6 Facts You Won’t Believe Are Not True


The world is full of interesting facts, sayings and old wives tales that everyone believes will help them in some shape or form. What most people don’t realise is that nearly all of the facts that they believe to be true are actually nothing more than made up stories and lies. Who would have thought?

Carrots Help You See in the Dark

I have no doubt that most people will remember when they were young and their parents would insist that they must eat their carrots because they help you see in the dark. This is actually a very common thing that nearly everyone has heard and everyone believes.


While there is a tiny, and I do mean tiny, bit of truth in this myth anyone who thinks that eating carrots will give them night vision will be sadly disappointed. Carrots actually get their color from beta-carotene, which is very useful when it comes to creating vitamin A and as we all know, vitamin A is attributed with helping eyesight function.

The myth itself comes from World War 2 when many successful British fighter pilots claimed that their success during nightime missions was down to eating carrots. Believe it or not but the pilots who made this claim were well aware that any success they were having was nothing to do with eating carrots. The British were well aware that the German’s may have people spying on them and used the explanation of carrots helping them to see in the dark to cover up the fact they had actually developed a fully functioning and highly accurate radar system

Watching too Much TV Will Damage Your Eyesight

It is highly likely that most people believe watching too much television damages your eyesight because this is what our parents told us when we were kids. Even though as a grown-up we realise our parents told us this as an excuse to get us moved from in front of the TV we still believe it to be true probably because it does actually sound like it could be true.


The truth is watching too much television will not really damage your eyesight. When we watch television we may suffer from eye strain, as the muscles in our eyes that cause it to focus become tired. This type of eye strain can actually happen when we look at anything for a prolonged period and our eyes recover quite quickly with just a little rest. This is why people who work with computers are told to take a five minute break every hour or so.

Cracking Your Knuckles Will Give You Arthritis

Many people believe that people who crack their knuckles will be prime candidates for arthritis. It is easy to understand why people believe this to be true because logically people think that the cracking sound is the bones in the knuckles grinding against each other.


Well, believe it or not there have actually been studies carried out to see whether there is any truth in this. While you may be shocked that they could not find anything more important to study but the end result showed that the cracking sound is actually caused by bubbles of gas popping inside the joints. Out of all the studies, yes there have been many, that have looked at knuckle cracking not one of them found that people who crack their knuckles have an increased tendency towards arthritis. The studies did show that those people who crack their knuckles over a period of years are likely to suffer from ligament damage and reduced strength in their grip.

Swallowed Gums Stays in your Stomach for 7 Years

Ever since Chewing gum was first invented people have believed that if they swallow a piece of gum then it will remain in their stomach for at least seven years. It is believed that this happens because the gum is unable to digest in the human stomach and sticks itself to the stomach wall.


While it is true that gum cannot be easily digested in the human stomach there is no truth in the idea that it will stick to the stomach wall and remain there for seven years. If it did then it would effectively be sitting in a bath of hydrochloric acid for seven years. Any gum you swallow may well not digest but it will simply pass through your digestive system and out the other end.

It is worth mentioning that you probably do not want to be swallowing large amounts of chewing gum as there is a very small chance that smaller pieces of gum may stick together and cause a blockage somewhere along your digestive tract.

Going Outside with Wet Hair Makes You Catch a Cold

Not many people enjoy catching a cold so it is no wonder that people are willing to believe pretty much anything in a bid to avoid catching one. In surveys that have been carried out over the years it is estimated that up to 80% people believe that they will likely catch a cold if they venture outside with wet hair.

cold hair

The truth is having wet hair has precious little to do with catching a cold; far more important is being exposed to the cold virus itself. In fact in research that has being carried out no one has found a link between having wet hair and catching a cold. What was found was that cold weather dries out your nasal lining, making you more susceptible to at least one of over 200 known viruses that cause a common cold. This, combined with a tendency to stay indoors, among other people who may be infected with the cold virus gives you a potent cold-inducing combination through the winter months.

Crossing Your Eyes Will Make You Go Cross-eyed

Who out there has heard that crossing your eyes makes you go cross-eyed? Most people hear this in their childhood when a parent tells them that if they cross their eyes then they will stay like that.

While this may make a good story to tell your kids I’m pretty sure that no one out there knows of anyone who really did go cross-eyed simply by crossing their eyes too much. The truth is that your eyes are held in their normal position by muscles. Even if you were to hold your eyes in a cross-eyed position for several days you would find that sooner or later the muscles would get fatigued and tired causing the eyes to return to their natural position that is far from cross-eyed.

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