6 Bizarre Mysteries That Are Still Unexplained

There is something about an unexplained mystery that seems to capture most people’s interest. Whether it be unexplained sightings of UFO’s or ghosts to unexplained crimes, people cannot get enough of these tales.

Here we take a look at 6 Bizarre Mysteries That Are Still Unexplained.

Bimini Road


When it comes to underwater structures there are few as impressive of as mysterious as the road which is known as Bimini Road. Bimini Road stretches out for around half a mile near Bimini Island in the Bahamas. The road is made up of rectangular limestone blocks that seem to resemble an ancient wall or road.

There is an official explanation for Bimini Road and that explanation states the structure was caused due to a concentration of shells and sand over the years. That basically means the whole thing was created over millions of years by a natural occurring phenomenon of hard shells that gathered at right angles. Of course the official explanation does little to explain why the formation at Bimini Road has only ever appeared at one point on the entire planet. Not only that, it does not explain why it seems as though the structure has multiple layers.

If all of that is not strange enough there have been many oceanographers and anthropologist believe the road may actually be the creation of an ancient civilization. Some have even suggested that Bimini Road may be a small part of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Okay, so this is a long shot but you do have to wonder how this underwater road was constructed.

Mary Celeste


The Mary Celeste was a pretty famous ship which was launched out of Nova Scotia in 1860. Not only is the Mary Celeste pretty famous the ship seemed to be cursed before it even left the ship yard suffering several accidents during its construction, after its launch and was even sold 12 times in its first ten years. All of this was just the tip of the iceberg because on the day of November 7th 1872 the ship set sail from New York with a crew of seven. Not one member of the crew was ever seen again.

Back in 1872 shipwrecks were not that uncommon but the Mary Celeste was not a shipwreck. The ship was actually found in perfect condition with no cargo or valuables missing. What was missing was the crew. They had all vanished with no sign of a struggle and left no evidence to where they might have gone. The ship was reported to have months’ worth of food and water on board. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the fact the crew had vanished as if in to thin air.

There have been many explanations about the view of the Mary Celeste which range from earthquakes to alcohol induced hallucinations (apparently the ship was carrying a large amount of whiskey). It is plausible that something scared the sailors into the ships lifeboats but this does not explain why no one took any food with them nor does it explain what the crew may have seen or encountered to scare them enough to leave in such a hurry. To this day the legend of the Mary Celeste remains 100% a mystery.

The Case of D.B. Cooper


The case of D.B. Cooper is probably the most famous of all aircraft hijacking, robbery and disappearance that has ever happened. Back in the November of 1971 a man who is known only as D.B. Cooper managed to board a Boeing 727 and hijack it. Once he was in control of the airplane he then demanded a whopping $200,000 (remember this is 1971 and $200,000 was a lot more than it is today). He received his ransom and then ordered that the airplane took off. Once in the air D.B. Cooper moved himself to the back of the plane put on a parachute and launched himself out into the night sky along with the money.

D.B. Cooper has never been seen since and the money vanished along with him. There has never been a body found nor has there been any parachute found so to this day no one knows if D.B. Cooper survived the jump or not. No one even knows his real identity.

Authorities did find $5,000 of what they believe to be part of the ransom near where D.B. Cooper is suspected to have landed but other than that there is nothing.

In 2007 the case was reopened by authorities due to new eyewitness testimony and advances in technology but the investigation again hit a dead end with all the eyewitnesses been branded timewasters.

Valentich Disappearance


When Frederick Valentich went for a flight in his Cessna 182L light aircraft on a perfectly clear and wind free day no one ever expected anything would go wrong. After all Valentich was a highly experienced pilot with over 150 hours of air time to his name. You can imagine the surprise when he disappeared without a trace and has never been seen or heard from since.

This may sound like some sort of weird legend about the Bermuda Triangle but the case of Frederick Valentich is very well documented and authorities have been puzzled by it for years. After Valentich disappeared a search and rescue mission was deployed to search only minutes after his aircraft disappeared from radar. Despite the fact all Cessna aircrafts are designed to stay afloat for at least one hour no trace of the aircraft or its wreckage was ever found.

It was confirmed that Valentich did have a life vest in the cockpit of his plane yet he obviously did to make any attempt to get out of the plane. It is also known that the radio beacon which his plane was carrying didn’t activate.

What is even stranger than everything else is that in the minutes leading up to the disappearance Valentich reported over his radio that he was actually looking down over a UFO. His very last message was “It’s not an aircraft.” This has led to people to two conclusions. Either Valentich was smoking some very interesting substance but this still leaves the problem of the disappearing airplane. On the other hand Valentich may have been abducted by little green men from Mars.

Marfa Lights


The Marfa Lights are a set of unexplained ghost lights that are usually seen near U.S Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The lights will usually appear at night and have no particular pattern behind them. Sightings of the lights can appear days apart and in some cases even years apart. Sightings of the Marfa Lights have been recorded by eyewitnesses since the early 1800’s. Usually witnesses report seeing mysterious orbs of light hovering in the air, in most cases about ten times a year. They appear mostly in groups or pairs, then merge, separate and dance around with each other before they disappear as mysteriously as they first appeared.

The lights usually appear out over the desert so it is very difficult for any eyewitness to reach them before they vanish and there are only a few occasions where there are reports of people reaching them. According to the few witnesses who claim to have reached them the lights are something very similar to fireworks but they lack smoke and have no sound.

There is little in the way to plausible explanations about these lights but some people have suggested that they are a hoax created by a string of individuals or even the city itself as a way to increase UFO based tourism. Whatever the lights are there have been reports of them all over the world usually over swamps or deserts. Basically they have a tendency to appear in places where most people tend to avoid.

Shag Harbour UFO Incident


The Shad Harbour UFO incident is probably the most bizarre of all UFO incidents. In fact most people who do not believe in the existence of UFO’s are confused by this. During the October of 1967 an unidentified object crashed into the harbour at Nova Scotia. Bear in mind the fact the harbour at Nova Scotia is considered the most mysterious in the whole world. The UFO which crashed into the harbour managed to destroy a few boats and even managed to upset the local tide patterns. There was an official investigation into the incident which lasted several months but in the end no one managed to come up with a plausible explanation to what the object was or where it may have come from.

The Shag Harbour UFO incident is one of only a handful times that any government has formally admitted that a UFO was involved in an incident. After all other possibilities were explored and exhausted the Canadian government admitted that the object which crashed was not a plane or a meteorite of any description. Since no wreck was ever discovered there is no way of ever discovering more information about the UFO.

Some of the eyewitnesses to the crash claimed that the object was definitely an alien spacecraft and some even reported the U.S. military were responsible for the entire rescue mission as the Americans were keen to learn more about any possibility of alien life.

On an official basis the case has only ever been investigated by the Canadian government with the help of a U.S. Condon Committee UFO study who did not offer any explanation aside from the official statement.

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