6 Celebrities Who Were Caught Getting High On Camera


Like it or not celebrities have an enormous bearing on what we find acceptable and what we find unacceptable. It is this very fact that leads us to wanting to replicate celebrities in every way imaginable. We want to wear the clothes they wear, drive the cars they drive and do exactly what they do. When you think about things this way it is very easy to see why there is such a massive uproar when a celebrity is caught doing something that they should not such as getting high. In many cases a celebrity could have the careers ruined by such a discovery but there are plenty celebrities who are just so massive and so successful that they and their careers are close to bomb proof even if they are caught smoking something that they should not be.

1 – Harry Potter Gets High Without His Broomstick


There are plenty of superstar celebrities that we, especially the parents among us, hope with all our hearts never put a foot wrong and one of those such celebrities is Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. You can imagine the horror that was felt across the globe when British tabloid newspaper printed photographs of Harry Potter himself smoking what appeared to be a rather dubious looking cigarette. I mean, Harry Potter of all people is not someone who should be engaging in any form of smoking experiment legal or otherwise.

Like all celebrities caught in a compromising position Radcliffe had a wonderful explanation regarding the events which led to the incriminating photos appearing in the press. Apparently, according to Radcliffe and his media advisors, what happened was he was attending a social occasion when a hot girl decided to start drawing all over the international superstars face.

What happened next was that people began passing the dubious looking cigarette around and each time Radcliffe took a hit someone managed to snap a photo on their cell phone.

Obviously Radcliffe vehemently denies that the cigarette was anything other than a home rolled tobacco cigarette. Radcliffe’s personal rep has insisted ever since that his superstar wizard of a client often enjoys a roll-up cigarette but never has and never will smoke marijuana.

Yeah, right!! Like we all just got off the last banana boat.

2 – Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia


Say what  you will about Miley Cyrus but you have to give her credit for managing to get her face and music plastered nearly everywhere you care to look. Sure, some of the methods that have been used to get such global exposure are considered a little questionable but as we all know sex sells so you have to give her credit for using each and every gift the good lord gave her.

Away from her new adult and sexual image that she is creating Miley is no stranger to shocking her fans. Only five days after her 18th birthday party and still riding her Disney’s Hannah Montana fame she was filmed smoking salvia from a bong. Salvia, in case you did not know, is a legal herb in California with psychedelic properties.

The video itself was filmed at Miley’s Los Angeles home when she was hanging out with some of her friends which is hardly of any surprise because if you were 18 years old with that sort of money you would have people over you house partying all the time as well.

During the incriminating video Miley confesses that she is “having a little bit of a bad trip,” and then she starts to completely freak out because she is sure she sees someone who looks like they could be her ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

Her country singer father, Billy Ray Cyrus, said that the incident “made him sad.”

3 – Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Give a Monkeys


Most people know Kristen Stewart for her role in those gay vampire movies while others know her as the girl who managed to score a successful acting career because of her famous father. Then there are the people who know her as the girl who cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with a film director who just so happened to be a married man with children. Yes, this is one classy girl we are talking about here full of morals, ambition and talent.

If you hadn’t guess we are being sarcastic here not that this will bother Kristen Stewart who quite literally seems not to care about anything or anyone. Well, who would if they had famous parents like her?

Back in 2008 Kristen Stewart appeared to be looking for each and every way possible to show everyone concerned just how little she cared. How did she go about this? Well, she decided that she would spend all day, every day smoking as much pot as possible. To make matters even worse she chose to smoke weed outside on her doorstep knowing fine well that the press would be outside ready to capture sly photographs.

This is how much Kristen Stewart cares about her fans, many of whom are young teenagers who are fixated with her movies about the gay vampires fighting with gay werewolves while she stands around looking like someone just pissed all over her face.

4 – Charlize Theron and Her Apple Pipe


It is hard to imagine that a woman as beautiful, sexy and successful as Charlize Theron would ever put a foot wrong but that is exactly what happened back in 2002 when she was caught puffing away on a special homemade apple pipe.

It was the world famous National Enquirer that first revealed the photos of the Oscar-winning actress chilling out at her Los Angeles home wearing a tiny bikini and enjoying a relaxing and flavoured puff on her special pipe.

For those of you unsure as to what exactly an apple pipe is the answer is simple. An apple pipe is basically an everyday apple that has been made into a pipe for the purpose of smoking exotic substances. The idea is that whatever it is you happen to be smoking will have a certain apple taste to it when you are inhaling the smoke.

We all know Charlize Theron is a peach but we never would have imagined that she was a lover of apples. How do you like those apples?

5 – Kate Moss Blows Her Career


It has never been much of a secret that supermodel Kate Moss enjoys a line of coke or ten. This was made even more obvious when she began dating Libertines singer and heroin junkie, Pete Doherty.

Kate and her drug fuelled lifestyle was made very public in 2005 when a secret video was taken of her snorting cocaine in a recording studio. The fallout had major brands all over the world dropping Kate Moss from their advertising campaigns meaning she lost millions of dollar’s worth of modelling contracts overnight.

The video, allegedly filmed and sold to a newspaper by Pete Doherty’s former manager James Mullord. It clearly showed Kate Moss, wearing a short skirt and knee high boots, arranging lines of coke on a coffee table and then snorting them.

Although she initially lost millions of dollar’s worth of modelling contracts there were still plenty of brands keen to work with her. It is thought that the brands eager to work with her realised that there was a lot of truth in the old saying – there is no such thing as bad publicity. Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile brand was one of the first to use Moss in a television commercial advertising it’s cell phone contracts using the slogan – This is one contract you will want to keep.

6 – Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore Rolling in the Sand


Anyone who knows of Drew Barrymore’s childhood will hardly be surprised to hear of her indulging in something considered a little euphoric. If you heard the same thing about actress Cameron Diaz you may raise an eyebrow but if you heard of both women sitting on a beach together wearing bikini’s and smoking a little grass you might be a little shocked (or excited depending on how dirty your mind is).

As you probably guessed this is exactly what happened in 2007 when the sexy pair were photographed puffing the magic dragon on a beach in California and looking a little disconnected from the reality. You may well argue that it is nothing unusual to see Hollywood A-listers looking a little disconnected from the world around them but the bloodshot eyes of both women in the photographs was a huge giveaway.

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