6 Cool TV and Film Characters Who Were Actually Jerks

The world of movies is absolutely jam packed with cool characters. Characters like Tyler Durden from Fight Club or Jim Stark from Rebel Without a Cause. It is hard to put your finger on it but these characters have something that makes them cool and loved by anyone who encounters them.

Back in high school things were very similar to how they are in these movies. There was always that one cool guy who everyone seemed to love despite the fact he was a complete jerk. Once high school was over guys like this were quickly exposed as jerks and their fan clubs quickly disappeared like a fart in the wind.  The moral of this story is that in real life we do not tend to tolerate jerks so why do we tolerate them in our movie characters? Even if that character is someone we love and adore should not mean we let them get away with being a complete tool.

Let us expose some of those jerks who try to disguise themselves as nice guys.

1 – Jim Halpert (The Office)


The Reason We Love Him

If you look at all the characters in The Office there are only two of them who we feel we can relate to. Fist up there is Pam who spends most of her time with guys staring blindly at her legs trying to work out if she is wearing stockings or pantyhose. Then of course there is Jim Halpert and we love him because he really does appear to be the most sane and believable guy in the place. Jim Haplert is someone we feel we can all relate to especially when we see him with his crush on the plain but sexy receptionist.

Not only is Jim Halpert someone we can all relate to he is also the one guy who brightens up the office with his constant practical jokes and laid back attitude. Any work place in any part of the world has a Jim Halpert and without such people work would be just someplace that we went to get paid.

Why He Is A Jerk

We all probably have a memory of being bullied during our school years. It was a horrible experience in which someone would victimise you and everyone would laugh at your expense. This is the very reason why Jim Halpert is a complete jerk.

Jim is actually a really mean guy and most of his time is spent playing practical jokes on his co-workers mainly Dwight.  Jim does not just limit his bullying to Dwight he is also quite happy to put his boss’s coffee mug in jello and he even goes out of his way to bully the new guy. When Andy Bernard is first introduced as a character Jim goes out of his way to play pranks on him. Jim knows fine well that Andy has anger issues but still takes the time to hide the guy’s cell phone in the ventilation system and then ringing it repeatedly till the poor guy completely loses it.

It is easy to say that these pranks are okay because the characters on the receiving end deserve what they get but consider yourself in their place. Would you still think Jim Halpert was a nice guy if he was directing these pranks at you?

2 Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

ferris bueller

The Reason We Love Him

If there was ever a guy who knew how to have a great time then it was Ferris Bueller. No one even comes close to this guy when it comes to partying. Ferris is the guy who skipped one day of school and managed to go out and have so much fun that it was difficult to fit into only one movie.

He manages to sly his way into one of the city’s finest restaurants, he performs a kick ass karaoke turn for a huge crowd and even takes a friend with him who never gets to go on such excursions and certainly never gets to have this much fun.

How is it possible that a guy who knows how to have so much fun could ever be a jerk?

Why He Is A Jerk

One thing that stands out throughout the movie is the way in which Ferris Bueller’s friends seems to be stressed all of the time. This is because he is in a situation that he really does not want to be in. It is Ferris who manages to talk him into steeling his father’s luxury car despite him really not wanting to due to the fear something bad would happen to it.  Even when the pair get the car back home they try everything and still fail to get the original miles back on the clock.

Even if you take the car out of the equation it is difficult to see Ferris’s friend having even the slightest bit of a good time. He spends the entire movie stressed out and totally annoyed with Ferris while Ferris just swans around having the most awesome day ever. Is ignoring your stressed out friends really the actions of a friend and do would a real friend put you through that kind of shit in the first place?

3 –  Shawn Spencer (Psych)


The Reason We Love Him

The easiest way to describe Shawn Spencer would be to say that he is like a modern day Sherlock Holmes only without the strange psychological disorder. On top of that he is also a remarkably likeable guy. A guy who can keep his sarcastic humor even while he has a gun aimed at his head is a guy  you cannot help but like. Not only is this guy consistent, he is cool, funny and apparently somewhat sexy.

Why He Is A Jerk

If there was ever a competition for the world’s worst friend then this guy would be the world champion.  He manages to put his friend Gus through so much hassle you have to wonder if you would wish such a fate on your worst enemy.

At the start of the movie Shawn fakes his friend’s signature so that he can lease a building he also breaks into Gus’s house. He also seems to have an uncanny knack of making Gus do things that he really does not want to do. He volunteers him to deliver an animal even though he is severely lacking any experience and on top of that he never even uses the poor guy’s real name when he introduces him. That magic head thing is also a complete dick move.

For most of us we would be happy to end our jerkiness here but not Shawn. Shawn is happy to phone one of his best friends ex-girlfriend’s which totally violates the unwritten code of friendship.

4 – Johnny Storm (The Fantastic Four)

johnny storm

The Reason We Love Him

Without any shadow of a doubt Johnny Storm is the coolest character in the Fantastic Four. Any dude who can shout “FLAME ON” and have his entire body turn to fire is always going to be considered pretty awesome. Not only that he is the type of guy who loves to have a good time and is certainly the party animal of the Fantastic Four.

Why He Is A Jerk

Whether we look at the comic books or the movies of the Fantastic Four one thing we see a lot of is that Johnny Storm picks on poor Ben an awful lot. It is very likely that the Fantastic Four movies were so bad because Jonny Storm spent so much time showing off how cool his powers were compared to what Ben had on offer.

Not only is Jonny Storm a typical bully he is also a bit of a jerk when it comes to women. Being a party animal he picks up his fair share of women, he actually picks up a lot of peoples fair share of women, and then just dumps them because he is ready for something new. This proves that Johnny Storm is a jerk on more than just the one level.

5 – Yoshi (Super Mario World)


Why We Love Him

When it comes to dinosaurs there is no cooler dinosaur than Yoshi from Super Mario World. Sure the T-Rex in Jurassic Park was cool but you could not ride him nor did he make an awesome foe on Super Smash Brothers. There are not many things in this world that can be as ferocious as Yoshi and at the same time be considered cute. Not even David Hasslehoff.

Why He Is A Jerk

Yoshi is one of those annoying people (yes, we know he is a dinosaur) who can eat and eat and eat but never be full nor does he ever seem to put on any weight. This means that anyone who gets the slightest bit too close to him runs a real risk of getting swallowed whole. This may not seem anything that nasty but if you are swallowed whole there is a good chance you will find yourself alive and digesting slowly in his stomach.

You would think this is the end of matters but for those of you who are familiar with Yoshi Island will know rather than slowly dissolving in his stomach you are instead going to be used as a weapon of some description.

The point here is Yoshi gets away with murder simply because we think he is cute. A fly that pukes up all over its food is considered grotesque but this dinosaur that swallows people who then spits them out covered in who knows what is considered cute.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

6 – The Good Witch (The Wizard of Oz)

the good witch

Why We Love Her

When most of us hear that a character is a witch we instantly think that she is one of the bad guys. It just goes with the territory. Of course all this goes out the window when you introduce a witch as “the good witch”. Just calling her good makes her instantly lovable and likable in the same breath.

Why She is a Jerk

The simple truth here is that just because someone happens to be considered a good witch does not mean she is a good person. Think about it things this way. The Good Witch does indeed have magical powers but does nothing to even try to help Dorothy on her adventure. As a result poor Dorothy has to go through many unpleasant things such as a bunch of trees that throw apples at her, a wizard who really help at all and she even dances with death near the end when she is captured by the wicked witch.

You can make up any excuse you like for this and a common excuse is that the good witch wanted Dorothy to benefit from a unique learning experience but all she really wanted was to go home and forget all about it.

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