5 Reasons Why Obi Wan Kenobi Is The Worst Kind of Role Model

Anyone of even minor intelligence reading this will know that the power of suggestion is an amazing thing. If you happened to live in Germany through the rule of the Nazi there is a very good chance that you would have being 100% behind their cause without ever stopping for a single second to see anyone else’s viewpoint.


While on this topic have you ever wondered how many people who lived in the Star Wars universe legitimately believed the rebels were nothing more than dangerous terrorists who blew up a military institution (the Death Star).

If you think about it many of Senator Palpatine’s complaints about the Old Republic were actually correct and he certainly knew how to exploit that. This of course does not mean that anyone who happens to be against bad people is a good person themselves. Let us demonstrate this fact by looking at Obi Wan Kenobi….. from a certain point of view.

1 – Obi Wan is a Manipulative Liar

If anything was going to change a human being then you would think that death would be that thing but in Obi Wan’s case even after he is dead and haunting Luke Skywalker he is still as manipulative as ever. Just think about his famous “what I told you was the truth, from a certain point of view…” line.


The top and bottom of this whole situation saw Luke Skywalker ready to take a lightsaber to Darth Vader’s face simply because Obi Wan had told him that this guy killed his dad. Regardless of how Obi Wan tries to convince everyone otherwise there is simply no truth in his statement. The only way Darth Vader could kill Anakin Skywalker is if he happened to commit suicide.

Obi Wan also totally fails to mention that he actually contributed towards Anakin’s fall by getting him to spy on the Emperor. The spying in itself was not really a bad thing but surely Obi Wan should have realised that spying was against Anakin’s nature. The very fact that Obi Wan lied gave the Sith the opening that was needed with both Skywalker generations.

Consider this small little fact. The motivation that Luke Skywalker has to do anything appears to be down to the fact he has been told that these evil people were responsible for his father’s death. He uses his X-Wing fighter to attack and blow up a government installation which makes him responsible for thousands of deaths. Luke Skywalker blew up the Death star and killed thousands of people based on what he was told by Obi Wan. What is even more alarming is that the very father Luke was trying to avenge actually tries to stop Luke from doing all of this. The only defence that Obi Wan has is his “certain point of view” line.

By not telling Anakin Skywalker the truth and furnishing him with all the facts gave Palpatine the very opening and opportunity he needed to enact the Great Purge that killed all of the Jedi Knights.

Would you really want a guy like Obi Wan anywhere near even your most hated of relatives?

 2 – There is a Good Chance He is an Alcoholic

obi wan drunk

If you have seen the Star Wars movies more than once you will have most likely noticed how Obi Wan always managed to find himself somewhere that serves alcoholic beverages. The more trusting folk out there will probably put this down to Obi Wan needing to track down smugglers so he has safe passage around the galaxy or so he can question bounty hunters.

While this may be a semi valid explanation we know that in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Obi Wan leaves all the real detective work to Anakin Skywalker while he hangs out enjoying an alcoholic beverage. We also know for a fact that Obi Wan is drinking when he meets Han Solo for the first time just before he pulls out his lightsaber. Even when we see Obi Wan as a ghost you cannot help but notice that his beer gut appears to expand at an alarming rate.

Of course these minor examples of Obi Wan drinking alcohol are only from our observations of him when he is going about official Jedi business. What really makes us think that Obi Wan has a drinking problem is that during Attack of the Clones we see a multi armed alien hug Obi Wan like he is a long lost brother who just financed a new spaceship. What we find out later is that the alien is actually the owner of some kind of intergalactic eating establishment that most likely serves alcohol. This is quite obviously somewhere else that Obi Wan has spent a good chunk of his time getting totally smashed.

3 – He Really, Really Seems to Enjoy Extreme Violence


Can you remember back in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when Luke Skywalker gets into an argument with two drunken idiots? As we all know this sort of thing happens all the time in bars all over the world but in this instance we see one of the aliens start to get a little aggressive so Obi Wan decides that the best solution to the situation is to slice the guys arm off with his lightsaber. This is certainly not something that happens in my local bar or even any bar brawl in the world.

If you think about the situation logically Obi Wan would not needed to have done very much at all to diffuse the whole situation. It would have being very easy for Obi Wan to use the force and send anyone in the bar flying across the bar before landing them on their ass all dazed and confused. Instead of the easy and simple option Obi Wan decides to cut off some poor dudes arm and he does this in front of his young Padawan apprentice. An apprentice who is supposed to be teaching that the way of the Jedi is a peaceful way. Why would you want to teach you apprentice that the best form of conflict resolution is to cut off someone’s arm? The only valid reason is that you have a fetish for violence and really enjoy cutting peoples arms off.

 4 – His Personal Prejudices Impedes


It is said that one should take the things you know you are not good at and then spend more time on them rather than less. For example we know Obi Wan hates, with a passion, flying. This is fine and we know that there are very few people who hate flying working as airline pilots. We also know that Obi Wan hates blaster guns but when he finds himself in a battle with General Grievous he shows that he is actually an expert shot.

You may well think that this is no big deal but consider this. What kind of role model would honestly make it common knowledge that just because you don’t enjoy something, especially something you are fantastic at, then it is okay to let that skill become a complete waste.

According to the Jedi religion Obi Wan would be required to hide his talent and never ever let it be shown. When you think about this you really must ask is it really any wonder that one of his own pupils, his star pupil in fact, ended up taking the quick and easy route to success. In a nutshell Obi Wan seems to be quite happy to enlist anyone into the Jedi order just so he can make up for and cover up his own half-baked work ethic.

5 – Obi Wan Likes to Brag


I am sure you will recall that moment in Star Wars: A New Hope when Obi Wan hands the lightsaber to Luke Skywalker and tells him that his father wanted him to have this when you were old enough. What we all know now thanks to the Star Wars prequels is that Anakin never said this to Obi Wan. In fact we know that Obi Wan even went on to hide the children from Anakin and led him to believe that both Luke and Leia died with their mother.

If you recall the scene where Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker fight you will remember that as Obi Wan triumphs he steals Anakin’s lightsaber before leaving him to burn to death at the edge of the lava pit.

This is not really a small or minor point that we are looking at here. What Obi Wan should really be saying is “When I kicked the crap out of your father and left him to die a horrific death, having cut off his limbs, I am sure he pretty sure wanted to say ‘if I have a son give him this’”.

Technically what Obi Wan is doing by handing Luke the lightsaber is bragging in the same way a serial killer brags by returning to the scene of his crime or feeding his friends a plate of fresh human brain. Only here Obi Wan is bragging how he cut Luke’s father into tiny bits and left him for dead.

Not only is Obi Wan bragging he is bragging to the same person who he has just gave motivation and passed off blame for that motivation. It is hard to believe but this is how Obi Wan decided to start a mentorship relationship that is apparently built on trust. Obi Wan is certainly, once again, not really someone you would want teaching your children or in any kind of teaching job. You would not even want Obi Wan as a role model for a child.

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