6 Bizarre Unexplained Phenomenon That Will Freak You Out

There are plenty of unexplained phenomenon’s out there in the world which we have absolutely no idea about.

Here are 6 Bizarre Unexplained Phenomenon.

Ball Lightening


Up until recently there was no real proof that the phenomenon of ball lightening even existed. Anyone who claimed to be a witness of ball lightening had their claims largely ignored.

The phenomenon of ball lightening obviously occurs during thunder storms and can last up to forty seconds. Unlike normal lightening, ball lightening behaves in very strange ways, hissing and rolling in a way that is completely unnatural. Because of its unnatural behaviour ball lightening is often associated with aliens, ghosts and various other supernatural events.

Because of modern technology scientists have now began to take claims of ball lightening seriously due to the amount of photographic and video evidence and are even making attempts to recreate it in a lab.

Saint Elmo’s Fire


St. Elmo’s Fire is a weather phenomenon involving a gap in electrical charge. It’s like lightning, but not quite. And while it has been mistaken for ball lightning, it’s not that, either — and it’s definitely not fire.

Early observers of the phenomenon, mostly sailors on high seas during thunderstorms, seem to have understood they weren’t looking at actual fire, because instead of abandoning ship, they took comfort in the sudden glow atop the masts.

Spontaneous Human Combustion


Spontaneous human combustion is a rare phenomenon which has no plausible scientific theory to explain how a human being can just burst into flames for no apparent reason.

The small amount of research that has went into human spontaneous combustion places the blame for most deaths on something which is known as the “wick effect.” The wick effect is where a person’s body fat acts like the wax of a candle which in turn causes a person to burn in an intensely hot and extremely well contained fireball. In the majority of spontaneous human combustion cases the only remains of a person is often just the lower parts of the legs and feet which contain very little fat.

The wick effect is one way of explaining how a victim of spontaneous human combustion rarely causes any damage to their surroundings.



Those who are lucky enough to survive massive earthquakes often report seeing strange flashing lights and even upward streaking bolts of lightning in the area around the quake’s epicentre.

The very earliest report of this strange phenomenon was in ancient China and the latest report was in Lincolnshire, UK. Straight after an earthquake is actually one of the most common places to see another strange phenomenon known as ball lightening.

Scientists believe these lights are a direct result of geo-luminescence which is a phenomenon in which rocks actually produce light when they are exposed to extreme pressure. The lightening that people have witnessed may be a result of geological friction.

Alien Abduction


Alien abduction could well be one of the most common of all strange and unexplained phenomenon’s yet there is little or no proof that it actually exists. Most reports of alien abduction are simply put down to over active imaginations.

Psychologists who have studied alien abduction believe that abduction stories could have a link to a deep routed fear of pregnancy in both men and women. This could go a long way in explaining why most abductees claim to have been implanted with alien feteuses.

Another well-established theory behind alien abduction is that strong electromagnetic fields, perhaps occurring naturally, could cause a person to suffer an epileptic fit whilst simultaneously causing nearby electrical equipment (such as car radios) to malfunction. The person would subsequently see flashing lights before blacking out. Waking up from such an experience, the word “aliens”, would surely be the first on your lips.

Time Travellers


Over the years we have discovered many artefacts from as early 10,000 BC which seem to show images of strange men wearing what appear to be space suits. Sometimes there strange men resemble humans while others they resemble aliens but they always seem to be wearing transparent helmets and in many cases seem to be holding strange artefacts which could resemble guns or other futuristic tools.

It may never be totally clear who these strange people were but they seem to have managed to become a huge influence in many ancient cultures across the world, appearing in cave drawings, Egyptian hieroglyphs and religious sites.

Images of flying saucers, airplanes and helicopters have all been spotted on Egyptian artefacts causing much head scratching amongst archaeologists. Was this prophecy, alien contact or will humans one day have the ability to travel though time? Maybe in years to come we will travel back in time and become the subject of such ancient art.

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