are few cases of vigialties in real life which appear to have some kind of superpower but that is exactly what bike dude appears to have. Not only that, the man known only as bike dude, seems to appeared from nowhere and vanished with the same kind of mystery. To this day no one knows where he came from or where he went to and there is every chance that he is still out there just waiting to spring into action at the next available oppourtunity.

As you can see from the video, Bike dude is simply riding down the street minding his own business when two men mug a woman and try to escape on a scooter. Without missing a beat Bike Dude jumps from his bike and throws it at the muggers, knocking them from their getaway vehicle. He then picks up his bike, hops on it and pedals off.

Talk about superb dexterity, strength and a keen sense of quick thinking.

Phoenix Jones and The Rain City Superhero Movement


The Rain City Superhero Movement is a ten member crime prevention group led by Benjamin John Francis Fodor, aka Phoenix Jones. The vigilane group has reportedly being patrolling the streets of Seattle and Lynwood since the early part of 2011.

Fodor has said that he was disappointed when he began to hear of several incidents where citizens witnessed crimes but failed to stop them. As a result of this Fodor took matters into his own hands and formed the Rain City Superhero Movement.

Fodor was concerned that people would confuse him with other criminals on the streets so he decided the best way around this was to wear a special costume which he call his “super suit”. The suit consists of black and gold lycra and rubber, a cape and fedora.

Not only does Fodor wear his super suit he also carrys with him a seriously impressive number of cool gadgets when he patrols the streets of Seattle.

His gadgets include hig dragon skin bullet proof vest, taser, net gun and grappling hook. He also uses an in car computer to print emails that he has sent to his super-secret superhero email address.

Not only is this guy packing gadgets that would make Batman envious his entire team have a martial arts backgrounds

Jones does not limit his superhero escapades to drug dealers and other bad guys he even stops drivers he believes are driving drunk and feeds the homeless.

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