5 Reasons Living Forever Will Kill You

What a wonderful thing medical science is and in recent years it has advanced in leaps and bounds. It was not that long ago when our life expectancy was only 65 years of age. Nowadays it is not uncommon for a person to live well into their 80’s and even their 90’s.


It is estimated that due to the advances in medical science within the next 100 years we will all be living to well over 120 years of age maybe even longer.

The idea of living for longer, even living forever might seem appealing there are actually many reasons that living for such long periods of time could be bad. In fact there is every reason to believe that living for such a length of time is about to screw over you and screw over the world.

The harsh truth is that living forever will kill you.

Lack of Mobility


You may well have noticed that in the last five years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of old people zooming around on electric mobility scooters. This is partly due to available technology becoming more affordable but also due to people who were once unable to get around on their own suddenly finding the ability to get around independently again (it is also down to some people being lazy).

The thing is the joints in our bodies are just like any other kind of joint. They wear out with use and as we get older they are unable to repair themselves like they did when we were younger. This is when we begin to suffer from ailments such as arthritis.

Many of us begin to suffer from joint problems when we reach our 60’s so if we all begin to live longer and longer our bodies will simply not be able to cope with so many miles on the clock. The end results will be millions of old people on electric mobility scooters flooding our streets.

Mass Insanity


It is not uncommon for people to start having a few mental problems as they age. Usually it starts with simple forgetfulness and losing the ability to understand simple things or learn new things. In extreme cases there is a good chance you will end your days unable to remember who you are, who your friends are and unable to dress yourself or go to the toilet unassisted.

Just like our bodies, our brains are not designed to go on forever and ever. Giving a long enough time line it is not a case of “if” we will lose our minds it is a case of “when” will we lose our minds.

As medical science progresses and our life expectancy gets longer and longer you can expect to see more and more people suffering from severe mental failings. If you think about it a person in their 70’s or older begin to show signs of mental failure you can imagine what will begin to happen as we start living past 100 years of age.

Before you know it there will be a huge chunk of the aging population who begin to lose their minds and go crazy. A sort of mass insanity if you will.

Supporting the Old


Most people these days retire when they are about 65 years of age. As we are already aware the world is going through massive financial disruption which it is struggling to recover from. One of the biggest problems facing the financial world at the moment is the question “how do we support everyone who has retired not that we are all living longer?”

The problem of supporting the elderly has actually got so bad that it is estimated people in their 30’s today will not be able to retire until they are around 80. As we all live longer the retirement age will be expected to go up even further. Obviously there will become a point when we can no longer put the retirement age up because our bodies will be literally unable to cope with work.

This might not seem like such a big deal but once you have a huge chunk of the population unable to work and support themselves the burden will then fall on to those who can which could cause massive financial turmoil. The financial burden could and will be huge as the young have millions and millions of old people to support who are all losing their mind and unable to move around unassisted.

The World Will Become Overcrowded


You have to admit that nature is pretty clever when it comes to creating an equal balance among things. For example as people get old and die there are new people who are born to replace them and this should keep the population of the planet stable and constant.

Obviously we are already living well beyond our natural life expectancy so the planets population is already increasing at an alarming rate. As we all begin to live even longer, maybe forever, the population is going to increase exponentially.

Within a mere 100 years the planet is going to resemble a Japanese commuter train during rush hour. We are literally going to be packed in like sardines for the simple reason that more people are being born and the old people are not checking out.

Mass Famine and other Shortages


As it stands there is just about enough food to go around. As the population increases, that is set to change as there are more and more people who need to be fed. Sure, we could increase the amount of food that we produce but even then there is going to be a limit as to how much we can actually increase that production.

Very quickly the human race could find itself in a situation where we are unable to produce enough food to go around. It is not just food that we will be short on. Nearly every resource that we have today will become in short supply. Things like jobs, homes and simple space will become like gold dust. Our only chance will be to find a way for our growing population to spill over onto other planets or space stations.

Unfortunately it is highly likely that the earth’s population will increase much quicker than the technology that is needed to inhabit other planets will.

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