6 Body Parts We All Have But Actually Don´t Need


This may be very hard to believe but the human body, your body, has at least 24 parts that it really doesn’t need. You may well ask why we have so many body parts that are no use whatsoever and the simple answer to that is that they are nothing more than left over bits from the early stages of our evolution. At one point these useless spare parts probably served a vital role in our existence but nowadays we do not need them.

Sooner or later these spare parts will probably disappear completely and the only reminder of them will be in the history books and further proof that Mr Charles Darwin was indeed correct with hs theory of evolution.

Here is a quick look at the most well known useless body parts that we all happen to be carrying around in the strange hope that it might suddenly become useful again.

1 – Appendix

The human race has changes quite a bit since we first began walking the planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Not just in the way we look but the way in which we live as well. It is thought that the appendix once played a vitally important role in the digestion process of raw plants which would have been a large part of our diet back in the day.

Nowadays we don’t go around eating raw plants that we find growing in the wild so it is now believed that the appendix is no longer needed. Just because you happen to have an appendix does not mean that you can go around eating plants you find in your garden because over thousands of years of evolution your appendix no longer functions the way it did one hundred thousand years ago when cavewomen looked like Raquel Welch and wore furry bikini’s.

Some scientist have the believe that the appendix might still help us fight disease but there is no concrete evidence of this. Many people have their appendix removed when and if it becomes infected.

2 – A Small Tail

Everyone has heard someone refer to someone going home with their tail between their legs. Of course no one actually believes that anyone would actually putting a real tail between their legs bt the existence of a very small tail bone, present in all humans, is indeed proof that we all once had a tail.

This may sound totally ludicrous but at the bottom of your spine there is definitely a very small bone there which is indeed the tiny remains of a tail which, over millions of years, has shrank and disappeared most probably as we began to walk on two legs and stand up straight.

It is thought that the remaining, and very tiny, little tail bone that we all have still aids us slightly when we are sitting down or standing up but other than that it is totally useless and if it was removed we would never know.

3 – Tonsils

The tonsils are actually used by the human body in the battle to fight diseases and infections that attack our throats As they fight such infections the tonsils become red, inflamed and hurt like you’ve just jumped off the Empire State Building and landed on a bicycle with no seat.

Certain people find that their tonsils hurt a lot and very often so they have them removed in childhood. In fact the tonsils are the most removed organ in the human body. Nowadays we have special drugs and antibiotics that help control tonsil problems so they are not as commonly removed. The fact that they can be removed with no side effects clearly shows that the tonsils are actually a pretty pointless organ.

4 – Goose Bumps

We’ve all, at one time or another, had the goose bumps. They usually happen when we get either cold or scared and are a left over result of when the human race was covered in fur. What the goose bumps are is your body’s way of trying to create a thicker layer of hair which would keep the heat from escaping your body.

As we have developed and started to wear animal skins and clothes we have slowly evolved in to hairless animals. It is not known why we no longer have fur but still get goose bumps but it can only be assumed that as time goes on we will lose the goose bumps as well.

5 – Wisdom Teeth

What is strange about wisdom teeth is that most people usually have four wisdom teeth while other people have none whatsoever. According to people who specialise in the process of evolution we have started to lose our wisdom teeth because we no longer have any need for them.

There are lots of people out there who actually have their wisdom teeth removed because they cause all kinds of severe problems and pain.

Once upon a time wisdom teeth were useful to us because our jaws were once much bigger and much of our diet was plant based and plants obviously take a lot of chewing. Nowadays they are just in the way and remind us that we are getting old.

6 – Ears That Move

kitty ears

For some really strange reason there are people who have the ability to move their ears up and dan using only the power of their ear muscles. There are some strange people out there who seem to think this is a skill that can actually be used, you have to ask why anyone would spend time learning this useless skill, and they are very much correct.

Each and everyone of us processes ear muscles which we need to perform the ear moving technique that most guys have, at some point or another, used to try and unsuccessfully impress women in a bar. All it takes is a few hours, maybe days, worth of practice and you will be good to go.

The reason we have this seemingly pointless ability dates back to when we used to hunt our prey and required the ability to move our ears to hone in on various sounds as we moved around. Since we no longer hunt our prey we no longer have the need to move our ears and therefore the muscles required to do this are pointless.

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