5 Tourist Attractions Designed for the Suicidal


For the majority of people, the perfect vacation involves nothing more than lying on a sun soaked beach with a good book in one hand and an alcoholic beverage in the other. Some people even like to venture away from the beach and explore the local tourist attractions. When it comes to vacations anything goes as long as it is relaxing and fun.

There are however plenty of people who don’t like the idea of relaxing and would much rather engage in strange and bizarre activities which are nothing short of suicidal. Here are 5 of the greatest tourist attractions for the suicidal.

1 – Tour of The Chernobyl Disaster Site


In 1986 the town of Pripyat endured the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever seen when the Chernobyl power plant went into meltdown and exploded. The explosion sent radiation hurtling out into the atmosphere and surrounding area causing massive radiation spikes all over the Ukraine. There was nowhere in the world that did not feel the effects from the blast. Scientist in Scotland discovered that sheep were suffering from higher levels of radiation as a result of them consuming grass which had become contaminated from rain.

Today the radiation around the Chernobyl power plant has completely disappeared and it is perfectly fine to live there. Well, it would be if Pripyat and the areas which surround it are nothing more than a ghost town and radiation hotspot.

The town of Pripyat is easily one of the creepiest places on earth littered with abandoned buildings and the old decaying possessions of those who were forced to flee leaving everything behind. Despite the creepy nature of the area and the obvious dangers involved tourists come in the hundreds, paying up to $250 dollars, to walk among the scenery which looks like something from a zombie apocalypse movie.

Visitors to the area get the chance to look at the abandoned city and have a close look at the Chernobyl disaster area. Specific areas, paths and trails have been developed for use by tourists and so far no one is known to have become sick from a visit to the area. That is not to say no one will ever get sick since certain parts of the site are known to be still leaking radiation so God help you if you wander off the official tourist paths or get lost. You may find yourself enduring an invisible dose of lethal radiation which is certain to be a one way ticket out of this world in the most horrific ways you would not want to imagine.

2 – Mountain Biking Along the World’s Most Dangerous Road


In recent year cycling has grown very popular. Not only is cycling a cheap form of environmentally friendly transport it is also fantastic for your health and allows the perfect opportunity to see some awesome scenery. Some would even go as far to say that cycling is somewhat relaxing. Anyone who does find cycling relaxing has quite obviously never embarked on a cycling journey through Boliva.

Bolivia is home to one of the world’s most dangerous roads and there are plenty of people who travel there each year to cycle along this road of death. The road we are talking about it the Yungas Road, a road which is so dangerous the locals stop and pray before travelling along it.


The Yungas Road is not like any other dangerous road you might have travelled. Anyone who uses the road for their grocery shopping can expect to travel through six government checkpoints positioned in an attempt to challenge the drug gangs in the area.

If the idea of government checkpoints and drug gangs do not scare you perhaps the road itself will. The road runs along a cliff face which has no safety barrier to prevent cars falling over the side and down the 60 meter vertical drop. In many places the road is barely wide enough to get one car enough so encountering a vehicle travelling the opposite direction can be as hazardous as the many rock falls along the road. To add even more suspense to your journey there are plenty of sections of the road which are beginning to crumble due to heavy raid.

Despite the obvious risks from drug gangs, 60 meter vertical drops, falling rocks and sections of the road collapsing plenty of people use their vacation time to mountain bike along the road reaching over 40mph on their way down. Anyone brave enough to attempt this extreme downhill bicycle ride will be lucky enough to see an endless number of graves and shrines along the roadside marking where people have perished. It is very difficult to estimate how many graves are dotted along the road but around 200 people die on this road each and every year.

3 – Volcano Activities


Volcanoes are pretty awesome things are certainly considered to be one of the most destructive forces on earth.

A volcano located in the country of Nicaragua there is a very active volcano named Cerro Negro. This volcano has erupted at least 23 times in the last 10 years which has made Nicaragua one of the poorest countries in the world just behind Haiti.

Most people with common sense understand that once a volcano erupts there is little likely to get in its way and this is a very good reason to move any nearby towns to a safe distance. That would be the sensible choice but not the choice made by a man named Darryn Webb who has created his very own tourist attraction. A tourist attraction which he has named Volcano Boarding.

Volcano Boarding involves people using sleds to slide down the side of a very active volcano which has a habit of erupting a lot. Volcano Boarding is very similar to sledding on snow only instead of whizzing along on white and cold powder you ride along a blanket of volcanic ash and dirt. The other obvious difference between the two is instead of using a sled you use a piece of old wood which you found in a nearby dumpster.

To experience Volcano Boarding for yourself you only need to pay $28 which is a bargain when you consider that it is an experience which can only be replicated by sledding down any hill located anywhere in the world.

Volcano Boarding is not the only ridiculous tourist attraction in the world. In some parts of the world you can pay to bungee jump into an active volcano. Now, I am certainly not shy of having a good time while on holiday but I can certainly think of more entertaining things to do than watch lava and hot volcanic ash rush up to meet me when I jump from a helicopter. The company which organise these bungee jumps into active volcano’s claim that the practise is perfectly safe and you will get no closer than 700 feet to the lava.

4 – Mountain Hiking On China’s Huashan Trail


There are five mountains located in the heart of China which make the shape of a beautiful flower. These mountains are known as the five sacred mountains and the tallest of them is Mt Huashan which is also considered one of the holiest lands in Taoism. Over the years Mt. Huashan has proved to be very popular among hikers, with hundreds of people visiting the area every day.

Many hikers in this holy area feel that the fact they are indeed hiking around holy land very convenient. There is a very chance that anyone hiking here will die and the photo below shows the exact reason why.

Yes, this is really part of the trail.


Yes, this is really part of the trail

Insane thrill-seekers come from around the world to high along what is considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world, making the area a ridiculously popular tourist location. The title of most dangerous hiking trail in the world is probably bestowed on the trail because Mt. Huashan has a drop of over 7,000 feet with the only thing preventing you from plunging to your death being a couple of rotten planks of wood and a rusty old chain.

There is also the small fact that at least 100 people die on this trail every year although the real number is expected to be somewhat higher. Unfortunately we may never know the real number of people who die here since the Chinese government are not huge fans of press freedom but are huge fans of censorship.

If you ever do attempt to hike along this train at least you can do so happy in the knowledge of knowing your funeral will be pretty cheap since you will be falling to your death on sacred ground.

5 – Cage of Death


Crocodiles are one of the most perfect creatures on the planet. I say this because they have remained virtually unchanged since the time of dinosaurs which means they were designed correctly first time around to do what they were put here to do – to kill prey. Crocodiles are what could be considered the perfect killing machine which makes them pretty scary to be around.

Despite the obvious threat these creatures pose to any human who gets to close Australia has developed a brand new tourist trade allowing tourists the opportunity to get extremely up close and personal with one of the most dangerous creatures on earth.

The attraction we are talking about is called the, “Cage of Death”, and requires a tourist to climb into a small enclosure made from Plexiglas before being lowered in to crocodile invested waters. The crocodiles then approach the cage and move in for the kill.

The Plexiglas is designed to withstand any attack from a crocodile and hardly ever breaks under the strain. Of course there was that one time the Plexiglas did break and the occupant was attacked for real. Luckily for him he survived the attack with all his limbs attached and only minor emotional trauma.

This sort of thing would not look out of place on a James Bond movie.

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