5 True Stories of People Who Sold Their Soul to the Devil

Everyone loves a good legend which has been passed down through the generation’s especially urban myths and tales of people who sold their soul to the devil. Here are 5 true stories of people who sold their soul to the devil.

Niccolo Paganini


Niccolo Paganini was a kind of big deal in the music world back in the late 1700’s. He played the mandolin at a very early age and by the age of seven he was able to play the violin with his eyes closed. He was no older than eleven when he was well known as a violin virtuoso and by 27 he had written the hardest music and violinist is likely to play, learned the guitar to a standard that would put Steve Vai to shame. People would flock from all over the world to see Niccolo Paganini perform but at around the age of 27 strange things began to happen. He first lost his bottom teeth and then began to look extremely pale. His mental health also seemed to take a nose dive as he began to dress in nothing but black.

Rumours began to circulate that he had sold his soul to the devil which he never denied. In fact whenever he was asked about the rumour he would simply reply with a statement which asked how else someone would be able to play music like he did.

Robert Johnson


Very little is known about the short life of legendary blues musician Robert Johnson nor is there very much known about how he died. In fact it was not until long after his strange death that his music began to spread and ended up influencing some of the greatest rock and roll performers of the 1950’s and 60’s.

According to the blues folk law (and the few people who knew him) when he first picked up a guitar he was easily the worst guitarist who ever lived. According to the legend someone told Robert Johnson that if he went down to a local crossroads at midnight he would be given the skill to play the blues like no other. The young Robert Johnson did just this and when he arrived at the crossroads the devil apparently turned up and offered to teach him 30 songs on the guitar in return for his soul. The rest, as they say, is history and Robert Johnson mysteriously died at only 27 having recorded 30 songs. Only 29 are known to remain in existence.

Johann Georg Faust


Johann Georg Faust was a German alchemist who was said to be a con man back in 1507. It was widely known that he preyed on those who were gullible and vulnerable. He was also known to have molested two young boys.

Two years later in 1509 he managed to get a degree in divinity and at the University of Krakow he studied magic and befriended Marin Luther and Philip Melachton. Both of these men claim to have been witness to the moment Johann made his deal with the devil and sold his soul.

While he was working as a lecturer at the University of Ehrfut his students claim that he was able to conjure up his hero’s to prove his pact with the devil who he said he trusted more than God.

Urbain Grandier


Urbain Grandier was a catholic priest who was burned at the stake for the crime of witchcraft. He became well known for breaking his vow of celibacy and in 1603 there were several nuns who accused him of bewitching them. Not only this they also accused him of performing unspeakable acts on them.

According to the legend of Urbain Grandier he made a deal with the devil to sell his soul in return for the love of women and extreme wealth. The deal was apparently written and recorded in Latin but written backwards for some strange reason. It is still available to be seen at Bibliotheque Nationale in France.

Jonathan Moulton


Jonathan Moulton was a pretty ordinary guy. In fact he had a job as a cabinet maker and became a captain in New Hampshire Militia back in 1745. He actually played an important role claiming the land from Ossipee Native Americans. Once he was done with his role in the land claiming’s he married a girl named Abigail Smith and went on to have 11 children with her. He opened a store selling goods which had been imported from Europe. It was around this time that the young couple began to struggle financially and Jonathan told his wife that the only way for them to survive would be if he sold his soul to the devil. According to the story which has been passed down the generations the neighbours of the young couple noted that a stranger would visit the couple on the first day of each month and the couple gained huge wealth at what appeared to be over night. According to legend Jonathan was the type of man who was never satisfied and tried to trick the devil in to giving him more money and more wealth. The devil soon caught on and burned down the house which was quickly rebuilt. The house still stands today.

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